Friday, February 18, 2005

100% Nylon

Not a good re-cover-y
Well, K and I hit up The Brick Deli, Indoor Amphitheatre, Billiards Hall, and Tobacco Emporium last evening for some semi-exciting 8-ball action. As soon as I walked in and saw the tables, I knew something was different. Instead of the usual faded green cloth with brown patches and worn spots, I was greeted by a brilliant bright green on each table. Hopes were high, at first, because re-covering these tables was long overdue. However, once I got a closer look, I could tell this was not the high-quality Simonis cloth that I have come to know and love... or that I've only seen on TV. It was thin, stretchy cloth, that had to be mostly nylon. Maybe they'll get broken in or something in a few weeks.

It's Alli's world
Speaking of billiards, congratulations to my pseudo-girlfriend, Allison Fisher, on winning the season opening WPBA event of the year in North Carolina last week! Love ya, baby! Could I find just one girl who speaks like she does? OK, probably not.

"Did Brandi speak to you?"
"No. I thought about speaking to her first, but then I thought, why mess up 32 years."

"Go to your happy place."
"Uhh, this IS my happy place."

"So you got to meet his woman?"
"You mean the girl who waited on us."
"Well, of course. Aren't those two phrases interchangeable in almost every situation?"

"What is that?"
"Cocktail sauce."
"Don't you have any tartar sauce? That looks menstrual."

"This love has taken its toll on me. She said goodbye, too many times before..."

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