Tuesday, February 20, 2007

24 Recap: 2/19/07

This show has more twists than a 1961 sockhop! Very good episode tonight. So let's get right to it. Recapping Day Six: 3:00 PM -4:00 PM...

On the run from Jack's father's men, Milo and Marilyn hide behind some dumpsters, and are found. Milo gets shot (SPF: 1) in the shoulder trying to cover Marilyn. The men have been instructed to bring Marilyn back alive. They're about to shoot Milo when Jack shows up, blows two of them away, and disarms the third one, who we come to know as Hacker.

Jack grabs Marilyn by the throat and asks why she helped Gredenko set him up. She confesses that it was Jack's father who called her. And that he threatened to kill Josh if she didn't comply. After she reveals Gredenko's real location, aka Leningrad East, Jack has a CTU team sent there. Then he has Hacker call Jack's father and say that he's apprehended Marilyn, but that she won't give up Gredenko's location until she sees her son. Jack's father tells Hacker to bring Marilyn to his hotel.

Down in the boiler room, Tom brings Reed a copy of the President's itinerary. Reed says he needs Tom to give security clearance to an outside operative who will "carry the ball." (Which is evidently White House lingo for "kill the President.") Tom is afraid everything will be traced back to him, but Reed assures him all the blame will be placed on Asaad. While they're talking, Palmer calls and asks to see Tom.

At CTU, Morris, apparently still suffering from Post Torture Depression, goes out for a walk. He purchases some whiskey and Altoids at a liquor store, downs half the bottle of whiskey, then appears to throw up. When he returns to CTU, both Chloe and Milo smell it on his breath (the alcohol, that is), but Morris assures Chloe he is sober.

In the bunker, Tom is surprised when Palmer asks for his input on Asaad's speech. And when Palmer likes all his suggestions, Tom appears to be having qualms about the assassination plot. When he returns to the boiler room (aka Reed's office), Tom assures Reed that the security clearance is in the works. As soon as Reed leaves, Tom calls a secret service agent and says he needs to meet with him immediately. When Tom opens the door to leave, Reed is waiting for him and whacks him over the head.

In the stairwell of Jack's father's hotel, Jack receives a text message informing him that CTU agents found Gredenko's safe house empty. Jack, Marilyn, and Hacker enter Jack's father's room and also find it empty. The phone rings. It's Jack's father, telling them to look out the window. He is on the roof of an adjacent building holding a gun on Josh. Jack offers himself in exchange for Josh. Jack's father accepts.

Inside a room on the roof of the other building, Jack's father has Jack get on his knees facing away from him. As he raises his gun towards Jack, he says, "It didn't have to end like this." Jack says he had to go his own way, apologizes to his father, then says he is ready. (I honestly thought Jack's father might turn the gun on himself here.) When no shot comes, Jack turns around and finds his father gone.

Outside, Jack sees a cell phone on the ledge. There is a text message on the screen instructing him to call a number. (Text message count for the hour: Jack 2, Bone 0.) He does so and Charles Logan (President from Season 5) answers. Logan, now sporting facial hair, says he can help find Gredenko and tells Jack he wants to meet.

The good:
The final scene with Jack, Jack's father, and the Logan twist.

Tom showing some integrity. And then Reed whacking him just as he is about to uncover the whole plot. Typical 24.

Jack showing up just in time to save Milo and Marilyn.

Milo continuing to emerge as someone we can count on.

The bad:
No Fayed.

No explosions.

Best line:
"Dad, I'm unarmed!" Simply for all the implications that go along with that statement.

SuperAgent 101:
When apprehending a hostel, force them to their knees, have them put their hands behind their head, and be sure to have them interlace their fingers. This is vital... for some reason.

SuperAgent 099:
Jack: "Do you know how to use this?"
Marilyn: "No."
Jack: "Point and shoot."

Did you know...
Altoids is the preferred breath mint of recovering alcoholic CTU agents everywhere.

"Call your sponsor."

"He didn't metabolize the alcohol." What!? Who says that?

Why did Jack's father not shoot him? (Other than the fact Jack is the star of the show, of course.)

Where is Audrey?

"Join the mob, join the mob. It's all over. It's all over. It's all over. There's a leak, there's a leak, in the boiler room..."


  1. I liked the metabolize line too. The first thing I thought was, "Can't they say swallow on t.v.?"

    And I love how all Tom needed was a little pat on the head and suddenly he's unwilling to kill the president. Earth to Tom - you're a fuckwit. Show some backbone.

  2. When he returns to the boiler room (aka Reed's office)

    I've totally been thinking the same thing!

