Friday, February 02, 2007

Do you hear what I hear

Please stop by and welcome Pia home, and read about her adventures south of the border. Apparently, while she was in Mexico being mistaken for a puta, I unwittingly missed Thank Your Mentor Day. And actually, the entire National Mentoring Month. Oops. Who knew?

Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day. My Groundhog Day post last year got some very interesting responses.

For Christmas this year, Dad put a key finder in my stocking. My sister got one too. The key finder attaches to your keychain and when you whistle, it is supposed to emit a series of beeps, allowing you to locate your keys.

After testing it out a few times, I found it was erratic, at best. It wouldn't work half the time when I whistled directly into it. Other times, it would go off at random. So I tossed it into a bag with a few other stocking stuffers, which I'm not overly proud to say is still sitting in my living room floor. And the key finder was forgotten. Until last Thursday night.

My sister and brother-in-law were over for supper and we began to hear a beeping noise. I'd heard it a few times before, but was never able to figure out what it was. My brother-in-law knew right off. It was the key finder! I immediately ran to the Christmas bag and found it.

Friday morning as I was getting ready for work, I placed the key finder in my pocket. Having just watched The Office the day before, I had an idea.

Now the object of my office pranks is most often the secretary. She's in her forties, and looks like someone who would wear lots of sweatshirts with bears and stuff painted on them, even though she doesn't. And she's always a good sport.

When I got to work, I scouted her office for a suitable place for the key finder. Some place she'd be sure to hear it, but unlikely to find it. First I tried pushing up one of the ceiling tiles and leaving it in the ceiling. I whistled, but could barely hear it. No good. Then, I saw it--the tissue box! Perfect. I dropped the key finder in the tissue box and got ready for the fun to ensue.

As soon as she arrived, I walked thru and began whistling to the radio. Then listened. I heard the key finder. It was working. Although she didn't seem to notice it.

Oh, but she would.

The fun began shortly after 10 AM. She walked in with furrowed brow and asked, "Am I going crazy, or do you hear beeping noises?" She seemed to be alluding to the radio.

"Beeping noises? In the radio?" I replied, as if she may very well have lost her mind.

"Yes! It seems like almost everytime a new song starts, I hear a beeping."

"I haven't noticed. But I'll start listening closer."

About forty-five minutes later, I walked out to her office. Before I could say a word, she spoke.

"I figured it out!" she said, as if she's Bell and I'm Watson, and she'd just discovered the missing piece to make her invention work. "It's not in the radio. It's coming from my phone!"

I had her. Hook, line, and sinker. I began to smile, but she continued.

"Everytime my phone rings, it beeps. Here!" she said as she pulled out her cell phone. This was going even better than I had hoped. She dialed the work number. The phone rang. The key finder beeped.

"There! You hear it?"

I'd regained my poker face by this time. I squinted and leaned in as if trying to listen closely.

"Ummm, no," I lied.

"You don't hear that?!" she exclaimed, before letting out a sound that sounds a bit like a puppy whimpering. "You probably think I'm losing my mind."

At that time, I decided that I'd gotten my money's worth out of this joke. And while she'd been talking, I'd been reaching into the tissue box. As she had no idea what's going on, she simply thought I was getting a tissue. I finally retrieved the key finder and tossed it on her desk.

She looked at it, realized what is going on, and jumped out of her chair, all within about a second and a half. I took off running and she chased after me. She later told me the beeping noises made her think her phone might be tapped.

I guess the key finder worked after all.

There's nothing like seeing a carefully planned prank coming together perfectly. Although now I must await her revenge. I've been half-expecting a live snake to drop from the ceiling at any time. I must be vigilant!

Oh, and lest you think she doesn't deserve it, don't forget this.

Have a great weekend and Super Bowl Sunday! And remember, if your name was Punxsutawney, you'd stay in a hole most of the time, too.

"If you ever get annoyed, look at me I'm self-employed. I love to work at nothing all day..."


  1. has anybody ever told you that you have the humor of a thirteen year old boy? Wait make that 12.9 months ::-)

  2. awesome prank pulling!

    i kind of went "awww" when i read the word "supper" because in these parts, we call it dinner. cute. ;)

  3. Pia might be right on your humor level, but it sure makes things more interesting for the rest of us!

    I have this feeling you're the type to put those candles that are impossible to blow out on a 70 year old's birthday cake too...

