Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wow, I haven't done that in awhile

Yes, I did something last night that I haven't done in a long time. Any guesses?
Had a date? Logical guess, but no. Showered? Very funny. Called and hung up on an ex-girlfriend? Please, that is sooo 2004. You could guess from now 'til George Bush balances the budget and I bet you still wouldn't get it. (OK, now it's gonna seem like a bit of a letdown. But hey, life's full of disappointments, so get used to it.) So what did I do?

I went to a high school basketball game! (Yes, even with the exclamation point, it's still a letdown, isn't it.) I saw Jonathan online and figured it'd be good for him to get out of the house, so we went. I got to impart a bit of my basketball strategy, from my playing days: "Keep shooting. Eventually, something will go in." Something fairly exciting happened. And by fairly exciting, I mean kinda like when you think you're out of clean underwear and you find some stuffed in the back of the drawer buried underneath some old long white socks with colored stripes. Or maybe it's not like that at all. Anyway, someone on the visitor's side apparently fell down the bleachers. I think it was a woman. It was hard to tell, because she was lying there completely still, face down, with her head on the floor of the gym and her body and legs still on the stairs of the bleachers, and people were surrounding her. An ambulance had to come and they brought a stretcher and rolled her out. The game was delayed for like ten or fifteen minutes. I sure hope she's not very litigious. I was wanting to take a picture with my phone, but I looked around and no one else seemed to be taking pictures.

Boy, I tell you what, walking down those halls really brought back the memories. It seems not so very long ago that I walked those same halls, high-fiving friends, hearing my nickname yelled out, hopping on Rickey Letson's back and having piggy-back races to the lunchroom everyday. OK, I'll stop there. The old basketball coach retired after last year, and he was the only teacher left that was teaching when I was there. That's kinda sad. Well, I had the current assistant principal for like health or something, I think. Anyhow, life goes on.

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This is Darren, from Mister Kramer's office
We're getting an intern from the local college starting tomorrow. 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. (Hmm, I have some friends who work very similar schedules at their full-time jobs.) Oh man, this is gonna be great... or something. That brings to mind an early experience from years ago while training someone:
"I couldn't help but notice you're chewing gum."
"One of the first things they told us at school was to never chew gum while you were talking."
"Pfffttt." So young. So naive. So much to learn. Or unlearn. Whatever the case may be.

Today's Michael Jackson Pedo-Meter Update
I ran 2.09 miles yesterday. Tweaked my ankle a few times, but it feels fine this morning.

"She's still there in Oklahoma, and she's still seventeen. She's living with her momma, workin' at the Dairy Queen. And she's still standing on the front porch, with red ribbon in her hair. The rest of us have scattered everywhere, but she's still there..."

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