Sunday, February 11, 2007
Dear Forty-four,

I'm writing from ten years ago to see how things have been. I'm curious as to what became of you. It's hard for me to believe you're six years away from fifty. Life goes so fast.

I wonder if you're married. And if you are, who did you marry? Did you ever become a Dad? How many kids do you have? For their sakes, I hope they look just like their mother.

I still remember when you were thirteen, and you'd lie awake at night and try to imagine being an adult, and having a family. Back then, you couldn't fathom it. And then one day you woke up, and you were thirtysomething.

I wonder about your job and where you live. Did you ever move out of that small town? And if you did, have you ever wanted to move back?

Are you a writer? Did you chase your dreams? God, I hope you did. But don't tell me if you failed. Some things I'd rather find out on my own.

I'm almost scared to ask, but I'm wondering. Are Mom and Dad OK? Let's see, I guess they'd be sixty-six now. And what about your sister? Are the two of you still close? I imagine you have a niece or nephew by now. How incredible that must be.

I guess I'm full of questions. There's just so many things I'm curious about. Most of all I wonder, if you could go back in time ten years, what would you change? What would you do over?

Things here are fine. Although sometimes it seems I'm stuck in a rut. I feel like I'm on the verge of making a drastic change. But for some reason, instead of taking that big leap, I just keep creeping closer and closer to the edge. Waiting.

Tomorrow begins a new year. What am I waiting for.

You know what? On second thought, don't answer any of my questions. I don't want to know. I'll find it all out in time.

For now, I guess I'll go. It's getting late, and I think I might give Dad a call. I pray that forty-four finds you healthy and happy, and that everyone you love is still alive. And I hope to see you in ten years.

Something tells me the time is gonna fly.

"Fifteen, there's still time for you. Twenty-two, I feel her, too. Thirty-three, you're on your way. Every day's a new day..."

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Anonymous Jawana said...
Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a great one!!!

Anonymous Elizabeth said...
Happy Birthday!!!

This letter is so hopeful! And so heartfelt. But this part is my favorite:

You know what? On second thought, don't answer any of my questions. I don't want to know. I'll find it all out in time.

You're insightful enough to realize that half the fun of life is finding it out along the way.
I hope that in ten years that the answers to all your questions are good ones. The time will fly, enjoy it while you can.

Anonymous pia said...
But for some reason, instead of taking that big leap, I just keep creeping closer and closer to the edge. Waiting

Great lines.

You have to make the leap happen, you Bone, because nobody else is going to do it for you

Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday. And I hope the secretary plays a great joke on you, or you on her....

44? I know that's the birthday, but uh, 44!

I know it worked for time syncroncity, but 45 would be a better number, because, just because

Blogger Lux Lisbon said...
Happy birthday old man!

Anonymous Grooviechick said...
Happy Birthday!

Blogger Carmen said...
Fourty four tells you to enjoy 34, cuz it goes fast! :)

Happy birthday and many wonderful returns.

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
I pray that forty-four finds you healthy and happy, and that everyone you love is still alive. And I hope to see you in ten years.

I don't think any of us can wish for anything more for you.

Be happy. Have a fabulous day... Honestly, Bone, enjoy this and EVERY day. In all the small and large ways.

And, in the spirit of things, I'm going to say Vsetko najlepsie k tridsiatim styrom narodeninam... and leave you wondering in which language (and what exactly) I said that. ;)

Blogger Carnealian said...
Wouldn't it be cool to open a a letter you wrote 10 years previous just to see if what you thought would happen really did?? Cool post Mr. Bone. I hope you take some time to really celebrate your birthday. Remember, age on men is very sexy!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Blogger THE J Mo said...
Happy Birthday!!! You working today?

Blogger DCchick1 said...
Happy Birthday Bone.

I was going to say it in Polish... but well, I don't have those characters on my keyboard! :)

Have a good one regardless.

Anonymous InterstellarLass said...
Happy Birthday Sir Bone.

How time does fly. I was thinking about the future today too. But mine was more fantasy.

I hope all the things you are wishing for come true. You deserve them. I think you'd be an amazing father, and an great husband for some lucky woman. You've got what it takes I think. I hope she finds you soon!

Anonymous genie said...
Happy Birthday, Bone!!!!!!!

May you find the woman you you want soon

Blogger savannah said...
happy birthday!

great read, thank you *s*

Blogger Kelly said...
Bonne fête, monsieur!

Blogger Sizzle said...
I like this letter to yourself concept. Great post!



Blogger hotpinksox said...
Is it your birthday Bone! Happy BIrthday!

I love that you wrote to yourself in the future. Did you get something good in the mail this weekend?

Blogger Renee said...
I left you a Happy Birthday last night too...but here it goes again!

Have a very Happy Birthday.

Any ideas on what to get for someone who is turning 44 today? He keeps telling us nothing.

Blogger Stasi said...
vesele narodeniny!!

Blogger Bone said...
Jawana: Thank you. It was great to see you guys Saturday night.

Elizabeth: It just hit me to throw that in at the end. Because really, I wouldn't want to know.

Pia: Thank you. And I hope 44 doesn't throw off your numerology :)

Lux: Thanks. Be thankful you're able to benefit from my wisdom ;-)

Grooviechick: Thanks! Good to know you're still lurking around once in awhile :)

Carmen: Thank you. I think that's exactly what Forty-four would say.

Multilingual Chica: Thank you. Slovak? Seriously? Luckily, I found a "happy birthday in all languages" web page :)

Carnealian: Remember, age on men is very sexy!


J-Mo: Thanks. Yep, I'm working.

DCChick1: Thanks, DC. I was kinda hoping for some Japanese :)

Blogger Bone said...
Lass: Those are very kind words. Thank you :)

Genie: Thanks! And may I also find the woman that wants me ;-)

Savannah: Thank you. Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly: Thank you. That's gotta be French, right?

