Sunday, February 25, 2007
The fever
The First Ever Roast-A-Bone is coming Thursday. Stay tuned for details...

On US Highway 98, just east of Destin, between Miramar and Santa Rosa, sits a little cafe called The Donut Hole. It's become tradition that on the day we leave the beach, we stop there for breakfast.

I recommend the southwestern omelet. And the doughnuts, of course. I always get a box of doughnuts for the road. The food is great. The service sometimes lacking because it's so busy. But I've never been when there wasn't a line of people out the door and down the side of the building waiting.

I wish I was there.

There's a beachside restaurant called The Back Porch, with big bay windows to let in the ocean breeze, an outside bar, and picnic tables in the sand. I recommend the dreamsicle cake for dessert. And any and all of the seafood. You'll think they must have caught it that morning. And maybe they did.

I wish I was there.

There's an empty spot in the sand, just at the edge of the uprush, perfect for sitting. Where the water might wash over your feet once every five or six waves. Where you can bury your toes in the cool, damp sand, and think about anything and everything. Or nothing at all. And even though it's only a few hundred feet to the highway, it seems a million miles away.

I wish I was there.

I've got beach fever, if you can't tell. The highs have been between 60 and 70 here for seemingly the past week. I've been driving with the sunroof open, even at night. And last night before the storms moved in, it was warm and very windy, and reminded me of the ocean breeze.

So I've been listening to Buffett and thinking about the beach. The sand. The breeze. The waves. Gorgeous American girls working on their tans. All the while, me having no clue as to whether they are 16 or 29.

Last night, I opened the window so I could listen to it rain. Seemed like it rained for twelve hours. That's another good thing about the beach. Even when it rains, it never seems to last very long.

I wish I was there.

"I remember Sunday mornings, walking on the beach. And that place we'd stop for breakfast, with the old red vinyl seats..."

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Blogger Blondie said...
Reminds me of Santa Barbara. Makes my stomach ache to think of being back there.

The beach is a another world completely.

p.s. I don't think I've EVER been the first to comment? One hell of an accomplishment, if I do say so myself.

Anonymous Traveling Chica said...
You're killing me, Bone, one word at a time...


You described this in such a way that I truly felt like I had been there a time or two myself, and my longing to go back wasn't just because I've had the fever myself, but because you've managed to make it seem as if we all have taken that trip with you, a time or two.

Gorgeous American girls working on their tans. All the while, me having no clue as to whether they are 16 or 29.


You have issues with figuring out how old girls are, do you? ;-) That may be something you want to find out sooner rather than later... or at least make sure she's over 16.

Blogger Renee said...
*sigh* Now ya got me wanting to go to the beach and I haven't been in a very long time...unless you count Jamestown VA and that wasn't really a beach and the wind was so strong there that it wasn't enjoyable. *sigh*
I don't even like FL enough to ever live there again, but I do miss the beach.

Blogger Jennifer said...
Oh, I so wish I were at the beach NOW...I was thinking this before I ever read your post and now I'm nearly crazy thinking about it. It's been a horrendous week and it just got even worse...yeehaw...I NEED to go to the beach!! I need a vacation from this crazy life of mine!!
Oh, sorry...didn't mean to hijack. Oh, yeah...the it!!

Anonymous Avery Laine said...
I've rarely felt words as I've read them. Fitzgerald makes me feel. Rainy days with no words make me feel. The Shins make me feel.

And you.

Blogger Bone said...
Blondie: Congrats on being first 'menter :) The beach is heaven.

TC: Thank you. Killing you softly with my blog? ;-)

Yes, my agedar hasn't worked since sometime in the nineties. I think I broke it while dancing to "Ice Ice Baby" at some party :)

Renee: Glad I could help out? :) Everyone is sighing. I know that sigh! It's one big collective longing for the beach sigh.

Jennifer: Sounds like we all need a trip to the beach :) The thought of just leaving and driving down crossed my mind this weekend, more than once.

