Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why am I still dreaming

Had an uneventful Monday, which was nice. The big excitement for the day was that my most recent order from Old Navy arrived. So I started washing each item, one at a time. Do you wash clothes before you wear them the first time? I used to not, but now I do.

Took about a two-hour nap, trying to catch up from yon weekend of sleep deprivation. Caught a classic episode of Cheers on TVLand. It was the one where Sam plays a practical joke on the gang, making them think a mob boss has bought out Gary's Old Towne Tavern and having him threaten them after they play a joke on him. Sam sends them off on a bus ride to North Dakota to supposedly protect them from the mob guy. They get dropped off by a phone booth and he calls them and says 'gotcha.' Then they're walking down the road and Woody says, "Well, at least out here, we're safe from that mob guy." It's great. Cheers was my all-time favorite show before Seinfeld.

I haven't been running in about a week. Lass is going to kick me. Someone should.

A new computer
You think your computer is old? Outdated? Well, if you saw my computer, you would... well, I don't know what you would do or think. I bought the computer itself at a used computer sale from the company that my sister used to work for. It's a 400 megahertz speed demon (and I do mean mega), with 4 GB hard drive. (Yes, I said 4. No, I did not leave off a zero.) And lest I forget, 32 megabytes of hard-driving, scintillating RAM. Let's not even get into video cards and sound cards. And the monitor is still the monitor I had from the very first computer I bought myself, which was probably back in about 1996. So, beat that.

As you can see, it is past time to order a new computer. I've been looking around online today, and I think I have found the one I'm going to order.

Nocturnal Phantasm #805A
I dreamed that she was getting married. She told me she was pregnant. Maybe she had already gotten married. I can't remember. Either way, when she told me, I fainted. Yes, fainted. Or maybe I faked fainting. It's not really clear. Anyway, we were at some outdoor event or ceremony or something. I first thought it was the wedding, but it wasn't anything like a wedding. Some people I knew where there, friends and some family, like cousins or something. Then, at some point, we were at Sonic, or actually Cardinal. She talked to me a few times. I don't remember what she said, but I sensed this wasn't what she wanted. Or maybe I just didn't want it to be what she wanted. Then they were leaving, and I was trying to fly a kite. (I know I dreamed that because Biff was trying to fly a kite last night on Letterman.) That's all I remember now.

Why am I still dreaming about her all these years later? I don't understand. It has been six freaking years. Why is she so deep into my subconscious? Then again, maybe I enjoy dreaming about her. Maybe there have been nights I have gone to bed and wished that I would dream about her. Maybe there is something wrong with that. Or maybe there isn't. Maybe that's OK.

"I'm ninety-nine for a moment, dying for just another moment. And I'm just dreaming, counting the ways to where you are..."


  1. Actually, as I noted in your running log, it's been nine days since you posted a run. *kick in progress*

    I love Cheers, but with Shelley Long more than with Kirstie Alley. I saw George Wendt at a steakhouse in New York back in 1999. I didn't try to say Hi though. I've seen a few celebrities, and I think they probably don't like it too much when you interrupt their dinner to ask for an autograph. Especially as much as those steaks cost...

    My home computer is a hand-me-down as well. You can hear it thinking at all times. I'm waiting for the sparks and smoke.

    I met my 'first love' in December 1992...13 years ago. We still keep in touch off and on, but if it's been a long time since I've talked to him, I'll start having dreams about him. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. People affect and impact you more than you may realize, and your brain takes care of telling you so. Doesn't mean it was 'meant to be', but just means that they left a definite impression that changed you.

  2. Again... I just can't get into the internet shopping thing. If I buy it I want it now....

    Believe me sometimes the people and things that can get caught in the spider webs in the recesses of your brain can make one baffled... it will be fine dear. We all go through it.

  3. You seem to dream quite a bit - which is easily appreciated since most men don't - or at least they don't admit that they do.

    Your dreams are all symbolic of the issues you're dealing with in your awake life. And not everyone is who they seem. Most often, when you dream of people, they are just tangable (if you can call 'em that, when you're dreaming) objects that hold your inner feelings, fears, and excitements.

    My mom is super cool in that way. I can have a trippy dream and tell her about it, she can break it down like no one else! "Well, honey, this means that you're feeling insecure and like your life isn't stable, and this means that you're trying to create new things in your life....." It's cute. I'll give you her number. ;)

  4. Lass: Your kick worked. I ran tonight :-)

    I guess I liked Cheers better with Shelley Long, but I did tire of the whole Sam/Diane thing towards the end.

    Sometimes my computer will "take a deep breath" and lock up for about five seconds while it makes this, um, rattling noise. I'm always afraid it won't start breathing again, but so far so good :-)

    OC: I dunno, no crowds, no sales people. I'm beginning to like this more and more. Fortunately, everything fit this time.

    robyn: I like to try and interpret dreams when I have time. I seem to be remembering my dreams more lately. Sometimes I go thru phases where I hardly ever remember one.

  5. i used to work at an old navy, and believe you me, you should never buy anything that is not on clearance at old navy or in the least on sale, because EVERYTHING goes on sale eventually. -crys

  6. Thanks for the tip :-) I love Old Navy.

  7. I ALWAYS wash everything after purchasing! You never know where everything has been, nor who's tried on what (although, with online shopping that's less of an issue) but nonetheless, it's best to wash first.

    I don't have the stats for my computer, but I do think I could give you a run for the money on who's computer is older and slower. It's a hand-me-down as well and was old when I got it 6 years ago. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to go from Off to Online - between warming up, loading, and dialing it's FOREVER! I've been price comparing online for computers as well. I'm leaning towards getting a laptop since I've been traveling so much lately. What's your choice so far?

    I think I flipped through that episode of Cheers the other day - but flipped to something else or left the room or something. Good stuff wasn't it? Brings back good memories.

    Interesting dreams - it's great that you can remember them so clearly. You can sometimes find some clues using objects in your dreams to help interpret what in your awake life is making your dreams so active. I used to have a Dream Dictionary, but someone borrowed it and has yet to return it or I'd look things up for you. But, you could look online for resources. Or, you can just let the dreams entertain you as is. No explanations needed. Fun either way.

    Take care!

  8. I don't wash my clothes before I wear them for the first time - in fact often I don't wash my clothes after I wear them for the first time (or even second or third time) - but I do wash dishes before I use those for the first time (but again, not always after using them for the first time). Water is expensive around here.

  9. I'm dreaming that you'll update your blog today and help keep me entertained at work!


  10. Lass: OK, no running today, but definitely Thursday :-\

    cindy: Maybe the washing thing goes along with my whole new-found germaphobe condition.

    Your computer sounds like mine before I switched to DSL. Best decision I've made in the past year. Right now, I'm just looking at a desktop. If I had a laptop, it would just be unhealthy :-)

    Good point on the dreams. I guess maybe they're more entertaining when they don't make sense.

    armaedes: Love the Nintendo controller.

    OC girl: Aww, sorry. I had a headache. No, really. I did.

  11. Thirteen years since the breakup, thirteen years since I've spoken with him. Married to a great guy for seven years.

    I still dream about him every night.

    Mostly in the beginning they were horrible dreams... fighting, crying, breaking up. Now, mostly, we have become friends like we were before.

    Except it's only in my dreams.

  12. Great comment. Wow.

    Thanks for stopping by :-)

  13. Dreams are the reality of what you wish in real life...do you know what your flying a kite in your dream means? It means you wanted to be free...