Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Idol Recap: The Elite Eight

Well, this week's American Idol was much better than last week. I thought Constantine was far and away the best this week. Vonzell, Carrie, Anwar, and Anthony were all pretty close to each other in my opinion. I could have ranked any one of them anywhere from 2-5. I think overall, Constantine, Bo, Carrie, and Vonzell would be my final four. I would be OK if Nadia or Scott were the next to go. Here are my rankings for the night:

1. Constantine - Wow! He killed tonight. He has really come on the last two weeks and has blown Bo and Carrie out of the water. "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a great choice. Is it just me, or does the music, lighting, and atmosphere always seem to be better for his performances? He's a little over-dramatic for my taste.

2. Vonzell - She is really growing on me. She never really has a terrible, terrible performance. But she hasn't really been that great, either. I thought tonight was one of her best nights. She's a pretty girl, too, which helps.

3. Carrie - Whoa! That was definitely different for Carrie. She was shakin' it, which was about the time she got my vote. Great outfit. Oh, the song? She can't get nearly as low as Benatar, but I thought she sang well. Well, I tend to agree with Simon's analogy. She's not comfortable with this type of music, but I give her an A for effort, and an A++ for appearance. So many people just act like she's so far and away better than everyone else, but I just don't see that in her performances. I mean, come on, we're down to the final eight and she messed up the words again.

4. Anwar - Sometimes Anwar's voice is smooth and soothing. Other times, it's fingernails-on-a-chalkboard irritating. I think he did well tonight. I could put him anywhere from 3rd to 5th. They were all pretty close in my mind.

5. Anthony - Since I've been watching, this is by far his best performance. Actually, it's his only decent performance that I can recall. But one decent night shouldn't make up for ten weeks of crap. Still, he clearly has a lot of fans, and probably saved himself for another week. I just get the feeling that this is about as well as he can do.

6. Bo - OK, Bo has slipped the past two weeks. I'm sure the teenage girl vote will carry him thru, but he needs to pick it up. I think he sang OK, but the music wasn't right or something. When I heard him announce he was singing "Freebird", I thought, OK, this is Bo, he's gonna rock. But then it was like he never completely just let go. Sounded too restrained. As for Simon telling him to do a popular song, what the crap? "Freebird" isn't popular? You need to come to Alabama.

7. Scott - I didn't like his interview at all. I feel like he's about to whack somebody at any moment. He's one who has trouble with the lower, starting notes everytime. He does OK on the big notes and when the song gets higher, but the verses are, as Simon might say, horrendous. But then again, he has such a great, fun-loving, happy attitude. (I hope you know that was blog sarcasm.) Simon better be careful, Scott is probably packin' heat.

8. Nadia - The song was boring. She is just not likable to me. Perhaps its her labor-pain-face when she sings. And that dress!! Please make it stop. Cover my eyes!! I've seen way too much already.

"You say the weather in Atlanta is foggy and gray, work gets harder everyday, and your new boyfriend is holdin' on too tight..."


  1. I can not believe YOU of all people are not only blogging about Idol, but blogging in DETAIL.

    Man. It's a good thing I am sitting down.

  2. I've been watching this in Australia and that Constantine sucks. His range is limited and I'm not too sure what's keeping him in the competition but it has to stop now so he can get voted out.

    Anwar is great!


  3. Great recap! I agree with just about everything you stated.

    I wonder, though, if I liked Constantine's performance more because I loved Bohemian Rhapsody when I was in college and used to play my Queen's Greatest Hits tape in my car all the time.

    Scott has to go - it's time.

    I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the show.

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  5. Yes, I don't know what's gotten into me. I might not watch it next year, but for some reason, I'm hooked this season.

    Song choice is a big part of it, no doubt.

    I think Constantine has probably been the best performer over the past two weeks. There's more to it than just having the best voice. You have to be able to overcome nerves, and perform under pressure.

    Thanks for the comments :-)

  6. I didn't plan on watching this season. I didn't watch in the past except for maybe the finale or whatever. But, this year there were a few contenders from my state, so that initially got me watching - and now my friends (and blogs that I read) are talking about it so I have to continue! Plus, it's actually been good.

    That makes three shows this season that I didn't intend to watch but am now watching. My home life is so suffering too. But, my mind is entertained! :-)

    I understand how it happens - but I'm still mystified like you.