Tuesday, February 13, 2007

24 Recap: 2/12/07

A special two-hour 24 on my birthday! Coincidence? I think not!

We are introducing a new feature this week. The Splatterage Factor, or SPF, will rate shootings from 1-10 (10 being the best) based on... well, I think you'll see once we start. Recapping Day Six: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM...

On the way to Fayed's (kind of like on the way to Grandma's, except not), Morris tells Rita what McCarthy is really up to. (No wonder I didn't recognize the actress playing Rita. She was in Gigli. Who saw that?) At her next opportunity, she shoots and kills McCarthy (SPF: 4). She then delivers Morris to Fayed with plans on keeping the $7 million all for herself.

Fayed has Morris tortured. They play human pinata with him and also have him involuntarily bob for apples in an empty tub (talk about cruel). Finally, as Fayed begins drilling a hole in Morris' shoulder for the second time (SPF: 9!), he gives in and programs the trigger. At some point during the torture, Fayed kills Rita. I had a feeling she was gone as soon as she shot McCarthy.

Jack and the cavalry arrive for the Gunfight At The Fayed Safehouse. They get there just in time to save Morris and miss Fayed. They find one suitcase nuke that Fayed has left behind, set to go off in three minutes. Chloe talks Jack thru how to dismantle it, which he does with seconds to spare.

Back in DC, Asaad has arrived and Palmer talks him into appearing on television and appealing to American Muslims for help. Meanwhile, Tom throws a hissy fit and decides to resign since Palmer has rejected all of his radical proposals. But later, his sidekick, Reed, talks him out of it. The two of them meet in a secret location, which looks a lot like the boiler room underneath my old middle school gym. Reed talks of "removing Palmer."

Back at CTU, Marilyn and Josh, Graem's wife and son, are brought in, where Bill tells them Graem died of a heart attack. Marilyn shows little emotion. Jack later apologizes to her, and she confesses she had been trying to leave Graem for years, but he told her she'd never see Josh again if she left. She also later alludes to a past between her and Jack, saying she's been trying not to think of him for the past twenty years.

Jack asks her if she remembers anything that might help in finding the nukes. She says she followed Graem out one night. He went to a house in West LA. Listening from outside, she heard voices with a Russian accent. Jack figures that must be where Gredenko is. So he, Marilyn, and Milo are going to try to find the house.

Before they leave, Jack's father asks Marilyn what's going on. He then asks her if he can take Josh home with him. She says OK. As Jack and Marilyn are on their way to find Gradenko, Jack's father calls her and tells her if she ever wants to see Josh alive, she'll lead Jack to the address he gives her. She does.

Jack and CTU agents enter the house as Milo and Marilyn wait in the CTU van, which looks a lot like a UPS truck. The house is empty, except for a couple of boxes... and a bomb. Jack spots it, yells "Bomb!" and jumps thru a window just as it explodes. He radioes for any CTU agent, but there's no response. Man, these CTU field teams are dropping like flies. No wonder they're always shorthanded.

A car comes out of an alley and goes after Milo and Marilyn. Milo is manhandling that UPS truck, until he hits a concrete wall. Under heavy fire, he tells Marilyn to get out and hide behind the truck. Then he sets off a bomb for cover as he and Marilyn take off running. And the UPS truck is no more.

The good:
Milo! In the field. Booyah!

The Morris drill bit. Pun intended.

Marilyn. More Rena Sofer, please! With no Audrey, and little Nadia, the hotness factor had been lacking thusfar this season.

Multiple explosions, splatterings, and Jack in a chopper. All 24 staples.

Repeat after me. No. Sandra. Palmer. For two whole hours! Happy birthday to me!

The bad:
Anything I list here would be nitpicking. Tonight was money!

Best line:
"CTU, this is Bauer, we have a problem." (Jack, upon finding the suitcase nuke.)

One of those awkward times when you don't know what to say:
Chloe to Jack: "I'm really glad Fayed didn't kill you this morning."

Did you know...
The actress who played Rita was in Gigli. No wonder I didn't recognize her. Who saw that?

Who is the guy Reed keeps calling on his cell phone?

Why couldn't Morris stall for just two more minutes while programming the trigger to allow Jack and CTU time to get there?