Sizzle: Thanks, Ms. Sizzle!

Hotpink: It must be! All these people keep wishing me happy birthday ;-)

Renee: Thanks, Renee. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help, as I had no idea what to tell my family to get me.

Stasi: Did Traveling Chica put you up to this? :) Um, I have no clue on this one. That last word is similar to TC's.

Blogger sage said...
Happy Birthday Bone! Nice letter--34 seems so long ago as I've just turned 50 on the odometer.

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
Luckily, I found a "happy birthday in all languages" web page :)

Oh come on!

Totally not fair!

(Yes, I'm pouting like a 10 year old.)

I emailed my friend Milan last night and asked him how to say... what exactly did I tell you? ;)

Blogger Eileen Dover said...
Did you delete my HB comment?

Oh well. Don't delete this. It's very important and contains crucial advice.

You are getting old.

Just wanted to remind you. If you forget? Come back and read this. And then get checked for Alzheimer's. Mmmkay?


Blogger Sylvia said...
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Bo- own
Happy Birthday to you

Blogger Brookelina said...
Very nice. I once wrote a blog post that was a letter to myself at 13.

Blogger Brookelina said...
And happy birthday! I remember 34 does go by fast...

Anonymous bright eyes/ ughm said...
I really need to comment although I already sang you your special birthday song? ;-)

I love this post Bone... I too hope you chase down your dreams... all of them.

Just like fine wine, you do nothing but get better with every additional year. (Yes cheesy, I know.)

Blogger Kerry said...
*best sultry slutty voice*

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy BIRTHDAY dear Bone...
Happy Birthday to you!!!


Blogger Traveling Chica said...
Tanjoubi omedetou.

You requested some Japanese...?

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
My characters didn't convert correctly. :(

The wording though, is correct.

Blogger Bone said...
Sage: Thanks. What once seemed so far away seems to have gotten here so fast.

Traveling Chica: Oh, I don't know exactly what it said. I only recognized the last word from the Slovak birthday line :)

Eileen: No, I didn't see any HB comment. Maybe blogger ate it. Or maybe you just thought you left it ;-)

Sylvia: Thanks. LOL at Bo-own :)

Brookelina: Thanks. And don't forget, a two-hour 24 tonight!

UGHM: Oh, yes. Thanks for the phone call.

Kerry: Did you say anything after sultry slutty? :) Thanks, Kerry.

TC: Oh, wow. lol You know, if I check all these out, they'd better say "happy birthday." Because, really, I wouldn't know :)

Anonymous girlfpsgamer said...
I would want to know what would happen 10 years from now,even if knowing did't change anything(that seams impossble though),because I would probabely figure out what I should do after the 10 years(but I know there is a family member I really really love who might not make it through 10 years{I will do my best not think about that though}).

Blogger Arlene said...
Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope all the things you truly want, like writing, come true for you. I hope you do marry and having babies, and I hope you never lose the special bond you have with your sister. I hope your parents grow well into their old age, seeing all they need to see of their children, knowing when they leave all will be at peace. Most of all, I wish you happiness.
These, my friend, are my birthday wishes for you!
Again, happy birthday J-Dizzle!!

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
You know, if I check all these out, they'd better say "happy birthday."

Well, I got the Japanese from a good friend who had a special program on her computer... but somewhere between her computer, my computer and your blog... I lost 'em.

And if you didn't know exactly what I said in Slovak... hmm, I have no threat. It's your birthday, thus meaning I should be nice and not make any jokes?

Blogger actonbell said...
Wonderful, wonderful. I hope you're having a great birthday!
The one question I'd be sorely tempted to have answered, though, is, "would you do anything different?" But then, maybe it would be hard to take advice from--yeah, better to find out later.

Great post!

Blogger Xinh said...
As they say in Hawaii, Hau`oli Lā Hānau!!

I can't say it in Vietnamese and even if I could, I doubt the characters would show up.

Blogger Bone said...
Girl FPS: I don't know. Finding out now sounds good at first. But I think maybe once I knew, I might wish I didn't.

Arlene: Thank you for that wonderful, thoughtful birthday wish! :)

TC: It's your birthday, thus meaning I should be nice and not make any jokes?

Aww, how sweet.

Actonbell: If it really were possible to know, it would be a hard choice. I had a good birthday weekend and a fine day. Thank you.

Xinh: IYROOBTY has officially gone multi-lingual! Thank you :)

Blogger Arlene said...
I miss your "recent comments"

Anonymous be the commenter formally known as ughm ;-) said...
Amen Arlene, I just told him the same thing today.

Blogger Burg said...
Happy birthday shweethott!

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
Aww, how sweet.

I'm sensing some sarcasm this morning, Bone...

Blogger Chickadee said...
Happy belated birthday! Keep this letter indeed...and it's okay not to take a leap into change as long as you continue to creep forward and NOT stop. But then again, do not be afraid to leap if the opportunity presents itself...I think you'll know when the time is right and then you won't be afraid to take that chance.

Blogger Bone said...
Arlene & UGHM: Yeah, I tried putting them in quickly when I changed templates and they didn't look exactly right. I'll try and look at that again when I have some time.

Burg: Thanks, Burg-ey :)

TC: Nope. Not on my bday. Of course, now it's not my bday any longer, so I guess things can return to normal ;)

Chickadee: Thank you for the wishes and the thoughts :)

Blogger Zeus said...
Happy Birthday, Mr. Bone. Here's wishing you much love, success, and happiness for the coming year!

I won't tell you to achieve your dreams because I know that is a foregone conclusion. ;)

Blogger Traveling Chica said...
Good to hear it... ;)

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