Friday, March 04, 2005

The Brick Game

The kind of girl I'm looking for
You know what commercial I like? It's the insurance commercial where the wife runs over the husband's foot and they're not sure whether it's covered by home owners or auto insurance or whatever. I think that's an ideal couple. That's the kind of relationship I want. I want a girl to run over my foot with a car. Any takers? (Angry ex-girlfriend's not eligible.)

A new routine
Well, I'm trying something new, as of yesterday. I threw some running clothes in the truck and then stopped by the park on the way home from work to run. This works better, because there are no good places to run where I live. I usually just run on the streets, but the traffic gets on my nerves. So I'm gonna try this for awhile, especially since the weather is improving. It was just killing you not knowing what my running routine was, wasn't it? Wasn't it?!

The brick game
I thought I would get your weekend started off the right way with a Friday Flashback. This one goes way back to when I was probably four years old, give or take a year. It was me, Justin, and Kristy, two neighborhood kids, and we spent lots of time together, riding bikes, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, etc. Well, one day we decided to play a new game. And that's where our story begins...

One day we were outside, and there was a pile of bricks at the side of Kristy's house. Not fully grasping at this point in our lives the concept of gravity, and with skits like Massive Head Wound Harry not having yet been created, we decided it would be fun for one of us to stand against the house while the other two threw bricks in the air, and then at the last second the person against the house would get out of the way. Well, this went on for awhile, and we would each take turns standing against the house, having bricks thrown above our heads and getting out of the way just in time. Well, as luck would have it, after awhile, Justin decides it would be fun to see what happens if you don't move when someone throws up a brick. So, I toss a brick up against the side of the house. He doesn't move. (I'm sure we've all found ourselves in this situation at one time or another.) The brick crashes into his head. He starts bleeding. Kristy starts screaming. She runs inside to tell her mother. Well, as luck would have it even more, his dad was a cop. So Dad tells me that he might have to go to jail because of what I did. Somehow I get this mental image of them having a Mayberry-type jail cell in their house. Anyway, I don't think anything ever really happened. Just kids being kids. But, needless to say, that was the first and last time we ever played the brick game.

"I feel stupid, but it's something that comes and goes. I've been changin'. I think it's funny how now one knows..."


  1. ok bonester i know u've really missed me u can put away the box of kleenexs what rofl. MY computer is in the shop but i still have freinds that trust me with there computer belive it or not lol . But on a serious note don't forget our gospel meeting starts tomorrow.Hope to see u there. luv u what rofl

  2. Ah, well I figured you must've run off with Kenny Chesney or something.

  3. ah very funny haha but your better looking than kenny chesney and jeff gordon and that's the truth rofl.