Will they leave Milo in the field? I hope so!

"Bail out, goodbye. Take my chances, I don't wanna die. Count ten, just pray. The nick of time can save me any day..."


  1. I hate to admit that I've failed you this week. I was too swamped with work and other things to do to watch 24. :(

    I did, however, TIVO it and caught bits and pieces here and there. Like the drill scene - which made me cringe and make noises I was glad no one was around to hear. shudder

    Your recaps are so wonderful that I wasn't even going to worry about watching it; but you've convinced me that this week's show the greatest thing since sliced bread! I guess I know what I'm doing when I get home from work today!

    Thanks for doing this every week! It must be grueling, especially with a two hour show. I love how you sacrifice for your readers! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Do you ever read Dave Barry's 24 commentary? It's on his blog...and it's funny :)
    I have never watched 24...when a show is in a series, I refuse to start in the middle, no matter what. The only way I'll ever watch it is if someday I watch all the old episodes, say on DVD, and get completely up to speed...THEN I'll watch...I don't know when that'll ever happen...

  3. I actually DVR'd it.

    Coincidence that it was a two hour one on your birthday?

    On the way to Fayed's (kind of like on the way to Grandma's, except not)

    Great phrase

  4. I did not enjoy the Morris drill bit (though I did like the pun)... it definitely got a 9 on the SPF scale.

    So, no Sandra was great... but what's going on with Wallid?

  5. Elizabeth: Thanks. I would recommend watching this week's show. Overall, I think it may have been the best show of the season so far.

    Jennifer: Thank you! Let's see, if you start tonight and watch non-stop, you could probably watch the first five seasons and have a few hours to spare before next Monday's episode ;-)

    EoO: Thank you.

    Pia: Well again, if you were gonna watch one week, this would be a good one to watch :)

    Thanks. I try to add a little humor to the reviews.

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Chica: Yeah, that was a bit graphic. Loved it! :)

    So, um, let's see. This makes three weeks in a row for you? ;-)

    I'm sure Walid and Sandra will be back soon. Actually, I thought last week how ironic would it be if Sandra saved her brother, or saved the country.

    And contrary to popular belief, I am in no way affiliated with the Fox network :)

  6. I got home late rom work and missed the first hour then I thought to myself, "myself don't worry Bone will post a recap". Thanks for the update.

  7. Wow! Sounds like a happy birthday for you. Dh got to watch Nanny McPhee last night in a quiet night at home. He didn't complain and even commented on it. LOL Lucky for him he gets to stretch out the celebrating all week. Valentines tomorrow and on Friday the anniversary of the day he proposed to me. I think that's still a celebration. ;o)

    Oh weird. I just realized that Darly had/has gymnastics on his birthday, more gymnastics on Valentines and even more gymnastics on Friday (make up day because I spaced out for MLK day!)

  8. Well, a very happy birthday to you, Sir Bone.

    And it sounds like it was a very eventful 24. Why the two hour special?

    Do you take notes while you watch this show?!?!

  9. This makes three weeks in a row for you? ;-)

    Do not go there, Bone. I will go cold turkey if need be...

  10. All I could say at the end of the show was,
    "Thank God Jack's mom is dead already!" (I'm guessing she is)
    I'm not sure I could take another member of that family! What- was Jack the white sheep in Satan's family? Yikes!

    LOL- the "SPF" factor! I doubled over when the drill went in...ugh!
    That was awful! :0

    Happy Birthday Bone...
    and your last post was poignant~
    I woke up this morning wondering about "25" years down the road.
    Life will surely be differnt then-
    Hope the next decade is the most joyful one for you yet~

  11. HotPink: Well, I'm glad I'm able to provide a safety net for your 24 viewing :)

    Renee: So, what did you wind up getting him? I mean, besides letting him watch Nanny McPhee ;-)

    Blondie: Thanks, Miss Blondie. Yes, I take notes while I'm watching O:) What? I have to, so I don't forget anything.

    TC: OK, OK. Sorry. Pretend I never said it :-)

    Mayden: Yeah, Jack has some minor family issues :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  12. Pretend I never said it :-)

    What, no halo?


    Besides, from my comment, you have no real proof that I watched it... I could have just gone off your post and made comments that I thought sounded reasonably intelligent...

