Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nocturnal Phantasms #205A-B

COMMENT CHANGES: I have used a couple of hacks to change the comments a little bit. Now, you should be able to see previous comments to a post on the same page that you are typing yours. I was going to go back to Haloscan, but apparently they delete old comments after a certain period of time, if you have a free account. I also added a recent comments thing to the sidebar, mostly for my benefit, so that if someone comments on a post from awhile back, I will see it there. To view the comment from there, click on the entry title. Let me know how you like it. I know it's past time for a template change, but I don't know when I'll get around to that.

Now, on with the dreams... I had both of these Friday night, I think:

Dream #1 (The Money Jar)
I dreamed that I was at church. Our preacher announced that he had been saving up money in this glass jug, and to celebrate 100 years and his 8th anniversary there (makes no sense, I know), he was giving the money, which came out to $800,000, to a widow at our church. Well this lady typically sits a couple of pews in front of me, which is exactly how we were sitting in the dream. So he brough the jug back to where she was sitting. She then promptly gets up and drags it back to me and says, "Here, maybe you can find yourself a wife with this." LOL What the crap kind of dream is that?

Dream #2 (Bone Versus The Volcano)
The same night, I dreamed I was Tom Hanks in "Joe Versus The Volcano." Or actually, I guess I was me in Tom Hanks' place. I remember we get shot out of the volcano and I'm there just kinda floating along with Meg, you know. I remember that she saw a shark, but somehow we got away. Then, in the distance, we see the space shuttle lifting off. At the same time, there are suddenly lots of people around and we are near land. Everyone is talking about how no one was even covering the launch, because the news was all about us and the volcano. I wonder if Meg has ever had the same dream, except with me in the place of Tom Hanks.

"Oh, your reputation's so golden. You're never lonely, and you're never home. I know you've been talkin' 'bout leavin'. You've lost all your feeling for this town..."


  1. Puppies for sale or rent or free?
    What happened there? Sounds like the puppies got demmoted...Seriously though...Puppies for sale or for rent--free! thats pretty funny...I must blog quickly on that

    Posted by Anonymous

  2. Yes, it does sound that way. They are completely free. They've always been free... unless you just want to pay.  

    Posted by Bone

  3. $800,000 doesn't do much for me. Now if you had $811,453.05 then we could talk!  

    Posted by lindsy

  4. ROFL I think I have the nickel.... Actually, no. I don't. Just a little bit short. Story of my life. 

    Posted by Bone