Friday, March 25, 2005

Don't speak

For my friends who watch the surveillance tape
OK, I just whopped the side of my face up against the edge of the door. I was coming into the studio and as I was opening the door, it caught on my foot, so it didn't open all the way. But I had already started forward, anticipating that the door would open fully in its normal manner. As a result, the right side of my face attempted to dent the edge of the door. Also tore some skin off my elbow and banged my knee. Nice. I looked around to see if anyone had seen, because, you know, that's the most important thing. Fortunately, they had not.

I have been pretty hoarse the past few days. I woke up Wednesday morning that way and it hasn't really gotten much better. I don't really feel bad otherwise, but I have mostly stayed home just because I figure rest is good for anything. And I figure I probably should talk as little as possible. Yesterday at work, my boss came in and asked me if I was coming down with the flu. I told him I didn't think so, then he said that my eyes didn't look so good, so he sent me home. Don't you hate that. I guess maybe I have a touch of laryngitis. I'm not really sure. I was tired of sitting home though, so I headed over to Decatur last night. Got some food at Applebees and then went over to a friend's to watch the NCAA's. West Virginia won! I have been converted into an honorary Mountie, whatever the crap that is, for the rest of the tournament.

I *heart* Jessica
I got this text message Wednesday: "Due to a TV graphic error, text votes on Idol last night will NOT count and you will NOT be charged. Support your Idol & vote tonight 9pm/8C." WHAT?!?! Good job! Well, I am officially addicted to this show. Can you believe that? Me?? Mister anti-reality-TV. Not to mention that I have the attention span of a hyperactive four-year-old whose Ritalin prescription ran out six months ago. But I can watch this show. Well, Mikalah is gone. Jessica is safe. Whew! I really agreed with the bottom three last night of Mikalah, Mohawk-girl, and Anthony. Anthony can obviously sing, but I guess he is just super nervous or something. He doesn't seem to pick great songs, either. Did you see Jessica crying when Mikalah got cut? She is so sweet and compassionate... I guess. I don't really know her. I just love her.

"Did you read Beetle Bailey yesterday?"
"No. Why?"
"Miss Buxley was looking especially hot."

"Who is that guy? Is that Denzel?"
"Morgan Freeman?"
"No, it's uhh..."
"Samuel P. Jackson?"
"You mean, Samuel L. Jackson."
"L? Really?"
"Yeah. But it's not him either."
"So there's no Samuel P?"

(on phone)
"Hey Donna. This is Jeff."
"Of Jeff and Kyle."
"Oh! Jeff! Your voice sounds much deeper on the phone."
"Well, I've been hoarse the past couple of days, so that's why it sounds like that."
(Thinking, "Good heavens, don't you know my voice? We were almost engaged, for crying out loud! Or we almost went to the movies one time. Whichever.")

"Don't tell me how to be, cos I like some suffering. Don't ask me what I need. I'm just fine here, finding me."

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