Friday, August 26, 2005

Blerds Anonymous

(It is probably only a matter of time before this information appears on

What is a blerd?
Blerd (sounds a bit Danish, doesn't it?) is arrived at by combining the words "blog" and "nerd". The term first appeared in OC Girl's blog. She is an admitted blerd.

How do I know if I am a blerd?
Here are some signs and characterisitcs:
- Your first thought when anything slightly out of the ordinary occurs during your day is "I'm blogging this."
- You are upset or disappointed when no one has commented on your latest entry, and it's only been 30 minutes since you posted it.
- Rather than a phone number or email address, you find yourself giving out your blog address to people you meet, often for the main purpose of eliciting more comments.
- You've surfed Blog Explosion, not to look at other blogs, but simply to create more hits for your own blog.
- You've experienced "comment envy" towards more popular blogs.
- You've emailed someone to ask them why they "haven't blogged yet today."
- You have told someone or thought regretfully, "I have nothing to blog about."
- You have asked someone for an idea of what you might blog about.
- You have emailed something you are considering blogging to someone else to get their approval before you actually blog it. (Also known as pre-blogulation.)
- You would be embarrassed to tell someone how often you hit refresh or check your blog for new comments throughout the day.

What are the treatments? Is there a cure?
There is no known cure for blerdism, as it is a relatively new condition. The recommended treatment is to enter yourself into an online Blerd's Anonymous program.

So stand and repeat after me. My name is _____. And I am a blerd. And remember denial is the surest sign :-)

Have a terrific weekend... ya bunch o' blerds!

"I am waiting for the light to come. You and I could get away now. Do you know? Cos I don't know how, and I don't know where, we are, we are. And I don't know why, and I don't know if, we are, we are..."


  1. My name is Cindy. And I am a blerd.

    Thanks for this informative article - now I can print it out as proof of my Blerd-ness.

  2. I'm a part-blerd.

    I definitly partake in the "I'm so freaking blogging this" thing....

  3. One other sign:
    - You link your blog entries to the comments on someone else's blog in feable attempts to lure more readership.

    Really who would do such a thing? Only a true Blerd. It really is sad.

    Okay fine, we can meet at my house once a week. In the true blerd support group fashion... we can make sure that everyone there has commented on each others blogs...

  4. OMG. I'm a total blerd. I so have comment envy, and I check my blog email about a billion times a day. I'm usually severly disappointed. :(

  5. Oh NO! not another b word!!! LOL..
    I'm a blerd too. Came here via Interstellarsnametakestoolongtotype blog.

    Great site over here,Bone :)

  6. My name is Crystal Lynn @#*$#@$. And I just might be a blerd. How many of those criterie does it take to be diagnosed??

    Can someone please start a BA blog, a Blerd's Anonymous blog, so we can all talk about our blerdness and try to overcome this thing together, I cannot do it alone...hehe

  7. Haha...great post. I know some people like this.

  8. Hello, my name is Carol and I'm a blerd (among other things but those are for other meetings!) The entire time I was at a show last night, I was thinking how I could blog effectively about. Dear God! Another addiction. Hey Bone, not sure exactly where you are in AL, but batten down the hatches, and hang in there. Looks like you're in for a bumpy ride.

  9. You can surf BE for more hits?

    Oh think you left out: know the difference between hits, visits, and page views. Get angry at sitemeter for being too conservative in their judgement of page views

    When you consistently get some comments but not at least 20 a post, you make people look at your technorati, and your stats, but keep the stats hidden so that you can secretly enjoy them when not being shown for whatever purposes.

    You keep your blogroll "selective" but secretly look at every blog to see if you're included, and get a bit annoyed when you're not

    You know what I'm talking about when I mention all the above

    You're jealous of Bone for writing this. Should have been you--but you like Bone so...

  10. Ha ha, I like your adendums, Pia.

    You do a happy dance when you find you've been added to someone's blogroll.

    Love it.

    Thanks, my fellow blerds!