Monday, February 05, 2007

Obligatory Super Bowl recap

Well, that sure was... the last game of the year.

What more could one say about a Super Bowl which featured eight turnovers and was often about as exciting as watching grass grow? I mean, there were a couple of exchanges where the players seemed to be playing hot potato with the football. Which would actually have been more entertaining.

And what can I say about Rex Grossman that some Chicago fan hasn't already said, and probably much more colorfully than I ever could? There was one time where, on consecutive plays, he tripped over his own feet and then fumbled a snap. Seriously, he was like a one-man Bad News Bears out there at times. I almost started to feel sorry for the guy by the end.

And is it just me, or is the Super Bowl starting to become more of a human interest story than a football game? Last year, we had Jerome Bettis winning his final game. This year, it's Manning and Dungy finally winning the big one after trying for years. And I could have sworn I kept hearing Katie Couric's voice over and over and over.

Normally, when the game itself is kind of blah, you can always count on the halftime show commercials to provide some entertainment. But not this year. I mean, when one of the best ads involves K-Fed, you know it's a bad year for Super Bowl commercials.

Although personally, I was intrigued to see the Izod and Van Heusen commercials. Is Izod back in?!?! And if so, how did I miss that? What's next, Jordache? From there, we're standing at the top of Acid-Washed Hill, looking down over Tight-Roll Valley. I've been there my friends, and that's one slippery slope.

And I love Prince. But is the Super Bowl halftime show ever any good? And is it really necessary to hire hundreds of people every year to jump up and down and wave their arms in the air? I mean, is anyone sitting there watching thinking, this halftime show kinda sucks, but all those people are jumping and yelling, so it must be good.

Thankfully, Animal Planet was running Puppy Bowl III Sunday, which I found surprisingly hard to turn away from. It featured Bowl Cam, a camera located in the bottom of a clear water bowl, as well as a kitty halftime show. And a lone referee occasionally throwing flags and calling penalties on the puppies. It was engrossing.

After the game, someone was flipping channels and wound up on the Fuse network. Now I don't get this channel on my cable. So imagine my surprise when I saw Jodie Sweetin in a tight-fitting, revealing referee jersey that she was wearing as a dress. She is the host of Pants-Off Dance-Off, which basically amounted to a PG-13 rated striptease competition.

Wow. Pin a rose on your... uh, nevermind.

"I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted to one time see you laughing..."


  1. I wish I would have known about the puppy bowl, I would have loved to catch a glimpse of that.

    I can't believe the Bears scored on the opening kick-off... only to go downhill from there.

    Glad you got a peep show to wrap up your evening with the boys.


  2. WE watched the puppy bowl too! It was so much fun. for those of you who missed it. Lots of good clean fun with no need for any kind of delay.

  3. My link got cut off! Stupid blogger.

    go to then animal planet then puppy bowl III

  4. From there, we're standing at the top of Acid-Washed Hill, looking down over Tight-Roll Valley. I've been there my friends, and that's one slippery slope.

    You are, by far, the funniest person I know. Only you would have put those two sentences together...

    I'm both in awe and scared to death (that you're right).

    I've never heard of the Puppy Bowl! It sounds so cute! I want a puppy...

    The game was horrible, the commercials were horrible, and while Prince is the best 1/2 time show they've had in awhile, it's still a joke. (Though the timing of Purple Rain might have been a classic.)

    Lets just say that I wasn't heartbroken about missing part of the first quarter when my nephew decided we needed to play with the train set instead of watch TV.

  5. i watched about 5 mins of the puppy bowl and then i missed my dog and changed the channel.

    does prince ever age? i don't get it!

  6. You crack me up, Mr. Bone. Seriously.

    As for Rex, well, didn't we all know that he was going to be the Colt's MVP. And, for that matter, wasn't he more deserving of the award than say - - Manning? I mean, really WHAT did Manning do besides effectively hand the ball to Rhodes and Addai??

