Thursday, February 01, 2007

One man's dusting is another man's blizzard

Well, I'm on new Blogger now. Not by choice. I was forced to switch over, or never post on my blog again.

While attempting to sign in today, I was rather rudely informed that I would no longer be able to sign in using my old Blogger account. Apparently they have all the kinks worked out of the new Blogger. (Pause for laughter.) And now they are requiring everyone to switch over.

Nevermind that new Blogger is not able to be imported to WordPress. Or that it seems to have even more issues than old Blogger. Or that after I switched, several of my comments are now showing up as anonymous.

This must be what it feels like to live under a totalitarian regime.

Blogger: The North Korea of the Blogosphere. (Copyright 1999-2007, Google.)

It snowed!


Last night!

Sure, it was in the forecast. But it's been in the forecast before. To wit, one of the local weathermen has predicted snow three times in the last week. This despite the fact I don't think it has snowed here three times in the past five years.

Shortly after midnight, I looked out the window to see if it was doing anything yet. And it was! Snow was falling. Like beautiful flakes of crystalized ice come down from heaven. I put on jeans, an old sweatshirt, socks and shoes, and ran downstairs and outside, knowing it might not last long.

Have I mentioned how much I love snow before? Well, perhaps here. And maybe here. And I suppose this might have given some clue. But if you didn't already know, I love the snow! It's beautiful and inspiring, exhilarating and peaceful, all at once.

I tried to take some pictures. Taking pictures of the snow at night is not the easiest thing. Not to mention the weird feeling that came with using the flash at 1:00 in the morning. This is about the best one I got:

The snow was a long-awaited, wonderful treat. It fell for about an hour, covering the rooftops and most of the cars. I stayed up until after 1:30 watching it, until it changed over to sleet.

This morning when I woke up, the sleet had changed to rain. And the snow was all but gone. I felt like Moses on Mount Nebo. As if I'd been given a glimpse of the promised land, but never got a chance to play in it.

Still, having seen it's majestic beauty, I can now die in peace.

"If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world..."


  1. ok so i cant seem to post a comment to your 3ww so ill post it here!

    ok so this is so me... "a bitter wind smacked me in the face and literally made me take a step back." Especially today and yesterday!!! Loved the post and unfortunately I've heard this story line a few always, great job!

    as for this one...well snow is great...while its falling...;)If you'd move to wisconsin you would have snow more then 3 times a year...and you would know what cheese curds are!

    Incase this comes up as Annon. *From the blistering cold of wisconsin...TAG

  2. his must be what it feels like to live under a totalitarian regime.

    Blogger: The North Korea of the Blogosphere. (Copyright 1999-2007, Google.)


    One man's dusting...

    Bone I want a report about the inner workings of your mind

    Too funny

  3. Awwwww, I'm so excited for you! I know how much you've been looking forward to getting some snow! That's total excitement. :) Congratulations! You're like a cute, excited little kid: fabulous.

    Sorry about blogger... I feel your pain.

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  5. I was so aggrivated tonight because I noticed that all the lovely snow of last night was almost completely melted off. :(

    But when I left a wedding shower tonight, it had started snowing again! :)

    I'm sorry that you're not having any luck in the snow department. I'd offer to share mine, but I'm not sure FedEx could get it there fast enough. Thanks for sharing your picture, though. Writer extraordinaire, fashion consultant, photographer. You're a man of many talents, Sir Bone.

    PS - LOVE the new digs! Even if the new blogger does have so many problems.

  6. Someone had built a 7 foot snow man in my neighborhood today! I took a pic with my cell phone if you can believe that! Also, remember color-coded curbs? Well, I had a new idea today to help mail people who work in the Ghetto... after tracking down my girlfriend there last week. Hmmm that doesn't read quite right. She works for the post office and delivers mail to part of the Ghetto. That's the clarifying info needed for that. LOL Oh, by the way, thanks for the advice last week. I'm going to start calling you "The Ladies Man".

  7. ATag: Thanks! I do love cheese :) And snow, as well. I wonder if I could get tired of snow. Hmm...

    Pia: Oh, I think that might be a bit frightening :)

    Thank you.

    TC: Thanks :) This blogger thing has been horrible. When I switched over, my comments wouldn't work. So I've spent four hours making a new template and adding all my links to the sidebar.

    Elizabeth: Thank you. Oh and you forgot, cowboy's sidekick :)

    JavaBooBoo: Long time, no comment. Great to see you around again.

    7-foot snowman?! You guys must have gotten a bit more snow than we did.

  8. Cool! I woke up to huge snowflakes too. It quit about noon and its just been teeth chattering cold.

    Are you still having problems commenting on our site!? It's got to be a blogger thing... i'm sorry!

  9. I like your new layout...very manly :-)

    I love the snow too!! It's so peaceful!! I want to move to the snow :-)

  10. Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!! Your new posts are finally showing up on BLOGLINES!!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!! (I thought I'd try to share with you at least one good thing about New Blogger...I'll come visit more often! How 'bout that??
    I was up at 1 AM too...watching for the snow. It was beautiful! I woke up at 5 AM to see it again (and they canceled school for it...yay!). I went back to bed, and when I woke up at (undisclosed time) it was all gone...rained away. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but want a little more!!
    Why don't you try Haloscan commenting? They store your comments on their servers and you won't lose 'em. I love Haloscan. word verification (a pain in the patoot!)

