Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dea-Vinci Code

I kept meaning to post this Seinfeld triva game. There are ten multiple-choice questions each day. My user name is "yev" if you check it out.

Text message exchange from today...

Her: H, hay? Iaob. Icnwtgh!
Me: iao. tdigss! icwtghe.
Her: IichyakwIas, aIakwyas?!
Me: y, iic. ihgtbat! ayahn?
Her: N! Iasawu3. Stbm! hh.
Me: iasaw, t. batgh. iadbt!!!!! tic!!
Her: Yii!! Icwtri! Ittyl, o? Tc! (:

Do you understand that? Oddly, I do. For some reason, Dea and I are able to communicate like this. Occasionally, it takes a minute or two to decode a message, but usually just a few seconds. We have never met, and I don't even remember how it started. But it's just kinda weird. (The first person that can decode the above, even like 80% of the above, wins a date with Bone... assuming you are cute... and female.)

Much randomness
My sister and her friend are having a yard sale this weekend. So I have to spend tomorrow evening getting some items ready and priced and such. There are certain things that I simply cannot do until the very last minute. This is apparently one of them. Packing for a trip is another.

She (sis) called me last night to tell me she found gas for $2.39 a gallon. At first, I was excited. Then I remarked how sad it was that she was calling me to tell me she found some "cheap" gas, and said gas was $2.39. Ugh.

I think I caught Pablo watching TV the other night. When I am at the computer, I am between him and the TV. He was looking this way, but not directly at me. I think he was watching TV. It was cute! Then again, he does have that fish eye. You know, sees all.

Where I come from (and where I live), people say things like dadgummit and dadburnit. Evidently our ancestors had dental problems and liked playing with fire. I should really do an entire entry dedicated to these types of things.

In the past two days, I've seen an Oldsmobile Toronado and a Chevy Chevette. Both running! What are the odds of that? Astronomical, I would say.

Sometimes I think I spend way too much time at It's just so frickin' addictive. Of course, I now know exactly where all of you live. *evil laugh*

I have thought of doing like a favorite posts section or link. What do you think? At first, I always thought that was so egocentric when I saw other people doing it. But really, people do not have time to browse archives. I know I don't. I do good if I get to read blogs once a day. Is there anything wrong with featuring what I think are some of my better posts? I think I might start to work on that. If you have a favorite or come across something you really like (this all sounds way too full-of-Boneself, sorry) let me know.

Why do I feel this entry was not very entertaining at all? I'll try and do better next time.

"She let herself go on her first blind date. Had the time of her life with some friends at the lake. Let herself go buy a brand new car. Drove down to the beach, he always said was too far. Sand sure felt good between her toes..."


  1. Decoding:

    Her: Hey, Bone, wanna have sex?
    You: Ummm...sure... I don't have much going on
    Her: Shall I bring a porn?
    You: No, don't sweat it, I have plenty
    Her: I don't like yours, though... there are too many animals in those.
    You: Oh, you're just being a prude. Bring what you want.
    Her: Okie dokie, artichokie... see you in a few minutes.

  2. Love that bit at the bottom.

  3. LOL!!! I love "The Blonde's" comments.

    Oh, be sure to cover Pablo's bowl when a Captain D's commercial comes on. That would just be wrong.

  4. I can only decode small portions of the text-oglyphics. I'm too old. :-) The Blonde's interpretation is humorous - had me almost spitting my cappuccino out from laughing.

    Does everyone else have your phone number but me? Just wondering. And just teasing. :-)

    I'm sure Pablo was watching TV - but I agree with The J Mo in that you might want to edit his viewing habits. They do have Parental Controls available now. ;-)

    Have a fun day!

  5. Since you read something from my archives; yes I thought that it was horrible before, but it's the last weeks of August; the weather (here) is great for the first time all summer.

    And I don't expect people to read my archives so I decided to do it, and feel so gosh darned brazen

  6. You're number 2 on the Seinfeld Trivia game? Wowzer. I played. But, I don't think I'll admit which name is mine.

    I just have to say that you're brillant. (Do I get any brownie points for saying that you're brillant? I sound like George with my silly questions?)

  7. Man, I lost out on a date with Bone to a Blonde! Brunette's around the world revolt! I want a revote! I'm taking this to the Supreme Court!

    You'll be hearing from my lawyer...

  8. Yes, it appears the blonde has won. lol

    Cindy: Oh come on! Tell me your user name! We're all friends here :-) No, not everyone has my phone number. But I did get free unlimited texting a few years ago when they screwed my account up. Hopefully, that will continue indefinitely.

    Lass: Bone makes no discrimination between brunettes or blondes. I'll make the next contest "who can run the farthest." ;-)

    I will reveal the entire conversation a bit later. I really thought someone might get it. A couple of people IM'd me and had decoded a couple of lines last night. The third line was difficult. It took me like five minutes to get it.

  9. this is still all i got. maybe somebody else can figure out the rest...ihwfa!

    hi, how are you. I am on break. I cant wait to get off work.

    i am okay. the day is going by so slowly. i can't wait to get home either.

    that's all i got folks. ahh well

  10. Oh, if you're addicted to Google maps, you'll love this:

  11. Thanks, Kerry. I signed up!

    OK, now for the decodation:

    Her: Hey, how are you? I am on break. I can not wait to go home!
    Me: I am OK. This day is going so slow! I can't wait to go home either.
    Her: Isn't it crazy how you always know what I am saying, and I always know what you are saying?!

    (Took me awhile to get that one. A little while later...)
    Me: Yes, it is crazy. I have got to blog about this! Are you at home now?
    Her: No! I am still at work until 3. Sucks to be me! ha ha.
    Me: I am still at work, too. But about to go home. I am definitely blogging this!!!!! This is crazy!!
    Her: Yes it is!! I can't wait to read it! I'll talk to you later, ok? Take care! (:

  12. On the Seinfeld game...I got 7 out of 10 correct but was still at the bottom of the list - I took too long to take the quiz since I was on the phone (I was at work). I'm in awe of your score!

    If you're a good detective (with all the clues I've shared), you'll figure out what name I used to take the quiz! :-)

  13. Was it Emma?

    BTW, I am impressed that you got 7 out of 10. The more you know about Seinfeld, the more attractive you are :-)

    I know very much about nothing.

  14. You caught me! :-) You guessed correctly - but with all the clues, it was bound to happen.

    By the way, just so you know, yesterday's quiz must have been a fluke for me - today I only got 2 out of 10. Go figure.