    I personally hated the scene with Jack & his Dad. (Not that I watched or anything...) I don't get why Jack was apologizing to him: he's holding a gun to your head, he just threatened to kill your nephew - his grandson - and he killed your brother. NOT to mention the fact that he's helped bring about this entire mess. Minor details, Jack, apologize away... (Hmmm, this doesn't look good for my statement that I didn't watch it...)

  3. From what I know of law enforcement, interlacing the fingers makes it harder for the bad guy to reach for a weapon because they have to take the time to unlock their fingers. And the "on your knees" thing is so they can't run and/or kick the officer when s/he comes to cuff the perp.

    Haven't watched the show yet. Will watch it this weekend.

  4. Than a 1961 sock hop--twist---took me a sec to get it

    That's the brilliance of your writing all summed up in one small give away sentence

    I have nothing to say about 24 as it sits on the DVR, but if anything horrible happens to Lulu on GH, uh, Bone, you have to watch and tell me

  5. Brookelina: It was such a Chloe line. Tom is a bit like a little puppy, isn't he? :)

    TC: I mean, seriously, Reed spends more time in the boiler room than I do on the internet.

    I'll agree it wasn't a great scene. I had the same questions. Why is Jack apologizing? Why didn't his father shoot him? I guess unless your father has killed your brother, threatened to kill your nephew, and has a gun pointed at you, it's impossible to know :)

    Xinh: Well, I was mainly referring to the interlacing of fingers. Jack pays such attention to detail :)

    Pia: Did you watch GH yesterday? They showed most everyone that I can remember was in there, except for Lulu. I think she'll be OK.

  6. This show has more twists than a 1961 sockhop!

    HA HA!

    There was a surprise shooting on Heroes last night. And Hiro got his powers back. And Claire went off on her dad and called him out for being a bad guy. And Sylar is freaking me out. I'm afraid he's going to hurt Mohinder. And Peter showed the true reach of his powers. I think Peter is going to have to go up against Sylar again before this is all said and done. He and Claire may be the only two that are able to stop him.

  7. "He didn't metabolize the alcohol."


  8. thanks for not saying that you laughed at my bike riding. you can laugh all you want to...I just don't wanna hear about it.

    And that was very sweet for you to convert my miles/per/hour. I would have never made it for an hour. lol

    I've seen other bikers (real ones) do that hill with no problems. Maybe I should ride the bike more often and one day make it up the hill..."I think I can...I think I can"

  9. Altoids is the preferred breath mint of recovering alcoholic CTU agents everywhere.

    It's the preferred breath mint of putas everywhere. Especially ginger.

    Thanks for confirming that God's away on business. Must be big :)

  10. Lass: Thanks for the recap. I believe I have the only 24 recap that also features a Heroes recap in the comments :)

    Hotpink: Yes, it was. Classic Chloe.

    Renee: I think you wanted us to laugh ;) Now I'm picturing you pedaling slower and slower, saying "I think I can, I think I can." Come on, little engine, you can do it :)

    Pia: I wondered if you'd get the Tom Waits lyric :)

  11. I hate the fact that good plot lines are already ruined with their previews for next week. I also dislike Chloe... I know you feel differently... but she is so annoying.

    I love the show, and that Josh now knows what an ass his grandfather is. Maybe they will have another face off. And as much as I disliked Tom, I was happy to see him come around, and sad to see him pistol whipped.

    Ok... I have read, commented and acknowledged that I havent forgotten about you or your blog... happy? :)

  12. Nice recap and all but my mind still goes back to GH. For some reason, I'm more into that than I've been into 24, sad but true.

    But I will say that this past 24 was one of the better ones.

  13. Your wish for Mrs. Logan to return might actually happen! :)

    (ok- maybe not...but we can hope!)

  14. Tom is such a weasel and I'm not too found of Chloe...just not a lot of personality there.

  15. BE: It'll be interesting to see how the assassination plot plays out. I think it will be thwarted. But how?

    Heather B: Well, GH has definitely been exciting here lately. I'm just glad Elizabeth finally told Jason the baby was his :)

    Mayden: I know! I didn't care for Logan as a President, but this is sure an interesting twist.

    Kontan: What Chloe lacks in personality (which is a lot), she makes up for with unfailing loyalty :)

  16. Thanks for the recap bone (kiss kiss) ;)

  17. Ooommph.
    I'm such a 24 slacker.
    I don't think I've seen the last three weeks!
    At least not at the time they were televised. Thank goodness for Tivo, internet and your recaps, Mr. Bone.

    Maybe I'll actually be able to WATCH the next one. Wanna give me reminders??

  18. Girl FPS: You're welcome.

    Avery Laine: Sure, I'm currently reminding like three people to watch :)