  13. Well he said that he wanted nothing, so I bought him a card and gave that to him....

    but I also found two nice shirts during my shopping spree and got those for him too...but I didn't wrap them or present them to him as a gift. I just left them on the bed for him to find. He knew that we went shopping so he could be thinking that we just picked those up because they were on sale or he could be thinking that they were a gift.
    He seemed pretty determined to not allow the gift thing. So I guess his gift was no gift. But we made him some brownies too.

  14. Ok, so I didn't want Rita to get killed because I wanted to beat her to death myself. Stupid greedy bitch.
    And I thought the same thing about Morris - a little more stalling please. Jack was tortured for 2 years...you lasted 2 minutes. Sissy!

    I kid. I love Morris.

    Questions: Could Jack's father be any more of a bastard? Do you think they have enough bad guys? Shouldn't Jack be really really tired by now - considering he just got tortured for 2 years? And let's not forget the flight from China - enough to bring the average man to his knees on his best day.

    Do you watch Prison Break too? I love having the two-hour show, but I missed my boys!

  15. Thanks for the recap(looking for
    '24' recaps is how I found your neat little blog),other places(like tv.com)are a little to slow with the recaps(I'm addicted to 24 and have to read the recaps,even though I won't be able too see it until the dvds come out).

  16. update: dh thanked me for the shirts. I told him that we had decided to check out the clearance rack in the men's section and he said "yeah, really good deals." And he enjoyed his brownie this evening too.

  17. hey! What did you get for your bday???

  18. TC: You could have, but we all know you watched :) So ya stealing my halos now?

    Renee: Sounds good. I would definitely like brownies for my birthday :) Um, I got a CD, Saved By The Bell Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD, a pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, a frisbee golf disc, a book, and a few other things.

    Brookelina: Yeah, Morris lasted longer than I thought he would. And yes, Jack should be extremely tired. From the jet lag, if nothing else. I expect him to catch a nap any hour now :)

    No, I don't watch Prison Break. I watched it a couple of times the first season.

    Girl FPS: You're welcome. I try to post it Monday night or Tuesday morning :) Why can't you watch it?

  19. wait... its WED... I came for the words darn it! lol

    Happy Wed and happy bd!

  20. You could have, but we all know you watched :)

    *raised eyebrow*

    We all know this huh? Sure about that? ;)

    And yep, I don't think you deserve them...

    Speaking of SBTB, where are my trivia questions?!?!

  21. I'm not really sure why I can't get my tv to pick up any thing ,but a religous channel,it used to pick up every thing,(like some cable channels),than about five years ago it picked up nothing(though their is nothing wrong the tv).Anyhow,at least renting dvds lets you watch it all a once(which helps you keep trak of things a little easiser,for'Lost'dvds's sure help),instead of having to wait a week for a bit here and a nother week for a bit there(that's a lot of teasing, if the show is good). p.s I do still need read reacps though(because I'm addicted)

  22. Kate: Thank you!. Sorry I was a tad late with the words.

    TC: I love SBTB! When I start watching the DVD's, I may have some trivia for you :)

    Girl FPS: That's odd. Well, glad to have you reading anyway. Maybe the recaps can tide you over until the DVD's come out :)

  23. That's good, cuz you only ever gave me one question, and well, we all know how patient I am...

  24. Yes,I think, sweety pie you and your recaps should tide me over nicely :)

  25. The beauty of 24 is that a character does something completely out of left field and you're sitting there on the couch, mouth agape, thinking "Oh no, s/he didn't!"

    I remember Missy Crider (Rita) from this tv show on Fox called "The Others." I wish it had lasted longer. And she had a small part in Frailty, which was an excellent movie.

  26. Yeah,xinh,'Frailty' was an excellent movie,espeicaly since I was not expecting it.

  27. TC: What question did I give you? Cos we all know how good of a memory I have...

    Girl FPS: Thanks.

    Xinh: Yep, the surprises and twists are 24 cornerstones. I googled Frailty. Powers Boothe was apparently in it, too :)

  28. Name of Bayside's key rivals... and as I'm sure you've also forgotten, I did get it right. ;)

  29. No, I remember you got it correct, actually :)

    I just didn't want to re-ask the same question. Hmm.