    There's too much to comment on! I guess I'll avoid all the fashion traps, because my analysis would be far too lengthy and just go with: Ummm, what do you expect when the FCC makes Prince play all things G-Rated and slow. Prince isn't Prince without some "Get Off" or "P-Control" or even "Cream." "Purple Rain"? That's the best they could do?? Ooof.

  7. Ughm: I'd agree the opening kickoff was probably the most exciting play of the game.

    Renee: It was very cute. Made me laugh more than once. Especially the penalties and when they showed other puppies watching the game on TV.

    TC: Only you would have put those two sentences together...

    I can't argue with you there :)

    Sometimes I find interesting things flipping around the channels I rarely watch.

    Sizzle: You gotta hand it to him. He's still hanging in there with the hair and the 'stache :)

    Elizabeth: Wow, you sound so hardcore :)

    Yes, I think Rex should be allowed to be the Colts MVP. I meant to include something about that in my post. Glad you brought it up.

  8. It wasn't your imagination. Katie Couric was all over the pre-game show.

    Personally, I would've opted for the Puppy Bowl if I had been at home. I watched it last year too instead of watching the game. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home on Sunday and the place I was didn't get Animal Planet.

    The commercials that made me laugh out loud hysterically were the Bud Light commercials. The one with the Crabs worshiping the 2 Bud Lights in the cooler and the one where the guys play rock/paper/scissors for the last Bud Light and the one guy hits the other guy with a rock!!! I was practically on the floor with the rock one!!

    I was in a room where I was the only person rooting for the Colts so it was a bit intimidating but I felt vindicated at the end. Honestly, I didn't really care to root for one team over the other but that one picture of the Bears fan with the Katrina sign just really put me off so by default, I went with the Colts.

    During the half time show, I kept hoping that the 2 back up dancers would slip and fall on their assess (asses?), just to liven up the event.

  9. I totally agree with everything you said. I thought it was just me and the fact that I didn't care about either team that I thought the game was totally boring. And some of the commericals were funny, but nothing to write home about. I too made watching the Puppy Bowl III mandatory at my place. There were some serious control issues going on there with those puppies though. Kitties are always more fascinating to watch. I think we just need to go see Prince as Prince, not a PG-13 version. Did you see the "this is how big my johnson is" reference??? GEESH!

  10. i dont' know about the grey..

  11. I can't argue with you there :)

    Two things in one day you agree with me on? *raised eyebrow* Should we alert the... wait, who should we tell?

  12. Suck suckosity, Bone. That had to be the worst SB I've seen in ...well, ages. And not because the Bears lost, I just really didn't care and no one could hold onto the ball anyway. And the commercials just didn't have much pizazz either.

    I missed Puppybowl III with a kitty halftime??? Oh, now I am torqued! That sounds much more watchable and considerably more interesting.

  13. I have to say that I'm happy it's over. South Florida has been completely insane for the last two weeks - and that's saying something.

    24 ....counting down...

  14. Xinher: I didn't think the crab one was funny at all. But as usual, most of the decent ads were by the beer companies.

    Carnealian: No, I apparently didn't notice that. I saw something online about some possible controversy though.

    Yes, I don't like this singing five or six lines of each song crap.

    Alison: You don't like the grey? Too gloomy? Too boring? Too professional?

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Chica: Hmm, I'm not sure. Let's just keep track amongst ourselves for now.

    That's two :)

    Circe: I doubt anyone who wasn't a fan of the Bears or Colts found that game very interesting. Blame it on the rain, I guess.

    Maybe they'll replay Puppy Bowl :)

    Brookelina: Yes, 24 will be on soon, and all is well :)

  15. You're just in a bad mood.

    I'm glad the Colts won!


  16. Yea, the commercials and the half time show was very disappointing. I was not impressed with Prince's singing or the way he blended his songs together to form a lump of a chaotic noise.

    The one commercial I did enjoy was the doritos commercial...that was pretty funny.

  17. I looooove the puppy bowl. Forgot about it completely this year, though.

    Grossman sucks. Agreed.

