Sunday, February 27, 2005

My weekend with Daisy Duke

Today's little known proverb: Two locusts doth not a plague make.

Well, I've been enjoying the Dukes of Hazzard marathon on CMT for much of the weekend. Here's what else has (or hasn't) been going on...

Come on, Reg!
I'm sitting here watching celebrity Jeopardy on GSN. It's Stephen King, some lady, and Regis. King is killing. The lady is doing pretty good. Regis is waaaay behind. He reminds me of those SNL Jeopardy spoofs. LOL

The extended birthday celebration continued Friday at work. Some lady brought me a card and some chocolate oatmeal and peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. Wow, that's like a Chanukah birthday or something. ("You've got one day, but we have eight crazy nights...") Went and hung out at Matt's Friday night. Nothing too exciting.

Had to work Saturday morning. Came home, watched the end of the Bama game. One of my friends from high school had called and was wanting to get together, so she, Jonathan, and one of his friends came over Saturday night and we played spades. Later, Jack, Paige, and Jack Jr. showed up. Seven is the most people I've had in my apartment in a long time, surpassing the six which were here on Christmas. I think it might be the most since the famous suprise birthday party, which is kinda sad. Jack asked how it felt to be 32. I think everyone was amused at my response of, "It feels great. Feels so good, it makes me just want to smash my head thru the TV." That got a big laugh.

One funny did happen. I noticed the baby was wearing a Boston Bruins jacket. I didn't say anything, but I thought to myself, "I didn't know Jack was such a hockey fan. And, where do you even find hockey merchandise around here, much less Boston Bruins merchandise?" So later, he was crying, and I was trying to get him to stop, so I was like, "What's the matter? Are you sad that the NHL cancelled their season?" So then Jack tells the story that Paige bought the jacket and thought the "B" on it stood for boy. It was clearly a black and gold Bruins "B". Oh man, it was hilarious.

We all vowed to get together more in the future. You know how that goes. It was a fun time, though. Everyone left about 10:30 and I realized I hadn't eaten supper, so I fixed some soup and a salad. Had a weird dream about the really short waitress at Logan's last night... Veronica... Bethany... Julie... whatever her name is. OK, I'm gonna get back to doing laundry and get ready to watch the race.

"I rode the ferris wheel with her one time at the Lawrence County Fair."
"Did you ask her to ride or did she ask you?"
"She asked me, of course. You can't just walk up to a girl and ask her to ride with you. What planet are you on?"

"Did you buy clear Kool-Aid? This tastes like water."

"So what about you? Do you have a girlfriend?"
"If he had a girlfriend, he wouldn't be over here playing cards with us on a Saturday night. At least I hope not."

"Ain't no glory in this livin'. Ain't no runnin' from your sins. I hope there's angels where I'm goin'. Ain't no angels where I've been..."

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