Wednesday, February 07, 2007

3WW #22

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday.

Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. This is a writing exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. The idea is to let your mind wander and write what it will. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Be sure to leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

From his seat atop the wooden stool, Carter Conway had a clear view across the street of his closest competitor and biggest rival. Lacey McCrary had been outside three times in the last twenty minutes, talking to her brother Evan. Smiling. Giggling. Something was going on over there. But what? Carter hated the secrecy.

But he couldn't worry about it now. It was early afternoon and sales had been extremely slow today. All week, actually. The summer sun forcing his eyes into a permanent squint, Carter tried to think of ways to drum up some business.

This was July, usually his busiest month. But not this year. Not with Evan putting in across the street. And that stupid Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand going up three streets over. Didn't anyone drink plain, refreshing, delicious lemonade anymore?

Maybe he was getting too old for the grind. Besides, there was probably some enterprising eight-year-old on the block ready to take over. Or maybe this street just wasn't big enough to support two lemonade stands. But then what would he do? He'd have to go back to delivering papers. He let out a long sigh. Being eleven shouldn't be this hard.

Carter's train of thought was broken when a door opened across the street. Lacey came out of the house again. This time she was carrying something in her arms. What was she carrying?

Carter watched intently as Evan got up and started writing something on his sign. When he was done, Carter could hardly believe his eyes. On the sign, just beneath the words "Lemonade 25 Cents," Evan had written: "Free Cookies."

That did it! Evan was upping the ante. Well, two can play at this game. Carter ran towards his house. With visions of Nestle Toll House cookies in his head, he burst through the front door calling, "Mom!"

"Let's call in sick, leave this town. Don't matter where we go, let's just go now.
I'm thirsty for a glass of lemonade..."


  1. Shortly . . as in like 10 PM? :)

  2. I'll have mine posted later today.

  3. I think I just may read others today.

  4. Oh! You!
    You had me going!
    I was so picturing this big small town rivalry of the old school hardware store versus the installation of a chain like Lowe's. Then you hit me with 11-yr old's and paper routes!

    Bone, you had a lemonade stand, didn't ya?
    TOO good!

    I could have NEVER come up with something like that for these words. I just keep picturing a poker player tossing in his ante, trying to secretly disguise his tells and drumming his fingers anxiously on the table. Trust you to come up with a completely, out-of-left-field, twist that makes me wonder how your mind works in such brilliant ways.

    LOVE it! and look at you posting RIGHT after you post your words !

  5. Sylvia: I'll be checking to see when you're done :)

    Dorothy: I understand. I've actually thought of at least taking a break for awhile myself. As I seem to be short on ideas for fiction lately.

    Elizabeth: Thank you. I may or may not have sold lemonade or kool-aid at some point during my formative years :)

    And don't think I've forgotten about your little 10 PM comment ;-)

  6. Elizabeth is right...that was so not the way I was thinking about those words. You're too good Bone...too good!

    and now I'm hungry for cookies. Darn you! LOL

  7. Awww, it was cute! I loved it!

    Sometimes, I honestly want to be a little kid again. With ALL the drama that only an eleven year old can truly appreciate and understand. :)

    And that stupid Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand going up three streets over. Didn't anyone drink plain refreshing, delicious lemonade anymore?

    You can be honest Bone, how many times did you say that when you were a kid? ;)

    Btw, I caved.

  8. hey another day as an old blogger! I don't know how I managed to do it. YIPPEE

  9. You can feel the suspense building as Jack and Mary trade cheap shots. The pounding of the war gets louder with each exchange. If someone doesn't soon find a way to lower the ante, World War 3 will begin.

    Okay, I just had to find a way to speak about "lowering" as opposed to "raising" the ante! This is my one attempt today to be counter-cultural. :)

  10. lol that was good!!! Mines posted...have fun...later!

  11. Renee: Thanks. And me, too! Hot, chewy, chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm...

    By the way, I bragged about my old blogger status in someone's comments. The next day, I was gone :)

    Traveling Chica: Thank you. We didn't know how good we had it back then, did we?

    Sage: Nicely done, counter-cultural blogger.

    Tag Along: Thanks for participating. I'll be by to read yours shortly.

  12. By the way, I bragged about my old blogger status in someone's comments. The next day, I was gone

    And don't think a part of me didn't want to laugh at you...


  13. Bone that was amazing

    Your mind never fails to astound me

    Yes, I think I have heard or read somewhere recently that eleven is a hard age :)

    Would have loved to have read the adult version--felt like a John O'Hara when he wasn't in NY story

  14. very cute piece, bone! certainly not what the reader is expecting.

    i'm working on mine ...

  15. What do you mean Bone!??! You don't think anyone "peruses" you butt...hum...body...;) You're probably getting more eye action then you think...Are you really 33?

    Glad you liked the story...and did you not see the line..."but it was his hands that I loved the most!"

  16. That was cute... and I love the name "Carter"... :)

  17. so sorry I missed it this week! I have a good story but no time to write it... oh well!


  18. I always end up reading these late! I feel like a bad blog commentator because I don't participate in your weekly shin-dig. I did, though, enjoy the story.

  19. TC: Mmhmm. And don't think I didn't know you wanted to laugh at me ;-)

    Pia: Thank you. Although I don't know about astound. Frighten, maybe :)

    What should I read by O'Hara, Appointment In Sammara, or something else?

    Alisonwonderland: Thanks. I'll be checking to see if you've posted yours.

    Tag Along: I did see that line, and almost commented on it, but figured my comment was long enough already :)

    And yes, I'm really 33.

    Shayna: Thanks! Good to see you around :)

    Kate: That's OK. Maybe you can participate again next week :)

    Zeus: Hey, better late than never! You should try it one week though :)

  20. I'm just an open book, I guess: bad poker face and all. ;)

  21. Ok - Here's my very first go at it.

    Let me know how I did.

  22. I figured my posting about it might be the trigger and sure enough the next day they were telling me to switch... but I think that I've figured out the trick...

    if I go log in by commenting on someone else's blog and then go post on mine...I'm already in and they can't catch me.

    Now watch, they'll see this and I'm toast!

  23. Renee: I'll be interested to know how long that works for you as I tried that and it didn't save me. :)

  24. I just noticed that I left out a word in mine--it should read: "The pounding of the war drum..."

  25. TC: So, do you really hate poker? Or was that just for the story?

    Sylvia: Thanks for participating. I left you a comment :)

    Renee: Hmm, I think I tried that. But it didn't work for me. Good luck. Hold out as long as you can :)

    Sage: Oh, I didn't know you had intended to use all 3 words. I believe you left out "secrecy" as well. lol

  26. I really suck at poker, Bone. I've had several (read: too many to count) people try to teach me to play and no matter what, I just can't get the hang of it.

    I play a mean game of Euchre though...

  27. Oh right, my post has been up, and thank you, Bone. 3WW has given me a whole new way to write.

    Never knew I could write fiction before. It's given me a new and better reason to blog :-)

  28. TC: Euchre? What's that? Like rummy? Spades? Guess there's no hope getting you hooked on the World Series Of Poker then ;-)

    DC: Thank ya!

    Pia: It's a nice change, I think. Something different to throw in once a week.

  29. Euchre is a game onto itself...

    But the most similiar game you listed would be Spades.

    Um, no, no chance of getting me hooked on WSoP.