Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday Thirteen III

Thirteen Things from the mind of Bone...

1. Was going to try and think of a theme for this week's Thirteen, but it just ain't happening. So on with the randomness.

2. She was in town yesterday. We met at the mall, shopped a bit, then came back to my place. She really liked my place.

3. I don't even know what to think or how I feel anymore about the whole situation. Had not seen her in about a year and a half. Yet we can get together on the spur of the moment and it's just like we've been hanging out every week or something. Hugged tightly as she left. There's a lot in that hug.

4. Just finished writing out Christmas cards. I have discovered that my cursive writing sucks. So I wrote some cards in cursive and printed a few. I might have even done one card half-print and half-cursive. That's what the holidays are all about. Oh, and the envelopes weren't sticking very well. I hope that glue wasn't toxic.

5. I am a lot more stressed right now than I pretend to be. Work has been busier. I still have a lot of shopping to do. Not to mention getting everything ready for the Festivus party. Jerry, after shaving his chest: "I think I may have made a big mistake!" :-)

6. Festivite tally thusfar: 7 confirmed guests. 4 are undecided (although I think one was a joke and they are for sure coming). 2 have declined. And 8 haven't yet replied.

7. It's really difficult to follow up an entry like the Buffer Zone. Maybe I should just start going to movies and handing out citations to buffer zone violators.

8. Seems to me that we are losing more and more bloggers to My Space. Losing bloggers, in itself, is no big deal. But losing bloggers usually means losing commenters. And that is when I start to cry.

9. I just finished a cup of hot chocolate. Mmmm! Except that last little lukewarm sip in the bottom of the cup... really isn't very good.

10. I really wish TVland or some channel would show Welcome Back, Kotter regularly. And Car 54 Where Are You. And Mork & Mindy.

11. My Janeane Garofalo entry got linked to on some Janeane Garofalo site.

12. Ten days until Christmas! I just want to slow down, watch some holiday movies, watch it snow, ride around and look at Christmas lights. Because once it's gone, it's gone.

13. I am really looking forward to New Year's this year. *mischievous grin*

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"We couldn't tear ourselves away. I wonder if you care. I wonder if you still remember. Once upon a time, in your wildest dreams..."


  1. I can totally relate on the "she" thing. I have an ex girlfriend who, one day, just stopped by because she was in town. Not a pop in, but came to see me. And, even though we hadn't seen each other in two years, we just fell back into the old roles. Nothing bad. But it was strange. She is now engaged. Because of that, I don't think we should ever see each other again, because as soon as we are in the same room, her arm is around my waist, mine is around her shoulders, and we walk around, joined at the hip.

    We didn't even date for very long. It makes no sense. But few things do.

  2. I was just thinking about Welcome Back Kotter last night. I was about 8 when Mork and Mindy hit the prime slot, Shazbot those days just drift away, don't they? The appreciating Christmas thing, I get. I try to suck out the marrow and really live during Christmas. Very Henry David Thoreau. Living Intentionally- so when you come to die, not finding out that you had not lived. Otherwise it's like if you lose your keys in a river of molten lava...forget it, cuz' man...they're gone.

    Congrats with She, if that's what you are choosing and want. Happy Christmas.

  3. Oh no! I just left a comment and it was eaten. What a drag!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  4. Heaven forbid you fall by the wayside not unlike George's [may she rest in peace] fiance.

  5. Yes George's poor fiance did come to mind

    Bone think of why you broke up; then try it again anyway ;-)

  6. Coyote: Engagements don't always last forever.

    Sallwood: Wow, odd that you were also thinking of Gabe Kaplan. And now you've gone from Seinfeld references to Jack Handy? OK. But while you may not be able to retrieve your keys from hot lava, you can sometimes extract them from a paved-over pothole ;-)

    Jen: Thanks for visiting.

    OC Girl: I got the best cards Newman's Unclaimed Parcels had to offer.

    Pia: Thanks for the shout on your blog, even though it always comes on days when I have nothing :-)

    I love when you people get my Seinfeld references :-)

  7. "She" (as Dr. Phil likes to refer to it) is your "soft place to fall." What can be wrong with that as long as you are not ruining other relationships in the process?

    I will often have people over and then wish they'd all go home. Aren't I nice? I think if you keep things simple and remember to have fun, you will! It's a party, not brain surgery!

    I used to a bright orange t-shirt that said "Vinny Barbarino Fan Club." I think my friend got it for me for my birthday. I used to love that show!

    "Wouldn't it be great if you could ask a woman what she's thinking?"
    "What a world that would be if you could just ask a woman what she's thinking."
    "You know, instead I'm like a detective. I gotta pick up clues. The whole thing's a murder investigation."

