Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ya Quirky Bone

So I got tagged by Kerry and Sherry (no relation, far as I know) for two different memes. One is list five quirky things about yourself. The other is list five random facts about yourself that most people don't know. So I have decided to combine them both into one meme.

So here are Five Quirky Things About Bone (That Most People Don't Know):

1. I sing, hum, tap, almost non-stop. (I'm sure some would disagree with the "almost" part of that statement.) Very random songs, too. Carol of the Bells, Gold Digger, Piano Man. It matters not the genre. Ask anyone who knows me in real life. They all love it!

2. I don't like mustard and cheese on the same sandwich. I like mustard. And I love cheese! But if I have a cheeseburger, I prefer no mustard. Mayo is fine, but no mustard. I feel that the mustard somehow takes away from the flavor of the cheese. I think I could probably prove this scientifically, but really, who has the time?

3. I organize my Christmas presents very neatly under the tree. I think it really bugged a couple of girls I dated. Well, they said it did anyway. One of my ex-girlfriends says that this is part of my OCD. But my presents must be stacked very orderly. It's really a sight to see. Sort of like the crop circles or Stonehenge or something. Or at least like one of those really cool million domino displays on That's Incredible. Maybe I'll take a picture of them this year. I was raised in a house of neatly stacked presents, and I've turned out OK. Except for the fact that if I turn on a light switch with my left hand, I then also have to touch the light switch with my right hand. Or something very bad will happen.

4. I don't like to use the bathroom if anyone else is in the house, or if I'm at work, or at someone else's house. And I appreciate if you afford me the same consideration. And I'm not talking about urinating. Obviously, I have no problems doing that. No, I'm talking about a certain impending intestinal requirement. I actually dated a girl one time, and I'd make her go to the store so that I could meet said requirement. I also like to take my pants off during this activity, or at least one pant leg, so that I feel unencumbered. Is that weird?

And, if you're still reading after that...
5. My bedroom door and closet door have to be closed before I can go to sleep at night. Every night. And not just pushed to, but completely fastened/latched/closed. If I get in bed and see that one of them is open, I get up and shut it. Then again, perhaps this is part of OCD?

*Note: I was going to include how it's virtually impossible for me to hear someone misquote a Seinfeld episode and not correct them. Or if someone says Jerry did something, but it was really George, I just can't let it go. But I figured most of you already assumed that.

I'm not going to tag anyone. But if you'd like to pretend that Bone tagged you, feel free.

"Yo, I'm the big booty type. I like 'em thick with they mind right..."


  1. It's are a freak in my book now! Kidding!

  2. You freak of nature. Actually, I agree on the bathroom thing. People don't need to know what you are doing. And while I can't always get people to leave, I can go the whichever bathroom is furthest from anyone else. As for the pants, I also agree. I've been known to strip down to my underroos, at least if I am in my apt with the door locked.

    As for the rest, my first statement stands.

  3. OMG.
    You are the male me.
    Or I am the female you, since you are older.
    I thought I was the only freak about the bathroom thing.
    And the music thing - NON STOP.
    And . . EVERYTHING
    Scary larry.

    Oh wait, except the hamburger thing. I adore cheese, but I HATE mustard OR mayonnaise and won't eat ketchup with cheese . . but without cheese, bring on the ketchup.

  4. Yeah, I have male friends that will go home to use the restroom. I have some severe ocd traits myself, one is stacking or arranging things in some form of compulsive order. But this is something that has to be totally feng shui to me, and my old college roommates used to move picture frames, books around so there was chaos. I couldn't stand it. It's an internal reaction. I hate it. I also prefer to sleep with the door closed too, but I can if it's open.

    How you feel about correcting people on Seinfeld, is how I feel when someone says's 'I'm going down to Canada this weekend'. UP to Canada. UP. :)

  5. Lindsy: You misspelled official. Oh, correcting spelling. That's another quirk ;-)

    Coyote: Reading your bathroom habits just made me realize mine may have been TMI.

    Meghan: Yeah, no ketchup with cheese, either. I must agree with that.

    Now I'm reminded of the Seinfeld where Jerry dates Janeane Garofalo's character. They're just alike. He tells Kramer, "Now I know what I've been looking for all these years...myself! I've been waiting for me to come along. And now I've swept myself off my feet!"

    Then tires of her, telling Kramer, "All of a sudden it hit me, I realized what the problem is. I can't be with someone like me. I hate myself!"

    Mappy: I was just correcting someone on the up/down thing the other day. You should do a quirky post. I forgot to tag anyone. Have you done a daily quiz yet today? I'm off to check...

