Monday, December 26, 2005

I hate when it's over

Was off work today. Successfully assembled the computer desk I got for Christmas. You'll hear more about that later. The week between Christmas and New Year's is just an odd week. Definitely unique. I refer to it as the "lost week." OK, not really. Made that up just now. I think it's definitely dead week for blogs and bloggers though. Yet and still, I press on...

Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Got much more than I deserved. Seinfeld Season 5 & 6 DVD's, Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1, and Cheers Season 1. Robert Palmer's greatest hits CD. Blah blah blah. This year, for one of our presents, Mom went out and got us something old. She found this storybook which was my sister's favorite book when she was little. My Dad used to read it to her every single night and if he tried to skip a couple of pages, she'd know it and make him go back. For me, she got this plate which had a picture on it and "Christmas 1973" written on it. She gave it to me, along with a card in which she had written, "I found this plate from 1973, the first Christmas we shared together, the best Christmas of my life. Thanks for the greatest Christmas present ever..."

During the poker game Friday night, we were trying to give everyone a name of a professional poker player. I was tabbed Jesus Ferguson. James was Phil Hellmuth, Meghan was Annie Duke, and Little Joe was Dan Harrington. Don't think we ever came up with a name for Buzz or Lil Bootay. Hmm, that was quite random. Not sure what brought that up, but it was funny one time when I won a big pot, James said, "And Jesus throws the money changers out of the temple!"

Went to the book store tonight. Bought Of Mice And Men. That prompted this conversation betwen the cashier and me:
"Um no." (But I'll take that as a compliment.)
"Just never read it."
"You never had to read this in school?"
"Well, if I did, I didn't."
"Oh, it's really good."
Ya think?

I really had a good weekend. From Festivus Friday night, to family stuff Saturday and Sunday, to hanging with friends tonight, it's been nice. And now. It's over. I hate when Christmas is over. As much as this is the most wonderful time of the year, once it's over, once the presents are unwrapped and family and friends have gone, it's my least favorite time. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's because I know it'll be another whole year until it comes again. But the end of Christmas makes me sad.

Sitting there Sunday, watching the pile of presents slowly dwindle, I was sad. I like to take a break from opening gifts and make it last as long as possible. It's not a selfish thing. I don't think I would care if a single gift under the tree was for me or not. I just want it to last. I was thinking Saturday night about how I found it nearly impossible to get to sleep on Christmas Eve for so many years. I remember hearing noises and wondering if it was Santa. And thinking I'd better hurry and get to sleep. Christmas Eve is filled with so much anticipation. But by Christmas night, it's all over. Maybe Adam Sandler had it figured out, with "eight crazy nights."

Now all that's left is to put up the presents up and take down the tree. Oh, and take the wreath off the front of my car. Whoever said that was good for attracting chicks was dead wrong! ;-)

"We got Ann Landers and her sister Dear Abby. Harrison Ford's a quarter Jewish. Not too shabby..."


  1. Sounds like you had one great week-end. Like the gift idea your Mom did.

    I use to always feel the same way about Sunday evenings as you do with Christmas. I always thought Sunday evening was a sad part of the week-end. It meant Monday was coming, kids going back to school, husband going back to work. I usually enjoyed them all being at home.

    Have a great Happy New Year.

  2. Sounds like a good time...

    I hate the part of taking down all this Christmas stuff... ;)

  3. Yeah, the day after is always kind of a let-down. Yesterday, I slept in. For the first time in months I slept past 9 am. It was amazing. Then I sat around in my PJ's and played a game with Zed while Nick and Elle went and ran around. I finally showered and dressed sometime around 3 pm. Wow. I don't plan to take down my tree until at least Valentines...

  4. Good to know I'm not the only one who feels the big let down after Christmas.

  5. I know what you mean, by Christmas night the culmination of weeks of preparation is over and it's sad. The week till New Years no one really works or gets anything done. New Years day is even sadder for me because that means the whole holiday season is over. When I take down the Xmas lights I put up Valentines decorations the same day so it's not as depressing.

