Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Search String Absuridty (Feb. 05)

VD recap... After ordering some flowers and washing my truck because it was so nice outside, I pretty much stayed in my fortress of privacy the rest of the evening.
Ex-girlfriends asked out: None
Mission accomplished! Back to base, Joe!

Search String Absurdity
As usual, searches related to Seinfeld and song lyrics were among the most popular over the past month. Super Bowl and Valentine's related-searches were also popular. However, when grouped together, WPBA-related searches were #1.

Top Searches:
1. George Strait concert/set list
2. "Back When" (the fizz in a Pepper song)
3. Jennifer Baretta
4. Karen Corr
5. Degree "Mama's Boy" Super Bowl commercial
(tie) Allison Fisher

Now for the odd, the interesting, and the very disturbing...

Honorable mention:
- lulu hogg
- young pedo pics archives (Shouldn't you be in a prison somewhere?)
- speedos waterpark north carolina (Uhhh...)
- Naughty Wives being spanked-text only
- chris pontius blog (Well, you WOULD think Steve-O would have a link,)
- cajuns of 1800's
- +"korean war" +howitzer +"gi joe" (The war's over. Let it go.)
- Las Vegas Coroners Office January 3 2005
- woman's world had Richard Simmons picture
- "Roy Flux" (#1 and ONLY result on Google for this. lol)

And this week's winners...
Second runner-up: karen corr sex (Bluuaagh! OK, no lunch for me today. How about you?)
First runner-up: nosy girl spanked (I must really talk about spanking a lot on here, although I don't recall it.)
And this week's winner: meet singles who share art bell fanclub (Although I have a sneaking suspicion on who might have searched for this. Coast to Coast, babee!)

"Old folks sittin' on a front porch swing. Still holdin' hands like they were sixteen. Fifty good years, they're a lover's dream. Darlin' that could be you and me. Don't that make you wanna fall in love?"


  1. May I ask? Who did you order flowers for on Valentines Day? You wrote it - but you didn't expound on the subject. Sorry for being so darn curious. :-)

    I hope you had a great VD day by the way!


  2. Well, they were for a friend of mine. She's a very sweet girl who I think the world of, and who has little or no interest in dating me. LOL I called to see if she had gotten any flowers. She hadn't, and I didn't have anyone to buy for, so I ordered her some.

  3. I thought maybe you were holding out on us! :-) You're so sweet for thinking of her and doing a nice thing like that. Kudos to you! And, you never know - life changes and as it does our thoughts of others change too. If it's meant to be, it will be.

    Have a good weekend!