Saturday, March 05, 2005


Well, those were my scores from bowling tonight. I'm very consistent as you can see. And by consistent, I mean, erratic. I guess that's not too bad since I hadn't bowled in over a year. This was the first time I had bowled since my ankle injury. (Excuses, excuses... lol) It was a good test for my ankle though since my slide foot was the one that was hurt. Matt, Jonathan, Amy, and I went. We each won a game, so that was good. Went to Applebee's to eat. Everyone seemed amazed that there was no beverage charge and no charge for my Oreo shake on my check. It was their first time to witness that mysterious phenomenon.

Didn't do much else today. Watched the Bama game. I'm down to seven days to find a girl to go to the Seinfeld concert. Why do hardly any girls seem to like the Sein?

So THAT'S how she's so thin
Went to Logan's Friday night. As we were walking in, Kyle's pseudo-girlfriend was walking out for a smoke break. So now I think he's gonna dump her... or we're gonna start sitting with someone else. Whichever. I went to run after work again, this time at Sparkman Park. One of the ladies at work recommended it. I took my pedometer and the track is almost exactly two-thirds of a mile. So, 3 laps, 2 miles. It's hilly, too, which is something I'm not really used to, but it's a good change of pace. There were a couple of really cute girls walking, so I steered clear, naturally.

"Are you still nursing?"
"Did you just ask her if she's still nursing?"
"That didn't come out right."
"I'm not a nurse. I'm a lab tech."

"So we don't remove stuff with this program, we simply disable or enable them which keeps them from harming the computer, right?"
"I believe so. I'm no computer expert, however. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.... OK, I didn't even do that."

"What are her measurements?"
"I'd say 40-32-38-34."
"Uhhhh, I'm not for sure, but I believe she has one too many measurements."
"I think there's only three."

"She drives me crazy, like no one else. She drives me crazy, and I can't help myself..."

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