Monday, August 08, 2005

Nocturnal Phantasm #805B

Presenting another in a long line of fun, if somewhat disturbing, dreams...

I had been at this somewhat formal gathering, maybe some sort of church thing. I'm not sure. But it was at an apartment building, and there was a group of people there. Every street seemed to be lined with these multi-storied apartment buidlings. Whatever I was at (we'll call it "the thing") ended. There was a long break, or maybe there was a morning and an evening session. Anyhow, in between we had done something involving water. Swimming maybe. I can't remember. So there is this guy there, who I don't really know all that well in real life. I more or less just know who he is. I knew him a little back in high school, even though we went to different schools. Then I didn't see him for a long time and suddenly I ran into him again. He's kind of a husky guy and he's in a band. Anyway, I ask if I can go back to his place to shower and change.

So he lives a street or two over, again on a street that is lined with tall apartment buildings. To get into his apartment, you have to climb thru this little tiny window, probably about three feet wide by two feet high. That is the only way in as far as I know. There is no door. Well, as soon as I get thru the window, I am in the shower. Except there is no tub or anything. It's just a shower head on the near wall of this fair sized room. The entire room has a tile floor, and I guess that the floor sloped slightly away from the wall with the shower head, to a drain or something. There are maybe a couple of things in the room sitting on the floor, and maybe a piece of furniture. There is no shower curtain or anything. So I get down to my underwear and he is still in the room, so I'm just standing there thinking, isn't he going to leave? Well, finally, he goes thru a door on the opposite corner of the room into another room I guess. So I start to shower, still somewhat uncomfortable, being there in this big, open room.

Well, the shower is like a super high powered car wash. Water is going everywhere! I can't even see because of the forcefulness of the flow and the mist which is spraying everywhere. It's like what they use to bathe circus elephants or something. Well, I just had to set my clothes across the room on the floor, because there was no other place to put them. And these were the nice clothes that I was planning to wear back to the thing that evening. They were getting soaked. So finally, I was done showering and it was getting close to time to be back at the thing. So I asked husky guy if I could put my clothes in the dryer for just a bit, but for some reason, he wouldn't let me. Seems like maybe he said the electricity would be too expensive or something. So then I get my wet clothes on, except they aren't the nice clothes any longer. Now it's just like a tshirt and shorts and flip-flops. Just as I climb back out the window to leave, another dude who I just barely know in real life is coming over. They are planning to jam for a bit. He asks me if I am going to stay for awhile. I tell him no, that I have to be going. Then, I can't remember for sure, but I think maybe he gave me a hug. What the crap?! So, I get back to the place where the thing is. I just remember sitting in the parking lot, being embarrassed because I didn't have my nice clothes to wear.

And that was the end of my 100% hetero dream.

"The sky it was gold, it was rose. I was taking sips of it thru my nose. And I wish I could get back there. Some place, back there, smilin' in the pictures you would take..."


  1. Oooooo.... good stuff, my friend.

    I won't tell you what I think your dream means, cause I always get a "duh" outta you. ;)

  2. Aww. No, please do interpret. I just said duh that once because you said something about me having some unresolved issues ;-)

  3. Maybe you had issues showering in the gym in high school. Maybe this guy stole your clothes one day when you were showering. Hmmm. Social issues perhaps?

    Or maybe...

  4. Well, I know that dreaming about being in a shower (naked, alone, cornered, wet) shows vulnerability. (I know, I know, DUH.)

    That's all I had to interpret - I guess I couldn't quit my day job to tell people what their dreams mean all day long, huh? ;)

  5. Lass: I'm laughing here. I don't think anyone stole my clothes. I did get hit upside the head with a can of Right Guard being thrown across the locker room one day though. Got to go home early!

    robyn: I like that. If I were gonna rename my blog, I think I would call it "Naked, Alone, Cornered, Wet." :-)