Tuesday, February 27, 2007

24 Recap: 2/26/07

Tired of Bone's wise-cracking comments? Do you secretly despise 3 Word Wednesday? Sick of hearing about General Hospital and 24? And what's up with that name anyway? Bone? What kind of name is that? Well do I have good news for you!

The first ever Roast-A-Bone will be held right here this coming Thursday. It's where you, the reader, will have your chance to say whatever you want about any and all aspects of Bone's blogging, life, personality, and sexual orientation. So put your thinking caps on (whatever that means), and get ready to be funny. The first ever Roast-A-Bone is coming, Thursday, March 1, 2007!


Recapping tonight's episode, Day Six: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM...

Jack and Marilyn share a "touching" moment as he sees her and Josh off to CTU. He then calls Bill to order a chopper to take him to see Logan. We find out Logan is at his retreat under house arrest.

Fayed is riding in the back of an unmarked UHaul truck and (surprise!) he's on the phone with Gredenko again. Seriously, can we not trace these calls? Later, a shipment arrives at Branch Gredenko carrying something Gredenko refers to as "a drone" that the US government spent millions to develop. Gee, that narrows it down. I'm guessing this drone is going to be used to carry the nukes?

Reed brings in his outside operative, some guy named Carson, who easily clears security, despite the fact he's carrying materials to make a bomb. They go into Reed's office, aka the boiler room, where Tom has awakened and is bound with duct tape. I'm curious. If someone has a piece of duct tape across your mouth, could you conceivably lick it and produce enough saliva to make it unsticky? I may try an experiment later.

At CTU, Morris is having problems completing his daily tasks. Chloe comes over and discovers Morris has specificed the wrong slot assignment for his SIP adapter. Seriously, Morris. That's like forgetting to turn your speakers on. What are you doing over there, playing spider solitaire? Chloe becomes suspicious Morris is drinking and steals his AA sponsor's number from his PDA. She calls the sponsor and leaves a voice mail.

Out at Camp David West, Logan tells Jack he's a changed man and that he can help find Gredenko. He gives Jack the name Anatoli Markhov, the Russian Consul General, who Logan says is Gredenko's liaison. Jack tells Logan he doesn't trust him. Logan responds, "If you want to find Gredenko, maybe it's time you start." Jack calls Palmer and asks for an executive order granting a temporary furlough, so that Logan can meet with Markhov. Palmer reluctantly agrees.

In the boiler room, Carson is making a bomb out of a tape recorder. Boy, those Walkmans have come a long way. Is it Walkmans or Walkmen? Reed seems to be having second thoughts about the assassination attempt. Carson wants to kill Tom as well, but Reed talks him out of it. When he's done, Carson gives Reed the detonation code. He tells him the bomb will explode fifteen seconds after he enters the code and that it has a ten foot kill radius.

Back at CTU, Nadia is becoming suspicious of Morris and accuses Chloe of covering for him. The AA sponsor returns Chloe's call and says she hasn't spoken with Morris in three years. Chloe goes into the men's room to confront Morris, and bursts into his stall! (Editor's note: Ladies, please, PLEASE, NEVER do this! That is a sanctified place.)

Chloe tells Morris she called his sponsor, and he claims that was his old sponsor. When Chloe leaves, Morris goes over to the sink and pours out half a bottle of whiskey. Then leaves without flushing or washing his hands! Where is the "All CTU Employees Must Wash Their Hands Before Leaving Restroom" sign? Also, some guy tries to come in and Chloe says, "Not now." I find it funny that CTU is shorthanded, yet there are basically three people in the men's room at once.

Finally, Reed leaves the boiler room and plants the tape recorder in the podium where Assad is to speak. Then he goes outside and enters the detonation code. Assad and Palmer are in the room. Assad is at the podium and notices fluid leaking from the recorder. He yells bomb an instant before it goes off. The episode ends with Assad and Palmer lying motionless on the floor.

Overall, tonight's episode was kinda blah by 24 standards. It all pretty much built towards the bomb going off at the end. But I guess when you consider an episode that ends with an assassination attempt blah, you must have a decent show.

The good:
The explosion at the end.

No Sandra and Walid for the third week in a row!

The bad:
No Milo. You can't make us like him, then not include him in an entire episode.

Very little Jack.

Very little Fayed.

The Morris alcoholic thing is already starting to get old.

