Friday, August 12, 2005

Can't you see I'm busy?

This'll be quick. I promise. (Hmm, seems as if I've said that before.)

It Works!
Lindsy sent out an email the other day that reminded me of the Seinfeld where George constantly acts ticked off at work. Eventually, Mister Wilhelm tells him to take some time off because he must be working too hard. This actually works. Sometimes Most of the time, I will go around looking peeved and sighing a lot, so that everyone will think that I am busy, and won't ask me to do anything for them. Sometimes, I will rub my temples as if the unbelievable stress and pressure I am under is causing my head to hurt. (I really shouldn't do this, because I do occasionally have terrible headaches.) Anywho, a couple of days, the secretary has even said to me, "Why don't you go home early? There's been plenty of times when you've worked over." So, it works!

Tennis with the Cap'n
Cap'n Carl (new nickname) and I went and hit some tennis mid-afternoon yesterday. We decided to play over in my borough for a change. I had not visited the tennis courts here in several years. Well, it appears that I may very well have been the last person to actually play on these courts. The nets were sagging like an old woman who hasn't exercised in thirty years. There were cracks so big you could lose a small kid in them. (Hmm, I'm thinking apartment-wide field trip to the tennis courts!) And on one side the fence was leaning outward at about a fifteen degree angle. It was like some sort of tennis museum. Tennis in the Mesozoic era. I kept looking to see "Rod Laver wuz here" written somewhere on the concrete. Nevertheless, we got some sun, which was the main point of the outing.

I hate to see someone settle for something or do something because they think they have no other choice, or that this is the best they can do. Why do people stay with or go back to someone who has basically treated them like dog vomit? This goes for life, too, not just relationships. Have a little confidence. Expect the most from yourself. Take me, for instance. I mean, when I started this blog, I didn't know the first thing about a subject as fundamental as... risk management. And now. Well, hmmm. I guess I still don't. Eh, I forgot my point.

I hope you all have a super-terrific weekend! Last Friday, I heard "Word Up" by Cameo on the radio, and that really set the weekend off to a good start. This morning, I heard another classic, from Dexy's Midnight Runners. Come on, Eileen!

EDIT: Actually, I probably won't be going anywhere this weekend. Gas is now $2.49 a gallon for low grade, so I can't afford to go anywhere. It has gone up 23 cents since last Thursday. How much is it where you live?

"Move yourself. You always live your life, never thinking of the future. Prove yourself. You are the move you make. Take your chances, win or lose her..."


  1. why-well because we care blindly i guess. and in the end it hurts our self confidence, but i dont think that not having confidence was the problem to begin with.

  2. LMAO about the tennis museum. Think all those brats would get lost in the cracks? ;)

    Lovin' Cameo and DMR! I love the 80's!

    Gas is outrageous here too. I paid $2.49 per gallon just last night. It can be had about 10 cents cheaper at a couple of other places. I'm so super happy that I now work 5 miles from home rather than 25. Gas is so bad, I'm even taking the train from Plano to downtown Dallas to go out on Saturday night. Also helps with the fact that I'll have to come home earlier since the last one runs at 11:45. :D

  3. I'd like to leave a comment but I'm up to my eyeballs in work today... wait... nevermind, you're not my boss...

    Regular Unleaded by my house $2.79 and rising... So Cal has some of the most retarded gas prices anywhere.

    I hope you have an extraordinary weekend!

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  5. gas here is two fifty something I think. I just cringe rather than really look. Spend the same amount to fill up each time, I just drive less. :)

  6. $2.81 for regular unleaded in NorCal...

    R I D I C U L O U S!!

  7. crys: Yeah. I guess there's always the "they'll change" school of thought, too.

    Lass: For the first time in my life I have found myself sitting home a time or two simply to save a little gas. Prices there sound about the same as here. Oh, and thanks for the sweet words on your blog ;-)

    OC: Yeah, California always seems to be higher. (You posted twice. Hee hee.)

    jc: I'm with you on the cringing thing.

    Erica: Ouch!

    I think it would be good if cars ran on money itself. Then we could just stuff dollars into the tank and get the full effect of watching our money burn.

    I found some for $2.27 tonight, an off brand. I was all over that.

  8. Thank you, Erica - it's $2.96, last I saw - that was bay area pricing, though. For the good gas, it was $3.09.

    And wouldn't ya know, my truck gets 'bout 11 miles to the gallon. Too bad I'm too lazy to walk.

  9. This is Cap'n Carl reporting. Gas prices are still high.