Wednesday, March 30, 2005

And then there were nine

I still remember when someone would say "A.I." and the first thing I'd think of was Allen Iverson. No more. It's all American Idol now, babee! Who would have ever thought this would happen to me?

Not a great showing last night, in my opinion. I know the 90's didn't have a lot of great music, but I thought overall that the choice of songs was poor.

My bottom three: Scott, Anthony, Anwar

Scott probably had the worst performance. He picked a really hard song to sing. I think Anthony may be gone though, because it seems like he's had more bad weeks than the others, and he was in the bottom three last week. There are times when he is starting to sound a little like Clay Aiken to me. I still think Anwar could recover and stay awhile longer. But the first half of his song last night was horrendous.

I think it's only a matter of time for Nikko and Nadia (aka "big hair girl"), although I thought she picked a good song to fit her voice last night. Jessica sang well, but I didn't care for her song choice either. I still voted for her 20 or 25 times. I think she's safe, but I'm still nervous.

I thought Bo and Carrie were the best of the night, followed by Constantine and Vonzell, although why anyone would try to sing a Whitney Houston song I'm not sure.

"Look into your heart, pretty baby. Is it aching with some nameless need? Is there something wrong, and you can't put your finger on it?"

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