Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things from the mind of Bone...

1. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only guy on the face of the planet who does the Thursday 13.

2. I went to K-Mart last night to look for a Festivus pole, but I didn't find any. Someone told me they'd seen them there, but now I wonder if they were just yanking my chain.

3. The Festivus poles online are like $40 plus shipping.

4. To me, that in itself goes against the anti-commercialization premise that Festivus was founded upon.

5. I think the party will be interesting. I have different groups of friends that are pretty much kept separate. This will be the first time they're all together. Worlds will be colliding.

6. Tuesday night, I watched more TV than I have in a long time. I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. Then that new show about the female President. That was pretty good. Then the General Hospital replay on SoapNet. Then Seinfeld on TBS.

7. It was "The Gymnast" episode of Seinfeld. George's girlfriend's mother catches him eating out of the trash can. Then he comes out of the bathroom with his shirt off in front of everyone, because "it frees me up, no encumbrances."

8. I like to feel unencumbered as well, but that's all I'm going to say about that. Anything more would probably be way TMI.

9. I nicked myself shaving yesterday. Was chatting with someone about that this morning. Is it really the best idea to shave first thing in the morning? I mean, I'm barely awake, I'm stubbing my toe, bumping into doorways... Yeah, seems like a good time to run a sharp blade back and forth several times just millimeters from my jugular.

9. I bought Martha Stewart wrapping paper and a pack of candy canes at K-Mart last night. My only Christmas purchases thusfar this year, besides my Christmas cards. Which I still haven't addressed, by the way.

10. The bathrooms are still out of order at work. Random insert: Since the last time I um, released, I've had 16 ounces of chocolate milk and 12 ounces of Mountain Dew. I've been going home everyday at lunch just to evacuate my system.

11. I wish it would snow here. A lot of bloggers are writing about it snowing. I wish it'd snow enough here to make a snowman and snow cream. Does anyone else know what snow cream is?

12. I have been looking online for jobs in Nashville and Dallas this week, for some reason.

13. I would love to write for a living. Not sure I could ever write a novel. But perhaps a column. Or short stories.

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  1. No, I don't think you are the only guy that does T13 (pretty clever huh?)

    Um, you bought Martha Stewart wrapping paper???

    I think you should not have to go to work if there aren't proper facilities there for you. That's just wrong.

  2. Thanks for visiting me!
    If the toilets were out of order here, I wouldn't last through the morning!!
    And...Nashville would be an awesome place to live. It is one of our favorite places! :)

  3. I don't think you're the ONLY guy, but you're definitely outnumbered. Thanks for hanging in here!

    We watched Charlie Brown the other night, too! I can't believe it's 40 years old!

    When I was first married, we had a roommate who dropped his deodorant down the toilet and it was out of commission for a week. We could use the facilities at the restaurant we worked at, but after work we were stuck with the nasty gas station or peeing in the tub. I did NOT pee in the tub, and I just tried not to think about anyone else defiling it. You just don't think about your modern conveniences much at all until they're gone...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. with #5 on your list, you're a man after my own heart. I too, never bring my different groups of friends together. So come my birthday or other big occassion, they have to be introduced and I'm usually too drunk to do the introductions. Other than that, they never see each other or know that the other group exists. I like it like that.

  5. Carnealian: Well, I'm def in the minority. Yes, the MS paper was the prettiest.

    UPDATE: The restrooms are working again! Woohoo! Now there are lines at the door. (Kidding.)

    Jennifer: I like Nashville a lot, too. Have visited and hung out there many times.

    Jen: Yes, please, no peeing in the tub. Ewww.
    I just love A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's just so innocent, and there's not much of that left anymore.

    Heather: I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. Actually, I'm a little apprehensive about how everyone will mesh together. But I'll be so busy with the Festivus dinner and organizing the Feats of Strength, I probably won't notice.

    My theory is, more people can make a bad party seem like a good party :-)

  6. Love snow cream. It's one of my favorite things from being a kid. Put a container of some sort out durning the snow. When it fills up pretty good, bring it in put in some vanilla (and I don't know what else, sugar I suppose- I'll have to ask mom - she always made it for us).
    Delicious nostalgia. Thanks for the memory.

  7. Thanks for the comment Bone! I will have to out do myself for my 100th. We'll have to see how long it takes for me to come up with something. I'm sure it can be done. Somehow. I like the idea of the Thursday 13. Sounds like fun. Perhaps I'll join in the fun next week. I always have shi**y days on Thursdays. So they are usually my F'me Thursday posts.

