Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Do you love Bo(ne) Duke?

I ponder as I blog... Does every Lifetime movie have either Judith Light, Joanna Kerns, Meredith Baxter, or Lindsay Wagner in it? Even more importantly, why do I even know that?

Monday, Monday
Yesterday was, as my friends south of the border might say, muy productivo. Got my taxes all done. Went running after work, then mowed the grass. Did you know that I have always, always, always used a push-mower when cutting the yard? Always. Mom had called and said she was cooking supper and invited my sister and me over, so I showered and went over there for some home-cooking. Never turn that down. (See Article I, Section 3 of the Bachelor's Creed.)

The few, the proud
In other news, my sister and her husband went to Tunica this weekend. She said her husband told her that a girl I used to date was there. So the first thing I am thinking is that she worked there, like a waitress or a dancer you know. So I'm trying to think of the tramp-iest girls I have ever dated. (Yes, I thought of a few. Names omitted to protect my livelihood.) Anyway, turns out it was a girl I dated umm, let's just say a long time ago. I was a different man then... with a different body. She was just there visiting. Somehow my sister's husband knows her husband, and when she found out my sister's name, she was like, "Do you have a brother named Jeff? I used to date him." Yet another ex who is now married. Chalk me up on the big board, Mister C.

Finally, Shane has been trying to get me to try out for this. I think I have decided to give it a go, and make a video and stuff. It should be a lot of fun, win or lose. And perhaps I have a slight advantage on some candidates, since one of the requirements is to maintain a blog.

"Yeah, so you can replace your Taboo buzzer."

"Perhaps you'll get luckies."
"What does 'luckies' even mean?"

"My sister called the cops on them."
"They were outside this morning at 5 AM building a fence in their yard."
"Good heavens, I think you live next to Boo Radley."

"Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she come complete?"

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  1. ok bonester yes your ladyfan club loves u so bo duke or bo dice move over rofl. And yes i think u owuld be the best man for the dukes of hazard prez. SO go and digout your cowboy hat and boots and them jeans and no they don't have to be tight fittin jeans to qualify just a hole in the knee will be just fine lol .Make us fellow alabamaians proud and say a big yehawwwwwwwwww lol