Best scene:
The closing scene with Assad yelling "Bomb!" and the explosion.

Worst scene:
Marilyn and Jack's "touching" moment. Jack touches her face like he's trying to wipe a bit of mustard off her cheek. It felt rushed, forced, and just plain awkward.

Did you know...
Anatoli is the sixth most popular Russian boy name, trailing Vladimir, Ivan, Boris, Sergei, and Mikhail. (Source: The Pocket Kremlin.)

Svetlana is the most popular Russian girl name. (Source: russianbrides.com.)

Fun Trivia:
What do Charles Logan, Martha Stewart, Jose Canseco, and Galileo have in common?

They've all been under house arrest at some point.

Will Logan prove trustworthy?

Are Assad and Palmer alive? If I had to guess, I'd say Palmer is alive. I'm not so sure about Assad. His story really hasn't been going anywhere lately anyway.

Where is Audrey? Something is up, people. There's going to be a twist involving Audrey. I can feel it!

"You dropped a bomb on me, baby. You dropped a bomb on me..."


  1. Thanks,that was fast,(kiss kiss) ;) . CA,time. 11:27pm

  2. That scene between Jack and Marilyn at the beginning almost had me turning off my TV, I gotta admit. I wasn't impressed.

    I want Milo back. Seriously, need Milo back. Now.

    Seriously, Morris. That's like forgetting to turn your speakers on. What are you doing over there, playing spider solitaire?


    I think your little add-ons were better than the show may have been last night.

    Also, have to say... I'd been loving Chloe, but last night... well, if the Morris alcohol bit is getting old, so is Chloe's behavior. Uff da.

  3. I have all the 24's sitting in the DVR. why should I watch them when you recap them so well?

    All this time you had the screen name Bone so that someday there could be a Roast-A-Bone?

    Explains too much Bone

  4. for the record, my lack of commenting lately isn't due to any lack of adoration on my part. i just don't watch 24 and suck at 3 word wednesday. but i still read and am still here!

    does the roast mean we can only say "bad" things or can we say nice things too?

  5. Sexual orientation? Wow, Bone, I always assumed that you were straight but now

  6. GirlFPS: I was determined to post before I went to bed this week.

    Chloe, I mean, TC: Thanks. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the opening scene was horrible.

    Pia: Haha. Yes, now the truth comes out. I've been hanging on to the name Bone all this time just for the roast :)

    I keep expecting to hear from Fox, asking me to cease with the recaps, because viewership is down.

    Sizzle: I think you can say anything you want. It's your chance to let me have it, then close with how much you love, admire, and respect me, of course :)

    Genie: Hey! Save it for the roast.

  7. Chloe, I mean, TC


    You're evil.

    Why did I never see it before now????

    Oh well, at least I have something to discuss at the roast now. (Thanks for waiting until this Thursday, btw. Makes it much easier on me!)

  8. you're making me wait until Thursday??? lol

    gotta come up with some good dirt on bone.

  9. We're supposed to close with how much we worship you etc.

    In your dreams, Bone, in your dreams

    It's not that I don't have good things to say but this is a roast not a toast

    I'm saving the good stuff for a more appropriate time

  10. I've roasted a lot of things over the years...coffee beans, almonds, chickens, turkeys...Hey- even made a zillion pot roasts! (did NOT roast pot! :)

    Never roasted a Bone!
    But whatever I roast always comes out good...so I might have to pop over here on Thursday night :P
    (but I have absolutely no dirt on you...can I bring sugar???) lol

    ok- 24...
    I think Assad probably saved Palmers life- and it was caught on the tape. That bit of footage could bring more peace than any typed up anouncement. Not sure Palmer will live very long though~

    I had a strong feeling that Marilyn wanted to tell Jack about his "son"...but knew it was a bad time to do so. I think that's why the moment seemed hurried...there was more that needed to be said?
    But it was awkward.

    SIP adapter/not having the speakers on!...LOL...Bone- you are funny! :)

    The thing about duct tape is that it doesn't come off real easy...pulls hair- so when you try your experiment...be well shaven first! :) (Yikes!)

    If I ever create an alter ego for myself, my name will be
    That's hot! :)

  11. You sure you want to do a roasting!?!? That seems so mean... but sure was funny when they did it to Pamela Anderson Lee Rock.

