Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Highlights

It has been a long, exhausting weekend. I'll try and hit the highlights for ya...

Lee, Roy, Cassie, Bunny, Kyle, Jeremy, and I met at the Priceville McDonald's Friday evening. Then we headed north, with seven people in four separate cars, for some reason. Stopped at Famous Dave's for dinner around 7:45, where we met up with the Reagan family. After leaving there, it was off to Opryland Hotel. We now had ten persons in five cars. Lee and Roy got sidetracked on the way out there, as they were following Jeremy Andretti, who was following Shane. Fortunately, all of us were equipped with these new high-tech devices, known as cellular phones, and we were able to redirect them back to the destination.
I called Shane:
Me: "I think we lost Lee and Roy."
S: "I was afraid of that."
Me: "What happened?"
S: "Jeremy did something stupid." ROFL

Grizzly River Memories
Upon arrival at OH, Shane showed me where the rcoks from the Grizzly River Rampage were. The whole thing is basically still there, other than the water, and the rafts, and the big wooden thing where you boarded and exited or whatever. Naturally, I took lots of pictures of it. I hope they come out OK because it was pretty dark. The whole thing is basically still there, other than the water, and the rafts. Stupid Gaylord. Anyway, that was kind of a neat thing, but sad at the same time. From there it was into the hotel. Walked around a bit, took some pictures. I chased down a couple of hotties and got them to take a whole group picture of us. It turned out great, except that she cut the top of my head off. Oh well.

First time in 30 years
Well, around 11:15, we decided that if we were going to get back to Reagan Plantation by midnight, that we needed to leave. However, in the parking lot, there were several varying opinions as to what we should do. Suffice it to say that as 2005 officially began, we were all in our various vehicles. Cassie and Bunny decided to ride with us downtown, so the four of us listened to some radio station countdown to midnight. All was not lost, as Cassie made sure I had a MKOTC (midnight kiss on the cheek). Girls are cool like that, ya know. That led to this funny, which was only so funny because it was so ludicrous... or blatantly honest.. whichever: "That's the first time in 30 years I've had a kiss on New Year's Eve!"

It's 5 AM, I must be.. hallucinating
Walked around downtown for a bit. Got a couple of New Year's calls and a couple of text messages. David called and said he had just run into Brodie Croyle on the street. K and I left B, C, L, and R downtown and drove back to S & M's, because M had made K a cake for his b-day. Got that? We had to meet back up with B & C because C had left her car at OH, so long story not-quite-as-long, we got to Cassie's brother's house in Murfreesboro at 5:00 AM. Slept on satin sheets for the first time in my life. I nearly slid right out of the bed about five times. Woke up around 11, showered, and headed for home. Or so I thought.

Ended up meeting up with Shane, going back downtown, eating at BB King's, and shooting some pool at Buffalo Billiards. They had some people over that night. We ate pizza, played games, and I got home about 2:30. The most disturbing moment came (again) while we were playing Cranium. I had to hum "I Can See Clearly Now." Well, Kyle and Julia were on my team. Julia was on my left and Kyle was on my right. So, instinctively, I turned to Kyle and began humming the song, instead of turning to the hot chick. Well, the moment did not escape Monica's attention, unfortunately. She cracked up and was like, "Did you see how he was looking so deeply into his eyes while he hummed it." I was red-faced, but we all had a good (too)long laugh about it.

I'll try to post pics of all the insanity later. I hope you all had a good New Year. Hopefully, you weren't on the interstate in a car at midnight.

"I thought about making a cake for Kyle's birthday."
"Sounds good to me. That would be nice."
"Do you like strawberry cake with vanilla frosting?"
"Don't ask me. It's not my birthday. I like any kind of cake."
"Well, what kind of cake does Kyle like because I was going to suprise him with it?"
"I have no clue."
"I could make a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting if that sounds better."
"I really don't know. Sorry."
"OK, but if it was your choice, what would you want?"
"Probably chocolate. Seems like Kyle doesn't like strawberries, but I'm not sure. I don't really know him that well."

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind..."

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