Monday, February 07, 2005

The good, the ads, & the ugly

I think the worst part about being a dog catcher would be not being able to eat while you were driving around in the truck all day. I mean, how could you? I wouldn't be able to eat a snack or grab a quick bite of lunch on the road, because all I'd be thinking about is how I've been handling dogs all day and that even if I thoroughly washed my hands, there's gotta be "dog" all over the steering wheel and the seat from the last guy who drove the truck, not to mention the hair, and the smell.

And now it's time for the much-anticipated Bone's Super Bowl review:

The commercials
I thought overall the commercials were bad, compared to every previous year I can remember. Keep in mind that I missed the entire first quarter of the game, so I didn't see those commercials, unless they were repeated. I thought the Bud commercials were stupid, the talking bird on the bar, and the "Look what you've started" with the animals waiting in line. Good job! It was like they were marketing to 12 year old kids, or extremely inebriated 50-year-old men. (What's that? Oh. Well, in that case...)

Here are my top five (with my own personally-assigned names):
1. Ford Mustang ("Winter Convertible") - It was cool, even though they showed it like back-to-back around halftime. I want one!!!
2. Ameriquest ("Spaghetti Cat") - Made me laugh harder than any, for some reason.
3. Bud ("Soldier Thank You")- That was nice.
4. Degree ("Mama's Boy") - Just because it made me (and apparently several other people) think of Kyle.
5. Lays ("Over The Fence")- Throw MC Hammer into a commercial, and you know I'll like it.

Honorable mention: The NFL Network's "Tomorrow" ad. It was cool to see a new Batman movie coming out, too. Looking forward to that, even though I have no clue who that dude is that's playing Batman.

Usually, I don't even watch much of the halftime show, but I actually watched the whole thing this year. I thought it was good. Not quite up to par with his appearance on The Chris Farley Show, but still good. Of course, I like the Beatles, so that helped. "Thank you, Super Bowl!" That was great. He has just always seemed a bit odd in interviews and such. I used to think it was just an act, but I don't think that anymore. He never really developed that smooth interview/media persona, but it's actually kinda cool. Very atypical. Hard to see Paul getting old, though. I was actually hoping Michael Jackson would make a cameo and they'd sing "Say Say Say" or "The Girl Is Mine" together. That would've been cool.

The game
I was glad the Patriots won. Once they tied it at 7-7 just before halftime, I never really thought the Eagles would win. Philly's clock management in the last five minutes of the game was horrible. Inexcusable. It's the frickin' Super Bowl, for crying out loud. They wasted a ton of precious time on their last touchdown drive. McNabb will definitely have the "can't win the big one" stigma attached to him even moreso now. The three interceptions killed them. Meanwhile, the Pats are just great. That is the best-coached team in the league, by far. Did you see the way they had that onside kick return set up? It was perfect! Absolutely perfect. No Eagle got within five yards of the ball. So, yes, it was a 3 point game, but honestly, it never really seemed like the Patriots were in danger of losing.

Oh, and it was nice to hear this about two hundred times over the past few weeks: "The Dallas Cowboys are the only other team in history to win three Super Bowls in four years." That's right! And don't forget it. Ah, the glory days.

And lastly, a memo to Fox: Thanks for the Joe Buck. I really didn't get enough of him in the baseball playoffs and the World Series. Perhaps he could become a judge on American Idol or something. I can't get enough. Please, if you're going to keep outbidding the real networks for the major events, hire someone else, at least for football. Ugh.

"It won't be the first heart that you break. It won't be the last beautiful girl. The one that you wrecked, won't take you back, if you were the last beautiful girl in the world..."

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