  12. TC: You must have been blinded by the halo :)

    Renee: Yep. I figured it'd be difficult to think of ways to make fun of me, so I'm giving you advance notice :)

    Pia: A few simple pages about me in the front of your first book will suffice ;)

    Mayden: I had a strong feeling that Marilyn wanted to tell Jack about his "son"

    Yeah, that keeps crossing my mind everytime I see them together. Is that his son, and will she tell him?

    Well, the Assad/Palmer thing could go several ways. Seems like they'll have to keep it quiet that it was the deputy chief of staff that hurt/killed Assad.

    I'm hoping the roasted Bone doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth :)

    Kerry: That really is her name. Or was. I never really thought about it until your comment.

    And no, I'm not sure. I'm a little nervous.

  13. I actually thought about you during the show. I wondered if you were as unimpressed as I was. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't....awesome. Maybe our expectations are too high.

    Earth to Chloe: nuclear bomb went off in town, and you're calling an AA sponsor? Did it ever occur to you that the sponsor might not even be alive? Or might be dealing with her own issues due to the aforementioned NUCLEAR BOMB? I laughed out loud when she said she was waiting to hear back from her.

    Oh, and I'd be more than happy to help you with any duct tape experiments you might have in mind. And yes, I meant that to sound as dirty as it did.

  14. wait... so I have to wait until THurs to say all the shit I am thinking?!?!?!?! lol

    roast a bone...lol like its passover or something...

    hey can you post really early tomorrow so I can play? I am out of the house by about 8! lol

    if not I forgive you and admire the fact that you dont need to wake as early as I do! lol

    cheers! K

  15. Roast a bone! Oh, I love it. Don't have any bright ideas, but I love it.

    Thursday is also Rabbit, rabbit day. Say that first thing, when you get out of bed, and you will have good luck in the new month.

  16. Who is that Carson guy? He looks so familiar, but I just can't place him. It's driving me bat-crap crazy.

    Having got that out of the way, I love some Chloe but Morris has got to dump her if she keeps this crap up. Seriously, is she his girlfriend or his mother? There's a line between caring, supportive girlfriend and tyrant over-taker. She's on the line.

    Where's Milo? I know you asked, but I gotta ask again? He's not the cutest guy in the world, but if they keep making me like him he's going to be that kinda hot. The kind where he's not that cute but he's such a good guy that he becomes gorgeous to you. Ummm, forgot that I was a boy's blog. Sorry!

    And, on a final note, if my boyfriend touches my face like Jack touched Marilyn's: I'm outtie. He should have just licked his fingers and rubbed near her mouth to get that lipstick smudge off. Jack, babe, you're supposed to be touching her sexily not fatherly. (shudder)

  17. That must have been it, Bone. ;) (And now I'm the one with strange song lyrics in my head...)

    Avery: Chloe's Morris's ex-wife it said last night. Yeah, that's not awkward or anything, right???

    Oh, and everything you said about Milo????? Uh huh. I NEED them to bring Milo back. Pronto.

  18. Yeah, now I've got that stupid song stuck in my head & I'm having flashbacks of me being at the roller skating rink as a kid.... all dark with a disco ball spinning.

  19. eye...eye-eye...eye-eye-eye-gonnagitit

  20. I still don't watch.. But how about that anti-climatic gunfight between Jason and Craig??? Who leaves a flippin gun fight I ask you?? Oh, and I loved that little sliding thing around the corner so much I had to rewind it and watch it again...

  21. Brookelina: I actually thought about you during the show.

    When you first saw Jack, right? ;)

    I think you're right. The expectations are extremely high for the show week after week.

    Kate: Roast-A-Bone has no religious affiliations. It's like Festivus :)

    I'm sorry I didn't post earlier today. I'll try to start next Wednesday.

    Actonbell: Feel free to make up stuff. I'm sure you won't be the only one :)

    Avery Laine: Carson has been on something, but I can't place him, either.

    Well I understand Morris doesn't need to be working at CTU if he's boozing, but bursting into the men's room was a bit much.

    TC: What strange lyrics? Do share. Sounds like we've got a little Milo fan club cooking here.

    Renee: Um, sorry? ;) Getting songs stuck in people's head for the past four years... I'm Bone!

    Burg: I guess they're leaving the option open of bringing back Craig later.

  22. What strange song lyrics, hmmfrph.

    But, since you asked...

    Blinded by the Light in lieu of your halo.

  23. And yes, I am growing very fond of Milo.