    And it's true that the SB has turned into more of a human interest story than a game. But isn't it like that with EVERYTHING now-a-days??

    To be honest, I didn't think Manning deserved the MVP. Not sure why I think that, though. Maybe just to go against the grain.

  18. lol.. My kids liked the puppy bowl! loling

  19. Eileen: Nooooo! :) I was glad Dungy finally won. It was a rather poorly played game though, as Super Bowls go.

    Chickadee: There were three or four decent commercials. Seems like a few years ago, though, there would be one or two great ones in every break.

    Blondie: It seems the QB of the winning team often wins the MVP by default if no one other person really stands out.

    Kate: It was cute and funny. And addictive :)

  20. Sadly, I can't believe I got sucked in by the kitty halftime show. I don't know what it is, but the superbowl hasn't been exciting in years. Even the commercials were "eh" this year.

  21. Thanks for counting for me... I struggle with that some days you know. ;)

  22. I know that I left a comment about Prince peaking with Purple Rain, and I would rather be left with my memories of how everytime I entered somebody's apartment, Purple Rain was on, in the background or not, on MTV. Felt like the only thing that they played then

  23. See, I thought the game was good. Granted there were lots of turnovers, but that made it more exciting. Oh no! Oh gosh! Oh come on!

    What I hated was the pre-game Cirque de Soleil. It was retarded. Totally retarded. Weird parrot people, cheerleaders, fake fans, fake players. Totally retarded.

    And I liked Prince's show. And I thought some of the commercials were pretty good. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

  24. I didnt catch much of the first half of the game, but I settled down to watch about 3 minutes before half. Prince was good... and frankly the halftime entertainment hasnt been so hot since the wardrobe malfunction and the year they had Kid Rock and rappers perform... who were totally revolting. That was good! lol Prince was good though... and Kudos to him for doing it all in the Purple Rain!

    Also... that commercial K-Fed did! OMG! hahahahahahhaha

  25. Carmen: I couldn't agree more.

    TC: Sometimes I just don't know what to say to you.

    Pia: Yes. There was a Purple Rain movie, too. Seems like VH-1 played it a lot.

    Lass: Pre-game, halftime, postgame. It's all just a bunch of hype, I guess.

    Kerry: I think the halftime show is just way over-hyped, to the point that nothing could ever be that great or that big.

  26. Ouch?

    Guess I don't know what to say to that: lo siento.

  27. I had no idea about Puppy Bowl or Kitty Bowl. Unfortunately, even if I had known about it, I wouldn't have been allowed to watch since SuperBowl is a hallowed event in this house. I'm honestly thinking my pet is sadistic because with every Rex Grossman mishap, she laughed harder and longer until she finally just began predicting when it would happen.

    How Lovie sticks with that kid is beyond me.

    Yes, I'm on a first name basis with Lovie. Don't doubt it.

    He was crushed, though, when I had to pass along the message from my pet, stating: Rex Grossman is too ugly to win a SuperBowl; hence, Peyton will win.

    Now that's harsh.

  28. TC: I hate when you make me use babelfish :) And to think, I was Spanish Club President in high school.

    Zeus: How Lovie sticks with that kid is beyond me.

    Well said. Looks like at some point, he would at least try someone else. I mean, how much worse could they do?

  29. it was a terrible game. The two girls I live with were both rooting for the Colts and had spent good money on jersey's and stuff like that and I wanted to the Bears to win. I agree that half-time shows are never good. I was hoping that Prince would be good (I was disappointed with the Stones last year too), but I also like Prince (which may be a newflash to some folks) but you can have a concert with three songs which you blend a bunch of stuff together, and besides, Prince was about 8 years overdue for the Superbowl. It was the only game I watched all the way through--except for when I was making pizzas (dough from scratch) for the household.

  30. If you think grass growing is exciting I have something that'll knock your socks right off ;)

    oh yeah you know you'll get addicted.


    blogger formerly known as Rae >:P