    She's in her forties, and looks like someone who would wear lots of sweatshirts with bears and stuff painted on them, even though she doesn't.

    Too funny! I think I started laughing there and just didn't stop!

    I have to ask... you're rooting for the Bears or the Colts?

  4. Dorothy of Neverland2/02/2007 01:13:00 PM

    Well done. Well done indeed. I've done the same thing with those voice activated burpers.

  5. Oh, dear Bone.
    Must you pick on the sweet, nice ladies in your office?
    Aren’t there any Dwight-esque characters to bother . . . I know there’s a deserving man somewhere in your office!

    Though, I must admit, I’ve been sitting here laughing like a fool at your ability to channel Jim so well. Now you need a fun sidekick like Pam. Could you and the sweatshirt woman join forces against someone else?

  6. Pia: Seems like someone may have mentioned that once before. Is that a bad thing? Should I shoot to up my humor level to that of a 14 year old? :)

    Sizzle: Thanks. I knew a fellow Office fan would appreciate it :) And we call it supper most of the time. At least I do.

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Chica: Ooo, good idea! :)

    Actually, I don't have a big interest in either team. I was pulling for the Cowboys, then the Patriots, then the Saints. Now, I think this will be one of those Super Bowls that I don't decide until the game starts.

    Dorothy: Good to know others have a healthy sense of... practical joke-ness?

    Elizabeth: There's really no Schrute in the office. Unfortunately.

    Thanks, I try to channel Jim whenever possible :)

  7. wow...that was a great prank...I wouldnt have thought about using a key finder...Watch your back man...Im sure payback will be, um, not to good ;)

  8. good show! I remember those key finders when they first came out...I see they aren't any better. They're a lot like the bark collar that I got Lilly. I asked the clerk/idiot at Pet Smart about it because I didn't want the poor dog corrected when she wasn't even barking...and sure enough it went off all the time.

    The line you found humorous was intended to be. glad you got it.

  9. oh yeah, and I think those sleeping dogs are creapy!

  10. Haaa,that's brilliant!
    My mother in law wears those sweaters and sweatshirts teehee

  11. The sisterhood of TC, huh? How long did it take you to come up with that one? ;)

    Oh no, please tell me I didn't give you an idea?!?!

    Actually, I don't have a big interest in either team...Now, I think this will be one of those Super Bowls that I don't decide until the game starts.

    I would just like to tell you... that's just unacceptable to me as a Wisconsinite. The correct answer was "Why TC, of course I'm rooting for the Colts because everyone knows it's just not acceptable to cheer for the Bears."

    Yeah, sometimes it shows a little too much that I'm from WI, huh?

  12. Btw... did we forever lose the lyrics in the header, or is this just another nasty trick blogger is playing on you at present?

  13. Good one! We do pranks to each other all the time in my office. The best was on so far involved a manekin, some porn and a tree.

  14. Fabulous!

    It seems Jim Halpert teaches all of us a thing or two on Thursday night.

    I wish I had a key finder now.

  15. Didn't say I didn't like your humor :) no, don't change--somewhere between 12 and 13 suits you

    14 might make you self conscious. Actually think after pulling the prank which I found very funny

    We used to call it supper when we called pasta spaghetti

    And thank you very much. That was sweet.

  16. I have to agree with Pia... but it is endearing! lmao I think it was a great prank! She was a good sport for sure. I would be planning my revenge right about now... and I like to win! *wink

  17. TagAlong: I know! I'm sure she'll get me when I least expect it.

    Renee: The fake sleeping dog joke was cruel and unusual!

    That makes me think, it seems like there is a whole group of gadgety products like that which often don't work like they are supposed to.

    Ms. L: It's a style that won't seem to die :)

    Sisterhood of the TC: I thought it was a pretty good line :)

    So does this have something to do with the Packers?

    Yes, I haven't yet been able to figure out how to put a lyric under the image in the new template.

    HotPink: A mannequin, some porn, and a tree? Oh, I think you're going to need to blog this story.

    Zeus: Ah, another fellow Office fan! Yes, I'm not sure it's completely wise to model my behavior after a TV character.

    Pia: You called it supper in New York? Cool! I thought that was just a Southern thing.

    Kate: Thanks. I'm sure it's only endearing for awhile :)

  18. ROFLMAO ~ i know i can come to your site for a good laugh

    i think i might have to pull that one on my students in the next few weeks

  19. Ya, she deserved it! Good one... and it wasn't even mean! Look out...

  20. great prank! but watch your back. Last year for secretary day, I ordered my secretary a fake orhid (I was in a hurry and pointed to their best looking one...)

