Friday, January 07, 2005

WPBA Trip 2005

Well, it looks like the entire '05 schedule is up on their website, and the WPBA tour will not be returning to Tunica this year. So, if I plan to attend a tournament for the third year in a row, it will require some serious traveling. I've been mapquesting all morning long. Here are some possibilities:

Rocky Mount, NC (February 9-13)
Driving distance/time: 694 miles/11 hrs. 30 mins.

Michigan City, IN (March 2-6)
Driving distance/time: 601 miles/9 hrs. 59 mins.

Las Vegas, NV (May 15-21)
Driving distance/time: 1756 miles/27 hrs. 40 mins.

Hollywood, FL (June 22-26)
Driving distance/time: 876 miles/14 hrs. 22 mins.

E. Peoria, IL (August 3-7)
Driving distance/time: 579 miles/9 hrs. 23 mins.

Granted, you can usually deduct around 10% from Mapquest driving times. They usually overestimate. (Or maybe they just assume you're actually going to obey the speed limit, I dunno.) But if you're driving any of those distances to a WPBA event, you're a pretty dedicated fan. I would most likely incorporate the tournament into an entire vacation. We could make a beach trip out of the Florida tournament. I think it's close to Fort Lauderdale. Obviously, we would not be driving to Vegas. That would be a flight. The North Carolina site is only a couple of hours from Richmond, so we could possibly visit Bunny and make a trip out of that. And the Indiana site is only about an hour from Chicago. So there are some possibilities, but I'm afraid WPBA might stand for Will Probably Be Absent for me this year.

Meanwhile, be looking for my next article, What Makes Allison Fisher So Popular. It's more than accent and attractiveness. But those definitely help ;-)

"Two o'clock this morning, if she should come a' calling, I couldn't dream of turning her away..."

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