Tuesday, February 06, 2007

24 Recap: 2/5/07

I have three words for you: 24 is back!

OK, so actually I guess that's two words and a number. Or one hyphenated word and two regular words. Nevertheless, recapping last night's episode, also known as Day Six: 12:00-1:00 PM...

Jack and Jack's father are led at gunpoint out to a poorly landscaped area by two of Graem's men, where they are apparently about to be forced to pour concrete or something. Jack's father refuses and turns around, distracting both men. Long story short, Jack and Jack's father get their guns and each kills one of Graem's men. (Is it just me or did that happen a bit too easily, even for Jack Bauer?)

Back at the hotel lobby that is the Presidential bunker, Wayne Palmer is watching news coverage of the nuclear explosion. With Karen now out of the way, Tom continues pressuring the President to sign an executive order that authorizing his radical security measures. Palmer tells Tom to convene the cabinet.

McCarthy is on the phone with Fayed again. (I swear, he's gotta be in Fayed's Five.) And says that he's found someone who can program the triggers for the other nukes, but that said programmer will have to be coerced. CTU intercepts the call and Morris tries to decode an image of the programmer that McCarthy sent to Fayed. A message comes in that Morris' brother has been exposed to radiation and is in critical condition. He starts to leave, but Chloe talks him into staying and finishing decoding the image.

Walid is in a bed somewhere, recovering from the beating he took at Detainee Central. Sandra is by his side. (Argh, I thought we'd make it thru an ep without her.) She calls Palmer and tells him she's scared. He goes all Shawn Mullins on her and says, "Everything is gonna be alright."

CTU agents raids Graem's house. Jack and Graem face off, each with a gun pointing at each other. Graem finally surrenders, even though I think his gun may have been bigger. Jack then tells some nameless CTU agent, "Set up the interrogation package." (There's five words you never want to hear.)

Graem is injected with something that makes him scream really loud and sweat profusely. Finally, he confesses to authorizing the assassination on David Palmer, as well as having Tony and Michelle killed (back on Day 5). He says he did it for his country, then tells Jack that the two of them are the same. In a rage, Jack pushes Graem over backward in his chair, tells the CTU agent to run the injection level higher, and points a gun at Graem's head. Then Jack sees Jack's father and suddenly stops.

With the cabinet convened, we get our first glimpse of Vice President Noah Daniels. At least the first glimpse that I remember. He is on a plane and listens in by speakerphone as Palmer once again rejects Tom's radical proposal. The Vice President tries to argue, but Palmer stops him, saying, "The discussion on this matter, is over!"

Back at CTU, Morris has the image decoding and gets up to leave before it's done. After he leaves, everyone is shocked to see that the image that eventually comes up on his screen is... Morris! It's a set up! They call Morris, but he's already on the highway. As he is trying to turn around, someone fires shots at his car. He is kidnapped by McCarthy and the blonde, who we now know as Rita.

After Jack boards a helicopter to CTU, Jack's father asks for a moment alone with Graem. We learn that he's been in on the whole thing! They are convinced they've fooled Jack into thinking Jack's father is innocent. But apparently, that isn't enough. Jack's father turns the IV back up, then covers Graem's mouth. Graem struggles for a few seconds, then his body goes limp.

Best line
Jack to Graem: "We are not the same!"

Other best line
Jack's father to Graem: "You've done everything I asked. Only this time, I asked too much."

The good
The Jack/Graem interrogation, of course.

The Morris twist!

Jack struggling with the whole 'doing the right thing/this is my family' quandary.

Palmer standing up to Tom, Tom's sidekick, the Vice President, and apparently most everyone else.

Finding out Jack's father is involved in everything and then him turning on Graem at the end.

The bad
Sandra Palmer's "Oh Walid, I was so worried about you" routine. Barf.

Still just a bunch of random nameless faces in the field for CTU. We need a Tony. Or at least, a Curtis.

Still not much Chloe.

Did you know...
8cc's of hyocine-pentothal can cause a heart attack. 9cc's can cause you to act like Paula Abdul.

Will Morris program the triggers for the nukes? Will he die? And if so, will Chloe ever recover?

Does Marilyn (Graem's wife) know more than she's letting on?

Karen resigns, and no one replaces her?

I miss...
Tony. Why'd they have to go and mention his name? Sigh.

"Even her smile looks like a frown. And she's seen her share of devils in this angel town..."


  1. Every where I turn bloggers are going nuts over this show! What gives? I've never seen it. Should I buy the DVDs?

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  3. This is the first season I have ever watched and I'm hooked.

    To Lux, YES buy them.

    found you linked at Sage's place...thought I would check out a fellow AL blog.

  4. Don't buy them Lux...

    McCarthy is on the phone with Fayed again. (I swear, he's gotta be in Fayed's Five.)

    Too funny! :)

    I just want to know... did Marilyn & Jack have an affair? There was something weird going on there that I felt like I missed something on.

  5. Great recap! It's just like watching the real thing.

  6. Lux: Yes, you should. It's INTENSE!

    Kontan: Last season was my first. I was hooked immediately as well, and have been able to catch up with reruns on various channels.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    TC: I'm not sure. Graem said something to Marilyn about Jack a couple of episodes ago, as if to indicate there was some sort of past there. But what, I don't know.

    Does this mean you watched again???

    HotPinkSox: Why thanks? Did you watch, or are you just watching it vicariously thru me now? :)

  7. I KNEW they were going after Morris, and I KNEW that Jack's dad was bad! (If you've seen the movie L.A. Confidential, you'll know why I knew it) I hate that my twisted mind can see these things in advance.

    Also, I'd have liked to have seen Graem suffer a little more. But then again, being murdered by your own father is probably about as bad as it can get.

