Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I knew if I kept wearing Drakkar...

...that it would come back around again one day. I got a compliment on my cologne yesterday. Yeah, babee!! Sure, there were some tough times... the Polo phase, the CK One phenomenon, the "this product tested on bunny rabbits" scandal. But now, it's back. Or I'm the only one who still wears it. It doesn't matter, cos I don't follow the trends, I set them. Or I just don't follow them. Whichever. I did hear some bad news about another of my favorites Tuesday night at Dillards. The chick checking me out (and by checking me out I mean, ringing up my items, taking my money, and giving me change; not looking me over with great interest) said they weren't carrying Nautica clothes anymore at the Decatur store. That is like the only big name of clothing I ever buy, and usually then I only get it when it's 50-75% off. Oh well.

Decisions, decisions
I was looking at the menu at Logan's tonight, and I realized that it always takes me a long time to decide. I can never make my mind up. Then I got to thinking, maybe that's why I'm not married. I'm afraid I'm gonna make the wrong decision, and I don't like decisions you can't change. And to me, marriage is a decision you can't change. What was my point? I guess I just need a girl who'll say, "Hurry up and decide! I don't have all night."

If you cook it, he will come
Let me tell you something about single guys. We don't turn down home-cooked food. It's just a rule. I was very fortunate to be invited over for home-cooked meals on Monday and Tuesday nights. Mmmm. That makes a young boy scream and shout. Say you're cooking and you invite your married friends over, they might come. They might not. Invite your single male friend over, he'll be there with bells on. It doesn't even matter what you're having. In other news, after church tonight, I headed into town and met Kyle at Logan's. Everything seemed to be back to normal there, thank goodness.

Well, it WAS a curse from the beginning
Work has been very hectic this week. Some of you know what's been going on. Some of you don't. Here's the short of it: I basically had to train someone in to take over my position. No, I was not promoted. I was demoted, if anything. Now, my workload has basically doubled. Fortunately, my pay has increased by about... oh... um... ZERO percent. Oh well. It will all work out in the end, right?

"Be careful with my envelope filled with gift cards."

"She does not know about the blogs, but we should probably not blast it to the nation that I want this girl to be the mother of my children."
"Oh don't worry, I'm like a vault... a big, wide-open vault with a broken lock."

"What's with all the candles? You're not a wiccan, are you?"

"We can practice picking up attractive chicks by picking up less attractive chicks."

"Did you vote in my Super Bowl poll?"
"No, because I don't who any of those people are. I am not even sure what the Super Bowl is to be exact. I mean, I know it's a football game, but other than that, I have no clue."
"Good heavens. You don't watch the Super Bowl? You don't even watch the commercials?"
"Well, I haven't before. Is it tonight or something?"

"I don't stop breathing everytime the phone rings. My heart don't stop when someone's at my door. I've all but given up thinking you're ever gonna call. I don't believe in magic anymore..."


  1. I know Huntsville and Decatur doesn't have a great selection of places to shop. But you're not too far from Nashville or B'ham.

    I used to love Drakkar. I would recommend Higher and Gio (what my husband wears)

    Home cooked meals in the south, I do miss them.

    :: Mona ::

  2. Yes, I go to Nashville quite frequently. Can't say the same for Bham.

    Thanks for the comment ;-)