Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Q

Perpetually in search of the perfect meme... I found this one today and liked the topic.

FQ TOPIC: Sleepy

FQ1: On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Do you think that's a good number?
Well, during the week, I probably get between five and six hours per night (usually closer to five). No, I do not think that is a good number. It was a good number when I was 21 and could do it every night with seemingly no consequence. My body does not handle it as well these days, and I sometimes nap in the afternoons.

FQ2: Have you any sleep essentials? A nightlight or teddy bear perhaps? Must the door and closet be either closed or open?
Yes. No comment. The door must be closed and the closet doors must be closed as well. Yes, I will get out of bed and close them if I see they are even slightly open. (You down with OCD? Yeah, you know me...) I also have to check the front and back doors right before bed to make sure they are locked. I usually have the TV on and set the sleep timer on it. And I have to fix a glass of ice water and keep beside the bed, in case I get thirsty. What is it about sleep that makes me so thirsty?

FQ3: What do you wear to bed? What color are your sheets? How many pillows under your head?
Well, during colder weather, I wear preheated sleep pants and (usually long sleeved) t-shirt. In warmer weather, usually just boxers. My sheets are navy blue. I have two pillows, but I usually keep them side-by-side, not stacked. I don't need much pillow, only a little.

"And I guess I've changed, but yeah, couldn't you, given all we've been thru? Heaven knows, I've been around and around. I guess I'll strain, well how about that. Here's my life, here's a doorstep. Well, heaven knows I've been around and around..."


  1. What are preheated sleep pants?

  2. I throw my sleep clothes in the dryer, and turn it on high, for a couple of minutes right before I put them on each night. TMI? lol

  3. Wow never thought of doing that.

  4. You don't know what you're missing.

  5. You need someone to fix your ice water for you!

  6. Yes, that would be nice.