Avery: Thank you. I do get lucky and strike a chord once in awhile, I suppose :)

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
Something like that anyway. ;)

I think I broke it while dancing to "Ice Ice Baby" at some party :)

With a sixteen year old I assume? 0:-)

Blogger Carmen said...
man! I'm going to be moving in the middle of Roast a Bone? I miss all the good stuff!

Anonymous Jawana said...
Are you still in for the group trip?

Blogger hotpinksox said...
I was planning my annual beach vacation yesterday! I have beach fever too. I'm working on my bikini bod.

Anonymous pia said...
Hey I left a comment yesterday. Even quoted the part of the post I liked the most
There's an empty spot in the sand, just at the edge of the uprush, perfect for sitting. Where the water might wash over your feet once every five or six waves. Where you can bury your toes in the cool, damp sand, and think about anything and everything. Or nothing at all. And even though it's only a few hundred feet to the highway, it seems a million miles away.

That's wonderful Bone.

I'm so looking forward to your self-roast

Blogger Bone said...
TC: That song just popped into my head as soon as I read your comment.

And no comment on your assumption ;)

Carmen: That's OK. I know what you're really trying to say is you can't think of a single thing to roast me with.

Jawana: When is it?

HotPink: When I first read that, I thought it said, "I'm working in my bikini." I was thinking, man, she's got beach fever worse than me :)

Pia: Thank you. You do realize you have to leave a comment two or three times to get it to show up once on my blog, right? ;)

Blogger Sizzle said...
being away from the ocean is the hardest part of my move for me. don't tell my friends! :)

a dreamsicle cake? are you trying to torture me!?

Blogger Esmerelda said...
oh...I could smell the breeze the minute I started reading....

I actually relaxed, closed my eyes, threw my head back and sighed. I scheduled my beach week just last week and I can't wait.

Then I remembered bathing suits on the beach, and the fact that I'm one kid and four years past 20. Blech! Back to reality, snow, slush and exercise!

Anonymous Jawana said...
Last week of June. I think there will be 8-10 of us. Not sure who is staying the whole week and who is just staying a few days. The more people, the cheaper it will be!

Blogger Eileen Dover said...

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
You might very well be the first person who has ever said that something I said made them think of that song... hmm.

And no comment on your assumption

That's as good as guilty, Sir Bone the Angelic. 0:-)

Blogger Arlene said...
I love the beach! I can't wait for summer, and warm weekend trips to the ocean with the kiddies, and sometimes alone to veg and listen to the waves :-)
Does that mean you're coming out here to our beaches?

Blogger Bone said...
Sizzle: Um, we could pretend it was a sugar-free dreamsicle cake ;)

Esmerelda: So this was a little bit like a Calgon commerical for you? ;)

(You may not even even remember those.)

Jawana: The more people, the cheaper it will be!

Ah, I'm vaguely familiar with that concept. Six people on two beds in NYC. And seven people on two beds in Gulf Shores.

Eileen: *grin*

TC: I'm not sure how I even know that song. Sir Bone The Angelic? That has a certain ring to it :)

Arlene: Well, I hadn't planned on it this year. But I do want to revisit California before I'm past my prime :)

Anonymous Jawana said...
That's what I call INSANE... not CHEAP! There will not be any more than 2 people in the bed I am in!

Blogger question girl said...
*shoving a HUGE handful of snow down the back of your shirt, so big that as it melts is runs down into your pants too*

yes - i am a bit bitter as it is snowing here.... AGAIN

Blogger Have the T-Shirt said...
I So love the area of the Panhandle you are writing about. Had my first ever Deep Fried Pickle in Seaside, at a little stand by the beach. It sounded so gross, but tasted so heavenly.

I've been jonesin' for the beach for over a month and the need gets greater as the snow around here gets deeper.

Heavy sigh here too.

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
Hey, Arlene, can I come visit???