  21. Oh I never said that it wasn't cute. :)

    So does this have something to do with the Packers?

    I can practically hear the exasperation in your voice there, Bone.

    And as if you really had to ask that... I don't think you can call yourself a true Wisconsinite and be able to EVER - under ANY circumstances - cheer for either the Vikings or the Bears.

  22. I love it! What a great prank! I need to do something like that for April Fools Day to my co-workers.

    For Boss' Day, my co-worker and I tinfoiled our boss' desk. It was a hoot.

  23. Good one! I love office pranks!

  24. LMAO!!! Oh Bone, you are soooo going to hell for that one. :)

  25. Good to see a healthy office environment still exists. I have a little gremlin that just changes the angle of my family pictures on my desk and hides my tissues.

  26. Question girl: Thanks. Of course, now I'm getting blamed for things I don't do. But that was bound to happen :)

    Heather in BBC: I thought so :) I'm definitely on the lookout for retaliation though.

    Sage: I have a fake corsage in my freezer. And I'm not really sure why.

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Chica: That's completely understandable. You're from Wisconsin. You should be for the Packers. There's no exasperation.

    Well, maybe a tad :)

    Xinh: I usually don't do anything for April Fool's Day anymore. Everyone is expecting it.

    Burg: Thanks. They help to keep things lively.

    Chickadee: Did you see what she did to me? :)

    Sylvia: Yeah, I normally just tape the phone cord down or something :)

  27. um, I'm in my forties. What's up with that? - - looks like she'd wear bear sweatshirts? What does that mean exactly?

  28. I REMEMBER THAT PUPPY PRANK! Awww, I felt so bad for you.


    Random beeping noises drive me nuts. Always seem to find 'em, though... or don't stay put long enough to be driven crazy by them.

    Happy SB weekend, Bone.

  29. That's a great prank! I'm all for good pranks....maybe I'll have to get a cheap little key finder :-)

  30. f your name was Punxsutawney, you'd stay in a hole most of the time, too.
    Great line. So was the description of the secretary.

    You're always forcing me out of lurking to tell you how funny you are.

  31. Good prank:) And as I see it (I'm myopic, but still), you two are even. IF someone's counting.

  32. There's no exasperation.

    Well, maybe a tad :)

    Uh huh.

  33. I think it is only endearing from afar big guy... its a good thing you pay the chick! lmao

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday! =]

  34. First the groundhog's first name is Phil. The town he lives in is Punxsutawney. And second, if you lived there, you'd want to stay in a hole. Just wanted to clarify.

    Cute story. I'm glad there is fun to be had at work! Have any job openings??

  35. OMG....sooo funny. But I would have killed OCD would have driven me over the edge....repetitive noises make me insane. LOL!

  36. You're baaaaaaad to the Bone! ha ha.

  37. East: Umm, I dunno. That's the best way I could think to describe her.

    Blondie: Thanks, Blondie. Hope you had a good SB weekend, too.

    Arlene: Don't discard those stocking stuffers too soon :)

    Genie: Thank you. I had actually written that line like three years ago when no one read my blog. Thought it deserved a wider audience :)

    Actonbell: Well.. um.. you see.. the thing is.. uh.. there may have been one or two other tiny pranks that I didn't blog about :)

    TC: Oh be quiet, you got your Favre back for one more year :)

    Kate: Well, I don't pay her. She's not my personal secretary :)

    Carnealian: Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Since you're from Pennsylvania, I'll take your word for it ;-)

    RNG: Sounds like it would have been much fun to play this gag on you then ;-)

    Carmen: Oh, if we're gonna start trying to think of phrases and puns with the name Bone, we could be here all night :)

  38. Oh be quiet, you got your Favre back for one more year :)

    That's more than a tad bit of exasperation there, Bone.

    So please, enlighten me: who do you like in football? (Away from college please, we could spend way too long debating that arena... and you'd [probably] win.)

  39. Well, the Cowboys are my favorite team...

    (Cringing while waiting for reaction...)

  40. You have got to be kidding me. (I can't believe it took me this long to come back and find this, btw.)


    Please tell me that was a joke.


  41. Nope. It's true...


    You still there? :)

  42. I don't know about this, Bone...

    I must admit, you fell off the pedestal a little bit: you didn't hurt anything did you? ;)