Sunday, December 18, 2005

Behold... the pole

Continuing in the tradtion of Frank Costanza and... unnamed others, I proudly present my Festivus pole:

Spent much of the evening working on this baby. Using my MacGyver-like resourcefulness, and skills I learned watching Alive, I was able to assemble the pole from materials I purchased. Total cost: About $15. So the people at can keep their forty dollar pole. Your momma costs forty dollars!

Declaration on the tree stand I purchased: "Great for crooked trunks!" Not sure why I found that humorous.

Five days until Bone's First Annual Festivus Party! This is gonna be great!

"These moments we're left with, may you always remember. These moments are shared by few. And those harbor lights, aw, they're coming into view. We bid our farewell much too soon..."


  1. Damn Bone... you gotta fine lookin' pole...

  2. hey, what u talkin' bout my mama fo'? u best take that back before MY mama puts a beat down on yo mama! FOOL


  3. I'm so looking forward to the Festivus party at your place on Friday. You're going to have to email us in Decatur how to get there, because we don't know where you live... Me, J-mo, Buzz, and Johan.

    Don't forget to make extra copies of the "airing of grievences" for Buzz... I think he may have a few hundred. Hoot Hoot!

    Also, I'll bring the official "Jeff and Kyle Show Webcam" and we'lll see if we can get that to work, since Friday's are normally the night we all do the show!! .. and those who can't make it, won't miss out on anything!


  4. God I love a man that's good with tools and his pole! You didn't actually think we were going to let the opportunity pass and not make pole jokes did you? My invite for the party must have gotten lost in the mail. I still have yet to receive it! ;P

  5. May your festivus party be a lovely cruise. :)

  6. That is the best looking pole I've ever seen.

  7. Um. Is that a shower pole? I'd much rather see Bone dancing in the shower than just around the pole. My powers of observation once again englighten my life...

  8. xxOCG: I was hoping you'd like it.

    Crys: Very nice hip street lingo. That kinda scared me.

    Xinh: Thank you.

    Kyle: Johan? Are you talking about Johan Worndale?? I'm not sure if he's coming. I got an "undecided" response from him. And yes, def bring the webcam.

    J-Mo: That's up to the girls, I guess.

    Carnealian: *blushing* That'll teach me to ever mention pole, shaft, or rod on my blog, I guess :-) You haven't got my invite yet? Wow, the mail is slow!

    Tenacious One: Thank you. I think it will be a lot of fun. And quite possibly could become an annual tradition.

    Sherry: Yeah, I get that a lot. By the way, I'm most likely stealing your Dear Santa blog idea :-)

    Bone: Yes, I fashioned this complex Festivus pole out of a plain shower rod from K-Mart. Oh, and I'm quite sure no one wants to see Bone dancing anywhere.

  9. I believe his is the only time one straight man can say to another:

    "Dude, nice pole."

    It would be funnier had I posted this earlier.

  10. I want to see Bone dancing

    Great pole; and loved how you got in Kmart. Did you buy it at the Martha Stewart do it yourself festivus site?

    Oh yes I will be having a contest to pick a perfect song for Bone; post should be up later!

  11. I think if you are going to have Bone Dancing, that could qualify as one of the Feats of Strength, yes? Or at least, Feats of endurance. Ha!

  12. Ummm why wasn't I sent an invite??? I'm a little offended Sir Bone.

  13. Coyote: Yes, and even in this context, it's a bit awkward. lol

    Pia: OK, if you ladies can get together enough ones, I might dance.

    A Bone song? I can't wait!

    Sallwood: I was thinking of doing Seinfeld trivia for the Feats of Strength, but I'm afraid some of the attendees are Seinfeld-ignorant.

    Heather: Um, well I was planning to send a limo to pick you up ;-)

    Actually, I invited everyone in my Festivus At Bone's entry.

  14. That's the best damn pole I've ever seen.
    Are girls allowed to get poles that are that big??

  15. My first ever contest--or post dedicated to anybody in the blogosphere. Who better to do it for than Bone?

  16. Okay - I'm so out of practice at reading and leaving comments, I got confused and wrote my comment about the festivus pole on the previous post. Sorry!

    Nice pole. :-)

  17. Meghan: I have no idea how to even begin to answer that question.

    Pia: Thanks, Pia! :-) Just please don't pick "A Boy Named Sue." I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

    Cindy: Well that's what happens when you don't blog for a month ;-) (You were on the Delink Endangered list, btw.) Good to have you back.

  18. Darnit!
    I expected even a half ass attempt at answering. :)
    Foiled again.