Monday, January 31, 2005

Too Short and VD

No, this is not my tribute to the original West Coast rapper and his struggles with um... well, whatever. It is my description of the weekend. They never seem to last long enough.

The Seinfeld/Chick Quandary
Reading Kerry's post about women and Seinfeld made me realize something. It all basically comes down to this: When I like them, they don't like Seinfeld. When they like Seinfeld, I don't like them. There has only been one exception so far. But I guess we all have things we regret until the day we die.

My first time
Well on Saturday night, I had my first break and run out ever in 8 ball. Admittedly, that is kinda sad, considering how many games of pool I've shot over the years. But still it was a big moment for me. I really should ASCII the shot I made on the 8, too, because I had to go rail-first then contact the 8 and knock it in the side pocket. It was ninety-nine and forty-four one hundreths percent pure luck.

Do you enjoy being googled?
I had a really bizarre dream Saturday night about a girl I only went out with once or twice when I was in eleventh grade. I probably haven't seen her since high school, and didn't even know her all that well at the time. She was a year older than me. I guess that this could only mean one thing... I'll have to google her and see what I can find out.

Two Weeks Until VD
I ventured into our new Wal-Mart Supercenter for the first time last night after church. $91 later, I escaped. Ugh. Anyway, Valentine's stuff is all over the place, obviously. It's two weeks until VD! How do you feel about this holiday? What are you doing this year? What am I doing? What do you hope your significant other does for you? What is the best Valentine's gift/surprise you've ever received?

"And I don't think I have ever seen a soul so in despair. So if you want to talk the night thru, guess who will be there..."

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  1. The best Valentines Day gift was a total surprise for me, and one I'll never forget. When I was in College I received a mysterious bouquet of two dozen roses, and to this day, more than 20 years later, I still don't know who sent it. Wish I did. He should have come forward. Poor guy was probably really shy.