Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nocturnal Phantasm #305A

Last night, I dreamed I was coming over the Hudson Bridge and there were a couple of cars stopped near the end of the bridge, just before the turn off to the boat harbor. Turns out some guy had shot someone in one of the cars. I was one of the first people to come up on it, and stopped just to the right and behind the car of the man who'd been shot. Apparently, the shot had caused the bottom of his car to fall out onto the road, for whatever reason. Somehow I know that the man in the car is already dead. So the killer comes around to the passenger side of his car, right in front of me, and he has a gun. By now, traffic has stacked up behind us as far as you can see to the top of the bridge. The killer points his gun at me and says that he will kill whoever, he doesn't care. Then he turns his attention back to the guy in the car, so I think to myself, "Well, I can sit here and do nothing and get shot, or I can go for the gun. I might get shot, but I might not." So, while his attention is diverted, I lunge at him, grabbing the gun. Using every ounce of my strenght, I wrest it away from him and onto the ground. Then, I have his left arm twisted behind him in one of those wrestling-like holds. So, I am trying to motion to the people in the other cars to get out and grab the gun while I have him restrained, but everyone is too frightened. Finally, someone does get out and grab the gun. The police come and all is well. And in my dream, of course, I think this is all really happening, so I'm thinking to myself, "This is gonna make the best blog entry ever!" I was a little disappointed when I woke up. Of course, I'm always a little disappointed when I wake up.

"All men think of themselves as kind of low-level superheroes. When men are growing up reading about Batman, Superman, Spiderman, these aren't fantasies, these are options. This is the way men really look at their own lives. I'll give you a perfect example of this. You ever see a guy moving a mattress tied to the roof of this car? He's out on the highway with this thing, he's always got the arm out the window holding this mattress. Whatever he's rigged up there, he's helping along with the arm. This is classic male superhero idiot thinking. This moron actually believes that if the wind catches this huge rectangle at 60 miles an hour, I got it, I got it. Don't worry about it, I'm using my arm." - Jerry Seinfeld

In other news, I really haven't felt well since Sunday evening. I shouldn't have gone out Sunday night after church. Yesterday, I came home from work, took some Nyquil, and slept for about three hours. Stayed in bed all evening, watching every single program that TVLand has to offer.

"So tell me one more time, how you're sorry about the way this all went down. You needed to find your space. You needed to still be friends..."


  1. What do you eat before you go to bed?

  2. Apparently the wrong thing.

  3. Your dream, eh..nightmare sounds stressful.

    I hope you're feeling better. Continue to take care of yourself. Chicken soup babee!

  4. What, you're doing my "babees" now? ;-)

    Thanks for the well-wishes.