Sunday, January 09, 2005

A weekend in Bacherlorville...

Sometimes it's not as glamorous as you might think ;-) OK, my favorite new commercial is the one where the lady sneezes and ruins the sand art thing. Have you seen it? Utter hilarity!

Well, believe it or not, nothing much has been going on around here in Bachelorville. I woke up Saturday (at 2 PM) with a splitting headache. So I skipped out on the Nashville thing. Plus, it just seems driving that far to a party reeks of desperation. I got that idea, of course, like most of my knowledge, from Seinfeld:

George: "So, are you coming to the party?"
Jerry: "I'd go, but Long Island, it's so far out. It smacks of desperation. The
whole party, everyone's gonna be saying to me, You came all the way out from Manhattan for this?"

And most importantly, Shane called and said you-know-who wasn't going to be there. OK, so you don't know who, but that's really not relevant here. So I only got out of the house two times Saturday, once to go get lunch, and once to go get supper :-) I don't know why my head was hurting, although it may have had something to do with the fact that I slept for eleven hours. It finally stopped hurting so much about 8:00. Watched lots of football. I really don't like any of the NFC teams remaining. I guess the Rams are OK. And I'm for anyone but the Colts in the AFC, preferably the Jets or Steelers.

Got lots done today. Finally took my Christmas tree down, since it doesn't appear anyone else is going to be bringing anymore gifts. Did laundry. Went to the grocery store. Watched some of my Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs. What a great show. And I went for a short run, 1.97 miles according to my trusty pedometer. And almost no pain at all today. I figure I'll slowly work back up to a good distance and maybe enter a run or two this year. That's the plan anyway.

I have had some really, really whacked out dreams lately. I mean, quite a few. The only one I can vaguely remember right now had something to do with me watching Barry Bonds' son. They weren't letting Barry keep him because he was on steroids, but he kept trying to get him. But anytime he got near, suddenly it wasn't Barry Bonds anymore, it was a woman. I assume it was the kid's mother. Anyhow...

Oh, tell me this isn't weird. I went by Subway after church tonight. As soon as I walk in the door, turn on the TV, and there's a Subway commercial on, with inexplicable success story, Jared. Freaky, huh? I wonder what that means.

TV Alert
Don't miss Jason Alexander, co-hosting the People's Choice Awards tonight on CBS.

"Priceline is soo last week. Even William Shatner can't get a decent price for a room with it anymore."

"Shane and Melody should be the ones coming down here, instead of all of us going up there. However, we can't do it at her place, my place, Jeremy's place, or Lee's place, because or our parents. And we can't all fit in your front room, so..."

"Any story that I tell about any girl that I've ever dated, gone out with, talked to, or chatted with, always ends with the phrase 'and I haven't seen her since'."

"Those who make fun of pocket protectors never ruined a $19 Izod shirt with a busted Bic."

"After all of these years, I'm still trying to shake it. Doin' much better, they say that it just takes time. But deep in the night, it's an endless fight. I can't get you out of my mind..."

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