    Palmer's sister could give an aspirin a headache.
    (points to anyone who knows where that line came from)

  8. Last night on Heroes we figured out who the Cheerleader's dad is. And she met her mom. And Sylar escaped. And Hiro gets to continue his mission. It rocked.

  9. When are you going to switch to WP so that you could have categories and pages?

    Then everybody could easily see your 24 recaps, and other posts that belong in their own category.

    That's such a brilliant idea, I will thank myself for thinking of it for you :-)

    So the world can easily find the posts that show Bone's brain at work--the first two paragraphs of this post and the great synopsis that is better than any I have read in any media

    You know how to get to the point quickly when not explaining how you count words. Endearing, she must admit

    I watched your show. BL's on tonight

  10. On a side note: I abhor NEW blogger. It won't let me comment from my blackberry, which means I have to wait until I get home. Sigh.

    Your two words and a number - - You can say that again! Last night's show was WONDERFUL! Though, I didn't get to see it until this morning. Is it bad that I'm thrilled Graem is dead?? And I am beyond proud of them for not giving us a hint of the diabolicalness (no, that's not a real word) of Jack's dad.

    Two questions though: Since when is Morris a nuclear weapons expert? I must have missed that somewhere. AND Why couldn't Graem arrange the deaths of Sandra Palmer and Lennox? Now, those are two people I could stand to see gone.

    Thank you for another terrific recap. I'm with TC, I can't stop laughing about the Fayad's five comment. Too funny!

  11. wanted to let you know I'm still not reading this. that is all.

  12. Brookelina: I started thinking it after they got away so easily at the beginning. I'd even it down in my notes as a question to ask, then they revealed it at the end of the show.

    And I don't know what it's from, but your line about Palmer's sister is definitely true!

    Interstellar: There's someone named Hiro on Heroes? :)

    Pia: Thank you :) New Blogger is supposed to do categories, I think. I'm gonna try to go thru and separate my 3WW posts first.

    I guess the counting words was a bit of my OCD coming out.

    Elizabeth: I think it's more of a computer expert than a nuclear weapons expert, but I could be wrong.

    I was even impressed by scenes from next week's show. They didn't seem to give away anything big. Maybe they've been reading my posts :)

    Katie: Thanks for the update. How was What About Brian this week? :)

  13. I never commented? Wait. I was sure I did!


    Though I don't watch the show, I always love your commentary.

    Siskel and Bone.

  14. I'm usually so on top of getting addicted to television shows. I just don't know how I missed out on this one. I guess I need to start watching it so I'm no longer left out.

  15. re: staying 10 days...yeah, SIL pulls that kind of stuff all the time on MIL. They don't get to see us that often since they live in MI so she sets up parties to try and guilt you into staying longer.

  16. Hubby thought that Farmer Hogget would kill Graem (ugh- I have to check every time I write his name- it's soooo weird!) and then himself...I wasn't so sure. I was happy to see Graem go- but Daddy is a huge threat to Jack.

    I'm guessing that Karen would not be easy to replace in an hour or so? It will be interesting to see who steps in though~

    I've had my doubts about Morris from the beginning- I suppose I'll find out soon if those doubts are justified??? Hope he's on the level...it will be sad for Chloe if Morris dies too- :(

    It was a good episode- wanted to be here yesterday- ended up in bed with a cold!
    Better today :)

  17. girl fps gamer2/07/2007 11:17:00 PM

    Have you ever seen 'lost'?I have seen season 1&2 on dvd,it is a neat show. Tv shows I like/liked are; 24,lost,sopranos,x-files,simpsons and monk.My likes are probely somewhat norraow because I can't see stuf being aired on my tv. I know the name is silly

  18. Blondie: Thanks, Blondie. Keep reading. That way, if you ever do decide to watch, you'll know exactly what's going on :)

    Krista: I'm just the opposite. I never catch on to a show until it's been on a couple of seasons. You should give 24 a try :)

    Renee: Ah, I see. Well, that makes more sense. Still. Ten days? Whew.

    Mayden: That crossed my mind, that he might also kill himself. I hope Jack realized something was "off" about their easy escape.

    I hope Morris turns out to be good, too. Can't we go one season without a mole in CTU?

    Girl FPS: I've never watched Lost, but I've heard a few people mention it. I do like Monk, but I never remember to watch it.

  19. girl fps gamer2/11/2007 12:01:00 AM

    Hey,if you did't hate the shows I talked about too much(or something),you should rent 'Lost' season 1 on DvD. hope you see 'lost' and tell what you think.

  20. Yes, there's a character on Heroes named Hiro. He's named after Hiroshima, because Hiro's grandfather was near there when it was bombed and so it's a name to honor the grandfather.

    And now to my thoughts on 24:

    CTU has no one to blame but themselves that Graeme died because if he was ready for transport, as they said he was, they would've packed up all the stuff and not left a syringe full of the bad drug out, ready for anybody to just pick it up and use.

    I don't think Jack will realize Dad's a bad guy for at least another couple of "hours."

    I'm glad to see the President grow a pair and drop kick The Biscuit's proposal.

    I *heart* that Powers Booth is the Veep! Nathan kept calling him Jim Jones (because he played him in a tv movie).

    There's a 2 hour episode on tonight'. I'll be able to catch the 1st hour, but not the second (because of Heroes).

  21. Girl FPS: I've heard good things about the Sopranos. Not sure I want to get involved in another TV show right now though :)

    Xinh: I agree with you about Graem. Why would CTU leave him unattended?

    They're bringing the VP along slowly, but right now it looks like he's going to clash with Palmer.

    Two hours tonight! The second hour was the best.

  22. I do know what you mean(but if you do ever see 'Lost' tell what think),I will stop nagging you now big smile & a blow kiss.