Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This one's for the children (that I may never have)

Does anyone remember when they used to have those big domino setups on That's Incredible! And John Davidson would say something like, "He has spent eighty-seven days setting up these two hundred thousand dominos." And something I would always wonder is, what does this guy do for a living? Who has eighty-seven days with nothing to do but set up dominos? I mean, are domino guys typically independently wealthy?

The heat is on
I don't know if the heat has seared my brain or what, but I have been in a dry spell for blog material. Seems like I have had a lot less time for blogging or blog reading the past week, so that probably has something to do with it. Maybe things will slow down a little. J-Mo got a new '05 Accord yesterday, so we went for a cruise in that last night. Sharp. I love that new car smell! Had dinner at AB's. It was humorous to see him looking outside to make sure no one parked too close to it.

Oh, speaking of heat (and sweat), I come in this morning and cut the air down from as cold as it will go to average temp for normal human beings. Big Sweaty remarks, "Are you cold?" And I'm like, "Yeah." Then he says, "You know, your blood might not be circulating right. Has anyone ever suggested you might be anemic?" WHAT IN THE CRAP!!!! Has anyone ever suggested YOU might be a couple hundred pounds OVERWEIGHT??? Has anyone ever suggested you might need to cut out four or five meals a day? Has anyone ever suggested you emit a foul odor? Has anyone ever suggested you might need to exercise? A couple of deep knee bends or something. Your momma's anemic!

The Blue Escort
Figured I'd continue the story from Monday. I think actually my first date was in my Mom's car. Anyhow, I went out with the algebra teacher's daughter twice. The first time I drove my Mom's car, because obviously, I had the 1984 baby blue Escort with sport stripes and black louvers on the hatchback. We stood outside her house and made out until like 1:00 AM. Then someone started turning the porch light on and off. Uh-oh. Time to go. Looking back, that was much better than her dad coming out with a shotgun or something. Anyway, for our second date, I drove the 'Scort. Did I mention it had a six-band equalizer? Of course, with factory speakers, that doesn't really help all that much.

I don't remember exactly what we did on either date, but I do remember we went to the mall on the second date. And for some reason unbeknownst to normal heterosexual man, I bought a New Kids On The Block cassette. (Why does it always seem to come back to NKOTB?) Except it wasn't even the good cassette. Ooooh no. I already had that one, so I bought this one. (Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.) Oddly, or not so oddly, we never went out again.

"That's when a smoke was a smoke, and groovin' was groovin'. Dancin' meant everything. We were young and we were improvin'..."


  1. I used to LOVE That's Incredible! I was so sad when it went off the air.

    You could always post the game that you played on my you're supposed to. ;)

    NKOTB! When will you stop! Gaaa! You're so cute, and then you say NKOTB! :P

  2. I'm always cold too and I'm not anemic.

    I used to watch That's Incredible, loved it!

    I have a game on my blog if you want to play!

    I was never into NKOTB. However, Jordan is still pretty darned cute!! I have my own ridiculous music purchases...Donnie and Marie were my big thing!

  3. My parents liked The Village People and would dance to them at diners--totally humiliating, and thanks Bone I found my post for today!

  4. Big Sweaty... oh Big Sweaty. As I read that I was rubbing my hands together attempting to regain both circulation and feeling...

    Glad to know you feel my pain.

    BTW- My dad did meet one of my highschool dates with a shotgun. I never lived that down. Boys would walk by me in the hall making a "tch-tch" sound. Glorious.

  5. Lass: I am planning to do that game at some point :-)

    Yeah, the NKOTB... it's a sickness.

    Carnealian: I had a Donnie & Marie record player... Ummm, nevermind.

    Pia: Always glad to serve as a source of inspiration :-)

    OC: Thanks for the warning ;-)

  6. "Your momma's anemic!"...that made me laugh!

    I heart NKOTB! Ok not really.

  7. Bone - I'll make sure he never does that to you!

  8. ok, i was 5 yrs old and loved NKOTB.

    I dont know what That's Incredible is...and this time I did read correctly. But its prolly cuz we didnt have cable growing up.

    ur momma's anemic-hilarious.

    you are so going to have kids one day...gotta find the right lady first though!

  9. Oooo...the "your momma" thing just sent me over the edge laughing....

    In fact... I may have wet myself, ever so slightly.

    Good stuff, my friend...

    When I'm in a bad mood, I can always count on you to cheer me right up...greatly appreciated.

  10. I dated a girl who used to do the "your momma..." this and that to everything. So I kinda picked it up.

    crys: I think That's Incredible was on in the early 80's, so you probably don't remember it.

    robyn: We love to laugh here. And with laughter, accidents will occasionally happen. I'll take that as a compliment.

    So did no one get my NKOTB reference in the title? You know, This One's For The Children. The video with Jordan playing the piano and... er... um... nevermind.

  11. Maybe since you work with a guy you call Big Sweaty, you should wear a sweater at work and leave the temp down so as to prevent further sweating and emission of foul odors on his part. I'd rather be cold than have my gag reflex trigger all day...

    And yes, I got the NKOTB title reference. :)

  12. Yeah, if it was a NKOTB reference, I wouldn't have gotten it.

    There is HUGE guy where I work. I don't know how he walks around. I haven't gotten close enough to smell him yet.

  13. Yay, someone got my reference!

    Lass: You don't have to get close to ours. Just in the same room is usually enough, especially if he's been grazing in there for a couple of hours :-)

  14. LMAO!! I love when people comment when they should be looking in the mirror!

  15. I am waaayyy too old to relate to the new kids on the block thing, but can relate to Mr. Stinky. I had a guy that became a bit obsessed with me at work that had done nothing but sit in the sun for years in the same clothes that he wore every single day. He had problems going in the store, so didn't buy detergent, he just rinsed them in the sink occasionally. UGH!! I could smell him and run at the other end of the building. Poor man. You brought back not so fond memories.