Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Pics

Well, here are a few pics from this past weekend. I tried to brighten some of them. Hopefully, they look OK. (Click for a larger image.)

This is the big rock that I think used to be at the exit of the Grizzly River Rampage :-( The exit would have been to the right:

Here you can hopefully see the empty canal that used to be filled with treacherous water, rafts, people, and fun. Now, it contains only sticks, leaves, and memories :-( Depressed yet? I am. I'm gonna try and go back during the day at some point:

This is a group pic inside the Opryland Hotel. (From L to R: Mel, me, Cassie, Bunny, Kyle, Lee, Roy. In stroller: Ronald Reagan.) I think Shane is taking the picture. Not sure where Jeremy is:

And one last pic from outside the hotel. This is the one I asked a couple of hotties to take for us:

"Her hat is hanging by the door, the one she bought in Mexico. It blocked the wind. It stopped the rain. She'd never leave that one. So she can't be really gone..."

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