Wednesday, March 02, 2005

March Is...

I meant to do this yesterday, but... whatever. Here it is today. Beware the Ides of March!

March is...
National Umbrella Month - I never carry one. Umbrellas are for girls. Be a man. You won't melt. Just run really fast.
National Caffeine Awareness Month - I am aware of caffeine. I need it. Sun Drop and Mountain Dew, good. Coffee, bad.
Honor Society Awareness Month - This is special to me, because National Honor Society is where the nickname "J.T. Love" was first pinned on me. I'll let your imagination run wild with that one.
National Athletic Training Month - Also known as National Steroids Month, with your celebrity spokesperson, Barry Bonds.
National On-Hold Month - Hmm, does this mean I'll be on hold longer this month, or less?
Workplace Eye Health And Safety Month - With your pseudo-celebrity spokesperson, that guy who shot the nail thru his skull.
National Frozen Food Month - This is another one that is oh so close to my heart. Stouffers, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Tony's, Jeno's, Red Baron, Swanson, Michelino's, etc., thank you all so much for sustaining me thusfar.
Save Your Vision Month - Too late.
National Talk With Your Teen About Sex Month - Umm, too late.
Vulvar Health Awareness Month - Do huh? Mulva? Celeste? Gipple? Loleola? Oh!! Delores!!

And last, but most importantly, March is Lindsy's birthday (although I'm not sure what day).

"Now that I know what I'm trying to find, there's only one place it could be. So I'm lookin' ahead. I'm not lookin' behind, for someone who's lookin' for me..."


  1. March is also my birthday! I'm pretty sure that should be on your little list.

  2. OK. Is that better? lol

    Happy birthday!!

  3. AHHH thanks! Your list is complete! Oh by the way my bday is March 22.

  4. Hey, Googled Athletic Training Month... Found your site thought I'd read what you had to say... Go to and learn about athletic training... It's not about steroids... Quite the opposite...