    Also onboard with Patty, Sunday nights are dismal too.

  6. Patty: Yes! Sunday evenings have a very lonesome, melancholy feel to me. I've even mentioned that before on here somewhere. It's the end of something. And that's usually sad.

    Sherry: Me too. Left my tree up until at least a couple of weeks after Christmas one year. No one ever brought any more presents though ;-)

    Lass: I too got some much needed sleep this weekend. You could just redecorate it in all red and make it a Valentine's tree.

    Audra: Yes, post-reindeer depression has set in :-)

    Liz: Ah, just saw your comment. I had just suggested a Valentine's tree to Lass :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Good lord, if you ever came at me with a wreath on the front of your car, I'd send you away.

    And if it makes you feel any better, this is my first post college Christmas vacation, I only have until the 2nd off, and I'm upset. blah.

  8. i didn't put up stuff, so I didn't have to take stuff down. There is no depression then.

    I also recommend many drinks, with a large drink chaser.

  9. I think your mom's gift ideas were great. There is nothing more significant (to me) than giving your kids memories of their childhood. It is kind of a let down once all the festivities are over and the packages have all be given and/or opened. When my family and I are all together opening gifts, I let everyone else open their gifts so I can savor the anticipation of still having mine to open! You got some really great gifts! Thankfully, I didn't decorate so I don't have that staring me in the face. I do wish all the food that is in my house would go away. I like the idea of 8 days of gifts! Works for me!

  10. Heather: I was kidding about the wreath. But I have seen a few cars around here with them. I think it's hilarious.

    Coyote and Carney: Sounds like the two of you were on the same page with the no decorations. I have to at least put up a tree.

  11. wrthis year it soooooo didn't feel like it was Christmas to me. Dh felt it too. We kept saying it can't be Christmas in x many days...and then it was Christmas Eve.

    And now it's all over and I'm wondering where it went. I think that I missed it somewhere. I'm already getting the feeling that I should start putting stuff away, but I don't want to. I just feel weird.

    I usually leave the decorations up until Jan 6th and I probably will inside. But with our weather her in CO I think that we'll take the outside lights down tomorrow before the cold front creaps in. It's no fun being on the roof when it's freezing out there!

  12. You're mom's gifts to you and your sister are so special! Christmas isn't about the biggest and most expensive gifts, it's about giving - and sharing love. Your mom put a lot of thought and care into your presents and I love that. How often do you hear people complaining about shopping for someone and ending up just getting anything that could work - I've been that person, but I don't like being like that. You have a cool and great mom!

    I also don't have decorations up this year - like several fellow commentors. While I missed the decorations, I don't miss the mess of putting things away either. New Years is just a few days away - the holidays aren't quite over yet Bone. Then, there'll be Epiphany, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Chinese New Year, Anniversary of the Constitution, Lincoln's birthday, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Washington's birthday and Flag Day to celebrate - and that's just in January and February of '06! There's lot of holidays to look forward to! :-)

  13. Excellent Xmas presents, Bone. You can't go wrong with CYE, and of course Seinfeld 5 and 6 are golden.

    Good book to buy, too (take this with a grain of salt, coming from an English teacher).

  14. Renee: I agree. I was late getting my tree up, later than normal beginning my shopping. We never had any real cold weather. It just got here much faster. First thing I knew, Festivus was here. And then Christmas. And then. It's over.

    Cindy: Um, yeah. Sure. All those holidays. I think you're just fishing for an Epiphany present ;-)

    Southie: Was trying to explain/describe CYE to someone the other night. I couldn't. I told them you just have to watch it.

  15. Harrison Ford's half-Jewish. Goldie Hawn's half, too. Put them together, what a fine lookin' Jew.

    We got to watch Eight Crazy nights for the first time during the week. Odd.

  16. Happy New Year Bone!

    Glad you had a nice Christmas.

  17. Sallwood: Was just watching my Sandler SNL DVD this weekend. Good stuff.

    Tenacious One: Thanks. Hope you had a good one, too. Good to have you back making the rounds again :-)