Thursday, January 20, 2005

Looking for Shopgirl

NY152 here...
Do you know what movie that's from? One of my favorite movies ever, "You've Got Mail." (Ponders whether it is normal and acceptable for a 31-year-old male to admit that...) OK, well forget I said that, at least until I do some more research. Anyway, that movie, which I'm currently not sure whether I like or not, was on TBS last night :-) My current yahoo ID is actually from that movie. It's ny0153, which is the closest that I could find available at that time.

Smells Like... Dr. Drake Ramoray's office?
My apartment has smelled like a doctor's office the past two days when I got home. It's never smelled like that before, ever, so I don't know what it is. I don't mind it though. It's not bad. I actually kind of like it. Wish I knew how to maintain that scent.

My sister is doing much better. I went by to see her yesterday and the swelling in her face was a lot better. Thanks for all the concern :-) In other news, it looks like we can get the lake house again. So I'm sure we'll be heading back up there soon, to try and recreate the magic of the first lake house trip. After church last night, I met the K-man for dinner at Crack Barrell. The food was good. The server was cute. We analyzed, discussed, and pondered the bizarre situation he encountered Tuesday night. I love analyzing things. I probably tend to overanalyze things. Maybe a lot of things. I should have been... well.. an analyst :-D

The whole situation brought to mind this classic chart-topping hit from 1990, by Glenn Medeiros and Bobby Brown...

"You think your love will win her in the end. Think again. She ain't worth it. The girl ain't worth it, all this pain that she's been puttin' you thru. Oooh, she ain't worth it. The girl ain't worth it. Believe me, I know better than, better than, better than, b- b- better than you..."


  1. Funny. I saw the last bit of "You've Got Mail" last night, too, and remember NY0153. I was wondering what happened to that screen name! I love that movie.

  2. I love You've Got Mail! After I saw it I wanted to move to NY and open a bookstore. But it didn't happen b/c I'm still here in OK.

  3. I love New York. I had been there about 30 minutes when I realized I wanted to live there. Of course, I'm still here, as well. :-)

  4. It's on again tonight. Right now :)