Monday, August 22, 2005

Bone's Hottest Over 40

I love this from "The Pez Dispenser" episode...
Guy: "Why won't you go out with me? Is it because I'm a bartender?"
Elaine: "Look, I don't think this is appropriate right now."
Guy: "Is it because I have a tissue in my nose?"
Elaine: "You're getting warm."

How cute is this!

Happy belated 3rd birthday to this cute boy (the dog, not the teddy bear). I am sooo gonna have dalmatians one day. There's a story that goes along with this dog. It's been a couple of years now, but once I left a tshirt over there and he kidnapped it. They could ask him where I was, and he'd go and get my shirt. How cute is that!

Weekend rewind
I had dinner at David's Catfish Cabin Friday night. It was my second time to feed the fish. It is really cool, I tell ya. Saturday, I worked 9-3. My boss came by and at some point he said to me, "I've noticed the Big Sweaty can be standing in a real cool place, and sweat will just be pouring down his face." I was like, "Yeah, I've noticed that, too." Hung out at a friend's place Saturday night. Did not get home until 3:30 AM. Not good. Last night, I ventured into the local Wal-Mart for the first time since the hostage incident. Scary stuff. Fortunately, no one asked me to speak Hebrew or bow towards the east or anything.

The AC is dying here at work, apparently. It's hot in heauh! I bet Big Sweaty lost at least five pounds this morning. Oh man, he's got big sweat stains under his arm. One of them looks sort of like Castro's profile.

40 Hottest Over 40
VH-1 counted down their 40 hottest celebs over 40. (Here's a partial list.) But this is the only list you need. Bone's official top five over 40:
1. Michelle Pfeiffer
2. Meg Ryan
3. Kim Cattrall
4. Sandra Bullock
5. Teri Hatcher
(I reserve the right to alter this list as often as I deem necessary.)

"May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leave you empty handed..."


  1. Awww! What a cute doggie! Mine missed me when I was out of town. They jumped on me a lot last night.

    I can ok the first four on the list...I saw a recent picture of Teri Hatcher, and all I can say is 'someone give that girl a sandwich'. She looks like a skeleton and VERY unhealthy.

  2. I love me a doggie... v. cute.

    Thank God you made it out of Wal-Mart alive.. who knew you were so brave as to go back there?

    I'll have to agree with InterstallarLass... give the girl a burger. There are others out the that should be on the list (in my oh-so-humble opinion) I'll find some and get back to you.


  3. OK gals. I am totally open to replacing Miss Hatcher. I'm open to suggestions. (No Demi, please.)

  4. hey bonester u gotta learn cpr who knows u might have to save big sweaties life OH WAIT u can practice on me WHAT rofl

  5. Have you seen Meg Ryan lately? After the plastic surgery? Oh my.

    I agree with Lass and OC girl - Teri Hatcher could use a couple tacos now and again. What about Sela Ward or Laura Bush? :-)

    The Dalmation is a cutie - the look on his face could melt steel.

  6. Also, I just read the article about the incident at your local Walmart. Oh my. What is going on over there? I hope that person received some help - and continues to. I'd be terrified if that happened to me.

    Watch out there Bone.

  7. Anonymous: OK, I'm not giving CPR to Big Sweaty. And just thinking about it, I may not be having lunch today.

    Cindy: No, I haven't seen Meg lately. Did they hurt her?!

    The most disturbing thing to me about the Wal-Mart thing is that they seemed much more concerned about who leaked the story to the paper than they did about what happened.

  8. Well, I don't know about recently, but she's had work done.

  9. Well, I'll have to wait until the next time I see her in person to judge for sure :-)

    I don't know about ya'll, but all this talk of burgers, tacos, and sandwiches is making me hungry.

  10. I say I would never get plastic surgery, but then I don't know...I think I'm pretty OK with being imperfect. And I've always said that I will grow old gracefully and never be ashamed of my age. I think I'm doing OK so far. Hope I can keep it up! :P

  11. The dog! The story about him getting your shirt is so adorable! He loves you!!

    Meg, she's lookin kinda funky lately. She was so cute before. If these women are that sick looking on tv, can you imagine what they look like in person? Do they have a lettuce leaf for dinner? I would like to spend a day with these women just to see exactly if they exercise and what they eat. Maybe it's a Starbucks diet and not the big, yummy, fluffy Starbucks drinks either!

  12. puppy=cute. if you wanna girl, get a dog. cuz we love 'em so much.

    your top women are good. i didnt know sandra bullock was over 40 though, learn something new every other day, i s'pose