  11. Oh that's right... I tried to post here earlier but stupid blogger wouldn't let me!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the snow. I should send you some more.

  12. finally! i couldn't post. THIS is why i am afraid to make the switch. i know some day they will force me and in my overactive imagination my blog combusts and i lose touch with all my blogger friends AND lose all my (2 yrs) of posts!


    p.s i love snow too.

  13. Kerry: No, everything appears to be working fine now :) I'm sure it was just a blogger issue.

    Arlene: Aww, thank you. That's me, manly :)

    Jennifer: Sounds like you guys got a bit more snow than us.

    If Blogger continues to have issues, I think I'm just gonna move to Wordpress. I hear good things about it.

    Renee: Yeah, my comments broke when I switched over to the new blogger. You guys still have snow?

    Sizzle: I don't blame you! I've bene at this computer for nearly six hours now. Had to create a whole new template before my comments would start working again. I wonder why you haven't had to switch yet?

    I backed up my last four months of posts in text files. And I had imported the rest to Wordpress a few months ago. So I'll use that as sort of a backup, I guess.

    I'd die if I lost everything I'd written.

  14. Yes we still have snow. We've only been able to see parts of the grass a few days since the first Dec blizzard. Then this morning we were getting more snow.

    I went to get the mail at 6pm and we had about 3 inches of new snow out there. I'll have to go shovel in the morning if I want it to melt off the driveway...that is if we get any sun.

  15. Yay for you and your snow!! I've learned that size is relative, so if you want this to be a blizzard, it's a blizzard!!

    We were supposed to get 1-2 inches last night...woke up, nuthin!

    However, what may explain it, is that today is Ground Hogs day and early spring is on it's way. It's true!

  16. I love this simile:

    I felt like Moses on Mount Nebo. As if I'd been given a glimpse of the promised land, but never got a chance to play in it.

    I could see me using this in regular conversation! *chuckles*

    It hasn't truly snowed here in Houston, but I keep hoping it will. It's been cold enough to make it happen. Maybe I need to make ice offerings to the gods for such an event to occur.

  17. I love that the College Bball score board is back up!

  18. Oh no! I have to switch? Given all the problems I had over at my old blog, I'm scared about this switch and that it will give me grief...well, we'll see what happens.

    Cool about the snow! I hate to sound stupid, but I didn't know that you got snow...I thought you were in an area of Al that was too warm for snow. Glad it snowed for ya!

  19. De nada.

    Glad to hear you have those archives saved... as I haven't made it through all of them yet.

    I really do like the way it looks now: the green and gray look amazing together.

    I'm just sorry it took so long to work around! I think you had it worse than I did and I was frustrated as it was.

    How long did the snow last for you?

  20. Ah, see, you should have got out when you were able. Better do it can copy over manually before there's too much.

    It snowed here yesterday afternoon, and my kids got to play in it. Then it snowed again last night but nothing stuck to the roads.

  21. Renee: I hope you've built at least a couple of snowmen this year :)

    Carnealian: Yeah, I heard P. Phil did not see his shadow this morning.

    Zeus: I hope that you get some, too. How often does it snow there?

    Lindsy: But, of course. March Madness is just around the corner.

    Chickadee: I think "officially" we average an inch or two a year. But this is the first time we've gotten more than a couple of flurries in three or four years, I think.

    They say the larger your blog, the more likely you are to have problems.

    TC: I would guess it snowed somewhere between an hour and two.

    Lass: Surely, WP will be able to import from New Blogger soon. And how does Dallas get more snow than we do? :)

  22. I forgot it was GHD until I saw that comment...

    Oh, I didn't mean how long did it snow, I meant how long did the snow LAST? Do you still have it or did it melt already?

  23. I haven't been around lately, traveling without internet!!!! But I'm back now.

    So glad you got snow, it's it great?

  24. Yes, dear Bone, Blogger is being very pushy about this. Switch or ELSE!!!(reminds one of "red or dead" eh?)

    Oh, and I think all bloggers know my feelings regarding the white, fluffy manna from heaven. :)

    rejoicing with you,
    circe :)

    Tag--I know what cheese curds are! But I have TBC from New Yawk to thank for that introduction.

  25. In the future, as I shovel, I'll put it in bags and ship it to you. :)

  26. I love that song but it makes me terribly sad...

  27. so far I'm still holding out with the old blogger! but I'm noticing more and more are being forced to change, am I next?

  28. TC: No, it was gone by morning. The rain washed it away :-/

    Hotpinksox: Yes! I love it!

    Circe: Oh, that's right. You're the one who posted pics of her snowman :)

    Carmen: You're getting snow, too?!

    Kate: It's a beautiful song. Sorry that it makes you sad :(

    Sage: I'm not sure how they're choosing who goes and who stays.

    Stay strong!

  29. Awww, sorry.

    I'm just happy that you got to experience it, even for a little while. :)