Thursday, March 31, 2005

A hard one to swallow

(Blog entry title taken from this episode of Ace & Gary.)

She's gone. I can't believe it. Sure, I was nervous, but then I'm nervous every week. Jessica was voted off last night on American Idol. I spent the rest of the evening in mourning. There's no way she should've gone before Scott, Anthony, Nadia, or Nikko. A couple of people messaged me last night with condolences. If you'd like to make me feel better, please complete the following statement:

"__________ should have been eliminated way before Jessica."

Thank you :-)

Here are some stories...
Idol Puts Two Strong Singers in Bottom Three (
American Idol Isn't Kind To Teens (MSNBC)
Sierra's Exit Leaves Nine Contestants (Toledo Blade)

In other news, keeping with the theme of this entry's title, I force-fed myself some Theraflu last night. Blech! I can't imagine many things more difficult to ingest than six ounces of this vile, revolting solution. They should make it a competition on Fear Factor. However, it does seem to work quite well, and I am feeling a good bit better today.

"Here's to the corners yet to turn. Here's to the bridges yet to burn. Here's to the whole thing blown apart. It's open season on my heart..."


  1. "Bone should have been eliminated way before Jessica."

  2. SCOTT should have been eliminated WAY before Jessica! He's terrible!! I agree with you...she should NOT have been voted off! Carrie is my favorite though!

  3. I don't really care what happens on "Idol." But I did want to say hello!

    Lil Bootay

  4. ANTHONY should have been elimanted way before Jessica...

    Even though I don't like her! :-P

    I am really pulling for Carrie though!

  5. Yes, yes, I KNEW I wasn't crazy. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Scott should have been eliminated way before Jessica...especially now that his mug shot has been posted on the Smoking Gun...

  7. Well, I have not been doing the American Idol thing this year or the last years either. School is my time-consumer right now!

    Sorry, your wife got booted off. Look at the bright she has more time to spend with you!
    Jeremy N.

  8. Ha ha. Good point. I wish. I can't believe she was on Leno last night and I missed it! Urgh!!

  9. Anthony, definitely!!

    Hello...cruised in from blog Explosion. :)