  6. "Banging personality conversate when the time right
    I'm not hard I've got women to handle that
    They be like he the man when I'm really a Thundercat"

    Need I go on...?

    "can't stop now got to continue my running"

    Now that song will be in my head for the rest of the day and when I get home I'll need to listen to the entire CD for hours.

    OH, and I HATE going to the bathroom when someone else is home. I find it much easier when I'm alone.

  7. OK, you worry me. There is probably a support group you could join. And I thought only girls were high-maintenance. I know you don't let me get away with misspelled words but I thought that was all there was. With all the tapping and OCD behavior aren't you exhausted by the end of the day? Oh well, you still have so many good qualities I think I can overlook some of these. But, I ain't leaving for the store so you can take care of business.

  8. I got over being alone in the house while *ahem* when I had kids. What's it like? I don't remember. I think if I ever got the opportunity again, I would open all the doors and experience that true "Braveheart" freedom. I hate sleeping with closed doors. But that's my childhood-fostered OCD. I also hate the feeling of air on me at all when I am sleeping. It could be 90 degrees inside and you will find me in sweats and socks with the comforter cocooned all about me. My hubby doesn't mind because he sleeps with the ceiling fan going, stripped to his underoos. I will sleep with the door closed if we aren't "sleeping" -but after, I open the doors. I listen for my kids or dogs, or doors, or noises in the basement, or whatever. I can handle both ketchup and mustard with cheese, but they need to be on the bun or bread side opposite the cheese side with plenty of meat/veggie dividers. Under no circumstances is mayo permissable anywhere near a sandwich of mine. Fry sauce, yes. Sandwiches or salads, no.

  9. Heather: Hey girl, who yo name is? ;-)

    It makes me happy when I can get a song stuck in someone else's head. Another quirk.

    Carney: I think the singing and tapping are mostly nerves. There are probably a hundred more little OCD things. I suppose they do take up a little time. But I guess that's why it's called a disorder.

    Sallwood: I have to be careful at work. There have been a couple of times when I've walked in the bathroom and left the door open for a second, before realizing I wasn't at home and going back and closing it.

  10. I wonder how you will get around your bathroom issue when you get married.

  11. Wow. Now I feel like I really, really know you. Why is it that guys have to poop with their pants off? I understood why Zed did it when he was 3. He would actually strip down totally naked. But he was 3! You need that much range of motion? I don't get it!?!?

  12. Xinh: Hmm... good question. I wonder...

    Lass: We are strange creatures, Lass. I also can't be chewing gum when I'm taking care of business. Another quirk. Wow, I could barely come up with five, and now there's a seemingly endless supply.

  13. My coworkers just asked why I've been singing that song and I couldn't bring myself to say "Because Sir Bone used it in his blog".
    So not only have you 'ruined' Christmas, but now I have Nelly in my head.
    I may or may not be back...we'll see how I feel about you tomorrow.

  14. Oh my. Very interesting quirky and random things I didn't know about you....until now.

    I like the taste of cheese and mustard together. Not often, but every once in a great while I like a cheese and mustard sandwich. In my opinion (which, I know, is in direct opposition to your opinion) the mustard and cheese compliment each other.

    If I closed all the doors in the house the kitties wouldn't like it very much. The only room that is so far off limits is my bedroom, but even going to the bathroom, I have company.

    You know we share a few of the same ocd tendencies - and a closed closet door is one of them. ;-)

  15. Dude... you are quite the freak.

  16. What ARE you implying there, Bone???

    And thanks to you and Heather . .. I have been singing that damn song all day.

  17. Heather: (just mistyped Heater) How do I get myself into these messes?

    Anonymous: I used to date a girl (why do all my stories start with that phrase?) and everytime I came out of the bathroom, one of her cats would be standing right outside the door.

    J-Mo: Thanks. I try.

    Meghan: Umm, nothing. Just you said you were the female me, so it reminded me of Seinfeld. Pretty much everything reminds me of Seinfeld.

    I never imply anything. It leads to implications.

    "Where ya from? Turn around. Who you came with?"

  18. Look at this...
    Santa brought you one of the items off of my list already.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. Wow, down with OCD! (That's my song for Pia's contest...since I'm late). :)

  20. Sherry: Yes, he did! Now, about that national championship :-)

    Tenacious: Wow, that's old school. She's still taking suggestions, I think.

  21. It's gonna be ok You remind me of my middle son, Bill. He still has to take at least one shoe off to go #2 and used to HAVE to take his pants off. He also has to have things exactly right or it tilts his world.The very best quality I see about you is your sense of humor. You also write very well and I must say I respect anyone who runs as a past time. I've never ran except from the police and then I'm pretty damn fast. Nice blog there buddy and have a Happy New Year!