And I totally agree with QG about the snow down your back... it can be done. It's almost March! Come on!

Btw, I think you may have missed the sarcasm in your new name, SBtA.

Blogger xinher said...
I must be the only person on here to lives 30 miles 20 miles from the beach and am quite content to never go there. I don't like sand, I don't like salt water, and it's always too hot and too crowded.

Blogger lindsy said...
I love Destin. I'll meet you there at 5:00pm. See you then.

Blogger Bone said...
Jawana: Oh, it's not that bad. As long as no one is a severe snorer :)

Question Girl: Brrrr! That's cold! :) Yeah, I've noticed like five blogs I read today said something about it snowing. And here I am blogging about the beach.

Have The T-shirt: I've never had a fried pickle, oddly enough :)

TC: Don't you hate when you're trying to make fun of someone and they take it as a compliment? ;)

Xinher: If you can't say something nice about the beach... :) I was thinking about the crowds myself, but somehow, when I'm at the beach, they don't seem to bother me.

Lindsy: You've been to Destin???

Blogger Carnealian said...
Thanks Bone...just another reminder that it's freezing with snow on the ground here and we are months away from 60-70 degree weather. I wish the beach that's just 4 hours from here were warm and sunny right now. It's not. There's probably snow on top of the sand.

You need a wing girl to help you with the age issue. You don't want to be stuck in prison with your new girlfriend named Bubba!

Blogger Katie said...
have I mentioned I'm vacationing in Key West this summer?? hmmmm.....sun.

how cruel!! last Tueday I was sitting in a sunny spot waiting for class...mind you it was 40 out...and thinking this was as close to tanning I was going to get till spring break...darn snow!

Anonymous Traveling Chica said...
Don't you hate when you're trying to make fun of someone and they take it as a compliment?

I have no idea of what you speak, Sir Bone the Angelic. I've never made fun of anyone in my life.


Anonymous girlfpsgamer said...
I work (in,what they say, the best place{AND the neatist store,right in the middle of main St.}in the world ['Scientific American'{a few years ago,I think} rated Ventura,CA,(in bewteen LA and Santa Barbara) the best in the world, mainly,I guess, because of the weather,]) 2 blocks away from the beach( the 3 blocks of main St. is the neatist part of Ventura),but I have not really been to the beach very much,though I love the beach,because I work,till it get dark, seven days a week,ect.

Anonymous girlfpsgamer said...
Hey,it just starting raining right now,I actually love it when it rains.

Blogger Zeus said...
I'd kill for a place right now that didn't have wasps flying all about, mosquitos sucking me dry, and itsy love bugs screwing one another as they fly about the air. If the beach doesn't have that, count me in as well!

Blogger Java Boo Boo said...
fortunately, no one in our group is an extreme snorer. I talked to Braswell on Monday, and they are going down Thursday to GS, and he says that his cousin can get us the same rate she gets for them, which is dirt cheap. The place is really nice, if it's the same place they stayed when I shot their promo video at in 2002-2003. I'm curious to hear the re-construction report. Gov Riley, "Come on down! Our beaches are open!" You and I were already misled one time.

Blogger Bone said...
Carnealian: You volunteering? :)
And I figured you'd be happy. I mentioned your man in the post :)

Katie: I have some recollection of someone saying they were going to Key West sometime. Was that you?

TagAlong: Aww. I guess I thought it was getting warm everywhere. But the more blogs I read, the more people I see still getting snow.

TC: Ppppffftttt! I'm glad I wasn't standing anywhere near you when you typed that out ;)

GirlFPS: Wow, that's a lot of working. Maybe you'll get some time to get to the beach soon.

Zeus: I don't recall any mosquitos or wasps at the beach. Can't make any promises about the love bugs though :)

Java: Yeah, I don't play to revisit GS until I hear corroborating reports that there are no more bulldozers on the beach and no shards of glass in the sand :)

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