Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Search String Absurdity (Jan. '05)

SBTB Flashback
For some reason, this has been stuck in my head all morning: "Bayside is a school that's cool and you know that it's true. The girls are the cutest and the guys are the hippest, too..." Do you remember that?

Search String Absurdity
I've received a high number of hits from WPBA-related searches lately, for some reason. Here are some recent searches:
- hot chick stormy waters
- "Vic's Vacant Lot" (what a great show)
- "allison fisher" pool married (Yes, my heart stopped there for a moment!)
- "allison fisher" bikini (as if...)
- allison fisher haircut (My blog is now the #1 result on yahoo for this! That can only lead to good things... or will lead to nothing. Whichever.)
- "jennifer baretta"
- w-2 forms for toys-r-us
- cbs jared subway colts (All Subway nutritional information is based on a 6-inch sandwich on wheat bread, with no cheese, and no condiments.)
- blog + kournikova + picture + looking + beach
- what year did henry nestle die (I'm sure we've all wondered that at one time or another.)
- "Feels like an Arby's night." (#1 on yahoo for this, too!)
- jeanette lee porn wpba (Yeah, her porn career failed, so she started hanging out in pool halls. The rest is history.)
- icu boy in bubble (The bubble boy? "No, I'm sorry. The correct answer is Moops!!")

And this week's winners...
2nd runner-up: "to quone someone" (Ah, I think you need a medical dictionary for that ;-) I'm #2 on yahoo for this. Woohoo!)
1st runner-up: "sissy spanked sent to bed" (Ya deviant freak!)
And today's winner: "mosquitos + ultrasounds" (Yes, this is a common problem in Sudan and rural Botswana. I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that someone searched for those two things simultaneously, or the fact that my blog came up when they did it.)

"I keep telling myself, this is the right thing to do. I was wastin' her time, waitin' on dreams that just weren't comin' true..."

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