Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Is everyone having a bad day?

Now anyone who really wanted me to be down, come around...
Three different people made remarks to me today asking if something was wrong, if I was bummed, and if I was sleepy. LOL So apparently, I've got the blahs or something. I suppose work issues, the birthday, Valentine's Day, and other things have taken a toll. But I have felt much better and back to normal last night and today. However, several people I know have been and are dealing with various issues lately. I talked to a couple of friends yesterday who were dealing with some serious stuff. Whatever is going on with you, hang in there, and lean on your friends. That's why we're hizzle. (Am I the only one who feels like singing "Lean On Me" now? I am? OK, that's what I figured. Nevermind. What makes me type such geigh stuff sometimes?)

On the 5th day of Bone...
Well, my birthday celebration extended into day number five yesterday. Three ladies stopped by work, each bearing gifts. I got some smell-good stuff, an Alabama visor, and some cash for the Starving DJ fund. I had never even met any of them before. Sometimes people's thoughtfulness and kindness is overwhelming.

Are you a de-gifter?
De-gifting is the practice of giving someone a gift, then at a later time, telling them that you want it back. I experienced this the other night, as I had to give back some Christmas gifts that I had received. I think it's kinda crappy, actually. Once I give something to someone, I don't ask for it back. I mean, if you don't want them to have it, then don't give it to them. What do you think about this?

George: "The wedding is off. Now you can go to the Super Bowl."
Jerry: "I can't call Tim Whatley and ask for the tickets back."
George: "You just gave them to him two days ago. He's gotta give you a grace period."
Jerry: "Are you even vaguely familiar with the concept of giving? There's no grace period."
George: "Well, didn't he regift the label maker?"
Jerry: "Possibly."
George: "Well, if he can regift, why can't you degift?"
Jerry: "You may have a point."

"Her eyes are blue. Hey hair is long. In sixty-four, she was born in Baton Rouge. Her favorite song is In My Life. I memorized her every move. I knew her books, her car, her clothes. But I paid no attention to what mattered most..."


  1. I've had three weeks of bad days...maybe there's going around.

  2. :-( I hope things get better soon. Maybe Hawaii will help.

  3. poor bonester did somebody ask for the lappillow back rofl

  4. No. No one's getting my lap pillow.