Monday, January 24, 2005

Worst Day of the Year... no, really

January 24th Called Worst Day Of Year

Happy Monday!

I hope them cigarettes are gonna make you cough
Well, the highlight of my weekend was finding and purchasing the Spin Doctors CD "Just Go Ahead Now: A Retrospective" at the mall Saturday night. Now, if I can just find Roxette, Fine Young Cannibals, and Milli Vanilli.

In other news, there is a lady who lives across from me who smokes like a Swisher Sweets factory. (Do they still make those?) She's been in the hospital multiple times and has been like under an oxygen tent like near death two or three times. (Did I just say "like" twice in one sentence?) Well, the doctors have told her repeatedly to stop smoking, but she won't. However, for some reason, if she's out and she sees me pulling up, she'll quickly try to hide her cigarette, like I'm gonna scold her or something. I guess I'm like the moral police now.

Little awkward moments
Well, things were really quite awkward Friday night at Logan's, after K's little foray into Waitress World. (Hmm, that should be a theme park. But then, would you have to tip all the ride attendants? I miss Opryland. Have I said that here before?) Anyhow, I ended up paying for my salad AND my tea. Urgh. Once again proving the age-old adage that the phrase "common law husband" usually is not a very good sign. Hearing that should definitely set off a series of bells and flashing lights or something.

Billboard spotted on the way home Saturday night, on Highway 67, just west of I-65: "Babies Are Born To Be Breastfed"

What the crap? Seriouslah. I couldn't make this stuff up. So ladies... do whatever you gotta do, I guess.

"You marry him, your father will condone you. How 'bout that now. You marry me, your father will disown you. He'll eat his hat now. Marry him, or marry me. I'm the one that loves you baby can't you see?"


  1. When I first saw that about January 24th, I thought it was going to have something to do with Carson.

  2. Yeah, I can see that. It was definitely a major event.

  3. there were no awkward moments. once I called her the next day and explained the situation, it was cool. I guess.

    We'll find out on Wednesday after church.

  4. Uh no, it was awkward.

    I wonder why there's no "common law divorce"... or maybe there is. Tomorrow, on Maury...