Monday, January 17, 2005

Family sickness

Well, my baby sister is really sick :-( I ran over there last night to take her some meds and check on her. Mom called me this morning at work and said she had to go over there and take her to the ER overnight. The whole right side of her face is really bad swollen. Her eye is nearly swollen shut. She can't keep anything down. She thinks she has an abcess, but the ER doc didn't know what it was. (What a shock.) Mom stayed with her today. I went by there after work, and I'm just now getting home. Maybe she'll be better tomorrow. I worry about her :-
In other news, I just put on my pajamas, fresh out of the dryer. Mmmm... nothing like hot, soft clothing. Woweee! This is delightful.

(random Seinfeld dialogue)
Kramer: "Feel this."
Jerry: "Wow, that's hot."
Kramer: "Yeah, it's piping hot. It's fresh out of the dryer. Hey Elaine, you have to feel my pants."
Elaine: "I'll see ya later."
Kramer: "All right, but you don't know what you're missing. I'm loving this."

"The other day I saw a car, like you used to drive. I got a funny feeling down deep inside. And for the briefest moment, I felt a smile begin. Yes I do think about you, every now and then..."


  1. Sorry to hear your sister isn't feeling well - hope she feels better soon!

    kerry [at] webgrits [dot] net