  8. Bone- Go get one of those stainless adjustable shower curtains. They work well for Festivus poles.

    My 13 is up! Thanks for stopping by sir. I'll try to get some snow pics up this week sometime.

  9. It's ALL PIPES!!!

    Actually, I do Thursday Thirteen too.

    Does it have to be a pole? Can you get like an aluminum rain gutter?

    Shaving in the morning is dangerous, which is why I have a beard.

    And what's wrong with taking off the shirt while, ummm, doing stuff if you are at home and live alone?

  10. Happy Thursday 13.

    I love the Seinfeld episode that was about festivus. That cracked me up.

    Have a great day!

  11. Tenacious: Yeah, I think it's snow, sugar, vanilla, and maybe a little milk? Not that it matters. Not like we're gonna get any snow here :-\

    Mappy: I think everyone should click on your blog and read your bad-date story. You can thank me later for the traffic ;-)

    Sallwood: I think a shower curtain rod will work well. How do you stand it up, like a Christmas tree stand?

    Coyote: Completely forgot about George peeing in the shower at the health club, until your comment.

    I think it has to be a pole. I may be hanging around the dumpster the next few days. See if I can find a Festivus pole... or a Merv Griffin set.

    Chickadee: Thanks for stopping by.

  12. The washrooms at work are out of order??? oh that would so drive me crazy! Great list.

    I did my 13 today too, drop by and say hi!

  13. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas! I have it on VHS and I watch it at least once a day during the month of December. And no matter how many times I watch it, I still get chills and then tears in my eyes when Linus says "Lights please." and launches into the Scripture.

  14. Oh, and by the way, there's a Haiku Smackdown waiting for some haikus!

  15. I haven't seen "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in forever! You might get snow in Nashville, you'll only get ice in Dallas. Plus it's humid here in the summer. I mean, not that we wouldn't love to have Bone in Dallas!

  16. TC: Thanks for stopping by :-) Will do.

    Xinh: It's a classic for sure. I always try to catch it each year. I watched the Thanksgiving one, too. Oh, and I always enjoy Haiku Smackdown :-)

    Lass: No, I see how you want to be about it :-) It's humid here in summer, too. I don't mind it. Would rather be hot than cold.

  17. You do not want snow. It's not fun to drive in!

  18. Glad to hear the facilities at work are now working...I would NEVER make it. My poor kid gets frustrated by my constant trips to the loo!

    The gymnast show was great! I'm sure there are lots of Festivus poles at the hardware for the stand I think the propper stand would be an X of 2x4's with a hole drilled in the middle...preferably recycled 2x4's.

    George definitely has bathroom issues! LOL

    here's my 13... You might enjoy my car stories this week.

  19. oHey bone,
    thanks for stopping by. Re: the bunny pix. If Santa is good to me this year, I hope to have bunny pix after Christmas. I don't have a digital camera yet, just a scanner. I could scan some pix of my live bunnies, but there are many more yard bunnies, and shelf bunnies and stuffed bunnies...I have a whole bunny room with a lovely bunny quilt made by my Tante Vivian. :D
    See ya next week

  20. You are the only guy I know who can talk about buying Martha Stewart anything, and I will still believe is straight

    I decided to watch GH on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, DVR it--and if anybody says anything I will tell them "blame it on Bone; he got me re-addicted." it will take me until the new Edward dies to get used to him!!!

  21. Lindsy: I do snow. You snow people take it for granted ;-)

    Renee: Well, I really just like real ones. Had some several years ago, but two of them died and one ran away.

    Pia: Thanks... I think :-)

    Yeah, he just doesn't fit the Edward Quartermaine image that has been portrayed over the years, does he?

    I just realized where I recognized him from. Like just now when I read your comment. He played Steve Sanders dad on 90210!

    Duh na na na
    Duh na na na
    *snap snap*

  22. Sir Bone,

    Just thinking that I would be glad that it was your face that you were shaving with your sleepy hands.

    Anywhere else you might be shaving, and a nick would be the least of my... I mean... your problems.


  23. Hi Bone,

    I'm a little late (ahem, it's almost next Thursday isn't it?) getting around to all of the 13's, but I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in - you're not alone (you know that now) and I'm glad to see the guys piping up too!

    I do agree with you - mornings are not the best time for men to be shaving. It takes you guys much longer to wake up and "getting ready" isn't something you're really born to do, is it? ;)

    Hope to see you again this week!


  24. OCG: Rest easy, my fair, flexible maiden. I would never venture there with any kind of sharp object unless I was fully alert. Precision of a surgeon!

    Leanne: Thanks for making the rounds and stopping by :-)