  8. I like the randomness of the thirteen.
    It's more revealing than a theme.
    Did the last sip of cocoa have that syrupy taste to it? I hate that.

    PS - in response to your comment on my blog - give yourself more credit. I spent some free time today reading your past entries - You Rock. The only reason that ONE entry of mine touched you so much is because it was so damn personal.

  9. I don't like MySpace. I have a MySpace account, but I only signed up for it because one of my co-workers has her blog there. I'm constantly getting emails from folks wanting to add me as a friend and when I check out their profile, they've got 112 friends. So I always deny them. I mean, they've got 112 other friends, they don't need me to be #113.

    Plus, I'm very anti-social. The only folks I have friended are the folks that I "know" either in real life or via their real blog.

  10. Carney: Well said. I loved Welcome Back Kotter, too.

    And I love when you people quote Seinfeld episodes :-)

    Meghan: Hmm, good point. The random 13 is a really good way for people to get to know me.

    PS: Thank you. I shall accept the compliment without disputing it, which is sometimes hard for me to do :-)

    Xinh: I'm with you. The only reason I signed up is so that I could view friends' pages. Which in itself is one of the main reasons I don't like it... you have to log in to view stuff.

  11. Yes yes... I'm looking forward to the Festivus get together.

    I can't wait to see what kind of antics we pull this New Year's! ... it'll be hard to top everything that happened to us last year. LOL

    Hoot Hoot!

    Oh, as I'm sure most have noticed, we're temporarily doing the show on Saturday night's instead of the usual Friday nights. Make sure and tune is in on the internet!


  12. Hey Bone,
    Sorry, I don't know what's up with to just ask her.
    My handwriting pretty much sucks all the time so I type up a letter to everyone and then just sign our names. I even type all the address labels (actually they're in a program).

    Thanks for stopping by my 13. re: massage pad... it's pretty good. They usually have this one on display (you can try it out) at The Discovery Channel Store, GNC and Walmart. For what I paid it's been worth it. Not quite as good as the Sharper Image chairs or a real massage...but works for like everyday use... mine is on right now. I'm so glad that I put it on the computer chair. :D

    Here's my 13:

  13. Hiya Bone...
    I'm going to try and do this next week.
    I'm to late for this Thursday.

    Now on to the bad news...
    You've been tagged in my blog.
    Please forgive me but I had no choice.


  14. I have a "he." This time of year makes me think of it the most. And when I make the 8 hour drive home for the holidays and am within an hour of his family, I always relive it all.

    I've forgotten alot. But then, in an instant, a song comes on, and I'm there again. So real. It is not to be for us. But it was good. And I love having that. That's when "Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost"...makes more sense. If never again, at least once in my life I truly loved someone. And they loved me.

    What about you and her? I know my biggest regrets have been not trying harder and not seeing how big this thing was that we had. Of course now it's past. But, it feels good to hold on.

    So, I must ask because I am THAT person,( but you don't have to answer): Why DID it end?

  15. Java: Really looking forward to seeing who your guest will be.

    Renee: Yes, I need to figure out how to print some address labels. And for some reason, when I was writing Happy Festivus on all the cards, I kept writing Festives.

    Sherry: Hmm... five things most people don't know about me. That might be hard since I reveal so much on here.

    Tenacious One: That is a good way to look at it. It was good. Wonderful.

    What about us? Well, it's been over six years since it ended. I think the fact that we're both still single after all this time... I can't help but wonder.

    Why did it end? Wow. That probably deserves a separate blog entry in itself. I think immaturity was a big part of it. Learned a lot from it. Matured. Moved on...?

  16. Dude, I saw a book today called "The Real Festivus", you should go buy it. Many of the same rules apply, but instead of a pole, there is supposed to be a clock and a bag and a tape recorder to record the "Airing of Greivences". It made me feel special.

  17. Do you think our "she's" and "he's" will still haunt us after we find THE ONE?

  18. I've just realized that I haven't come to visit in awhile. I've missed you...;-)

  19. Coyote: A clock and a bag? Are you serious? I'll try to remember to look for it.

    Meghan: Well, I don't think they will have nearly the impact and affect anymore.

    Heather: Really. I hadn't noticed ;-) No, really, we've been missing you around here. And by we, I mean, me.

  20. Hi. I'm Veronika. I found you through Jen's site. I would love to see Welcome Back, Kotter! Also, I'm with you on #12 :)

  21. Thanks for visiting, Veronika. Would love to see Kotter come out on DVD. Off to check out your blog...