Friday, February 04, 2005

Larry and Lyle

The following story is true. Names have been changed for unclear reasons. The names used in this story are nothing close to the people's real names (or very similar... whichever). Any resemblance to real life characters, locations, and situations is strictly intentional.

Last night, I went to shoot pool. Afterwards, a friend (we'll call him Lyle) and I went to a local restaurant (we'll call it Hogan's) to eat. Upon entering, the hostess asked where we would like to sit, and Lyle pointed to a waitress (let's call her Shannon). Well, Lyle has a Sally Struthers-sized crush on Shannon, and has been trying to hook up with her for awhile. Unfortunately, Shannon currently lives with her other boyfriend (we'll call him Larry).

Well, evidently, the hostess knew who Larry was, but did not know what he looked like, because it was at this time that she asked Lyle, "Are you Larry?" Lyle quickly responded, "No, I'm Kyle Lyle." For some reason, I (let's call me um... Stone) found this extremely funny. I turned towards the wall to hide my laughter. When Shannon came around to take our order, I tried to get Lyle to tell her that the hostess thought Lyle was Larry, but Lyle thought that would not be a good idea, apparently.

Check back frequently for more tales of Larry, Shannon, and Lyle (aka The Hogan's Family).

"Do you wanna be a poet and write? Do you wanna be an actor up in lights? Do you wanna be a soldier, and fight for love?"


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